Thursday, July 9, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Face Mask Wearing Has NOTHING To Do With "Safety", But Has EVERYTHING To Do With Compliance!

Well... I have indeed been busy today and will probably have a lot to do tomorrow... BUT I do have time to fire off one or two articles at this blog tonight, and I figure I would once again continue my attacks on this COVID-19 scam!

I am watching such a deep divide right up here in Canada right now between those who have been brainwashed by the criminals into wearing gawd awful face masks, and those who see the real truth that these masks are a serious health threat and refuse to wear them!... The divide has become so bad in some parts of Canada that I have seen reports about near fighting breaking out between the two polar opposite groups which I find so astounding.... It does simply mean that the brainwashing is so intense that idiots out there are now resorting to anger to try to FORCE those who refuse to wear masks to 'comply'!

I found a most interesting article earlier today from Jim Stone's website at that contains a picture that absolutely shows the real truth about this idiotic face mask wearing stupidity, and I want to share that picture and the short article discussing that picture right here for all to see  for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Honestly, I absolutely agree with Jim Stone on this  one....

This sudden push by our criminal governments to shove face masks on everyone's faces has got nothing to do with 'health risks' that simply are not there at all, but has everything to do with COMPLIANCE which is nothing more than bowing down and basically saying that everyone is to show their obedience to these criminals, and basically are accepting their enslavement!

I for one will NEVER comply to this ignorance...I know by doing so much research that face masks are the most idiotic thing that anyone can do for themselves, as those horrible face coverings do absolutely nothing to stop or halt the spread of any infection, but do massive harm to the person who stupidly wears them....

And people wonder why it is that when I pass idiots wearing face masks, I only shake my head in disgust and say "enjoy your enslavement"?  Now you can clearly see why!

More to come


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This video mentions what your perceptions are about real social distancing agenda:
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