Saturday, July 25, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: The Forces Of Evil Are Gathering

I decided early today to take a break today from my home renovation project... And get back at it on Monday.... My better half has long suggested that I take more time to rest, as with my work load, and my renovations projects, it has taken its toll on my physical health over the last while....  BUT as I have such a complex mind (as many have said...) my method of relaxation has always been to sit down and write articles at this blog, and I am not going to change that aspect at all....

I am therefore going to continue my assault on this COVID-19 bullshit, as I do see it as a WAR for our very future..... And once again I want to present the latest video from Vernon Coleman, that he released yesterday.... This one is entitled "The Forces Of Darkness Are Gathering", and focuses in on how our evil governments have absolutely OVERSTATED the 'threat' from this "coronavirus" and have been driven by the aim of removing our personal rights, freedoms, and liberties, with the ultimate aim of their evil 'one world government' system....  I have that video right here for all to see for themselves, and I have my personal thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Many readers to this blog are well aware that I had been blasting the fraud of "Global Warming" for over the last decade, exposing that fraud for what it really is which is a push for the sick criminal plan for a world government... Obviously they have failed (so far) in that push, and apparently have now decided to go for broke with this scam-demic instead....

Yes, what we are watching happening right now is indeed part of their 'Agenda 21' and "Agenda 2030' plans for world control, especially in population control...... And under those agendas, the criminals in charge are indeed aiming for a massive world reduction in population to under a billion people....And to achieve that sickening goal, they are looking at mass extermination, either through their sick "mandatory vaccination" program for modification of everyone's DNA and mass sterilization... But the real push for extermination may be soon to come when the planet starts suffering from massive food shortages thanks to this BULLSHIT COVID-19 crap that has forced so many farmers and food producers to cut their outputs.....   And I must point out that mass starvation has always been used by the criminal Jewish elite for millennia as their primary method to exterminate populations that oppose their control!

As I have said so many times, this COVID-19 BULLSHIT has gone on long enough and people must wake up now and stop what these criminals are pushing for next.... Time to fight back and refuse to wear masks, and time to again alert everyone and refuse to even consider taking their planned vaccinations that they will unleash and claim as the 'way out' of this fraud pandemic.....

More to come


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