Monday, July 6, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Even "President Actor" Bill Pullman Is In On The Face Mask Scam!

I put in yesterday's rant my impression of a recent video that was put out by actor Bill Pullman, where he is now pushing for everyone to put on those gawd awful 'face masks'!  And I figure as a follow up, I would present the facts about that atrocity here for all to see for themselves...

Many will probably remember actor Bill Pullman, especially where he played the President of the United States in the science fiction movie called "Independence Day" that came out back in 1996.... In that movie, our planet was attacked by space aliens bent on our destruction, and it was actor Bill Pullman, playing "President Thomas J Whitmore" who spoke during the counterattack "rally" of forces against the alien invaders with a speech proclaiming that it was indeed July 4th, America's "Independence Day"....

However, actor Bill Pullman has now gone over to the dark side and is now trying once again to use that "rallying speech" from that movie made some 24 years ago, to once again attempt to "rally" Americans to put on those gawd awful face masks!  Here in fact is that Youtube video of actor Bill Pullman 'rallying' Americans to destroy their health, for everyone to see here:

NTS Notes:  This is to me so disgusting and revolting... And yes, this is pure propaganda bullshit to try to force Americans to put on those health destroying face masks, definitely!

And here I actually thought that Bill  Pullman was a pretty good Hollywood aka "Jewlywood" actor.... But now I see him to be selling out to the propaganda and therefore is nothing more than pure slime.....

But this makes sense, for the criminals in charge are trying to pull out all stops now in trying to force everyone out there to put on face masks and thus destroy their immune systems, in preparation for their "round 2" of their heinous viruses that thanks to weakened immune systems in people, will actually KILL....

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Unknown said...

Freedom mask? lol and hahaha

Catti said...

If you think this is bad, check out today's Toronto headline:

"A Toronto woman who refused to wear a mask while seeking treatment at a hospital [emergency treatment, the jews media deliberately left that out] and was forced out filmed and posted the incident on social media, drawing condemnation from local officials, celebrities and thousands of others."

And they wonder why people are dying because they refuse to go to the emergency room?

She refused to wear the mask because like most sane people she understands the real reason behind forcing masks on the public - political control by power mad politicians. She was publicly humiliated and then hustled out of the hospital by security goons like a criminal. She posted her video of the incident on Twitter. She was then bombarded with abuse on social media, even by empty-headed American Karen celebrities.

So much for it being OK not to wear a mask. I'm sure the reaction would have been the same even if she had a health issue preventing her from wearing one. This is exactly what I have predicted: you get denied services and even health care if you don't dance to the criminals' tune. Basically, you get un-personed and relegated to an underclass. Wait until it's forced vaccination time.

And by the way, Toronto's forced mask directive doesn't even take effect until tomorrow (Jul 7).

RickB said...

Wish the asshole would have comments enabled... to be able to test the reaction of the public... to see if they're awake or not.

Bought a bike recently... COVID safety conditions "offered". I show up, a geeky dude with a face mask on greets me and tells me the ruler laying on the ground is the 6-feet of separation from the bike (displaye on a bike repair stand). I say no matter to me, I say, as I approach the bike. Face mask geek in a panic utters that if I step within the six feet parameter he'll have to step out. I say, step out then. I check out the bike... hand the geek an envelope with the stipulated cash and walk away with the bike.... telling him


Number-Cruncher Man said...

I live in West Virginia. Its governor, whose last name is (ironically) Justice, issued an edict effective at midnight tonight pertaining to mask-wearing.


Here is what he had to say:

“I am signing an Executive Order that mandates that West Virginians, age 9 or above, wear a face covering at all confined indoor places provided social distancing cannot be maintained. If you go to work in a building I expect you to wear a mask as you enter work, and if you’re working in an area that is completely socially distanced take your mask off … if you go to a drinking fountain put your mask on. If you go into a retail business then I expect you to wear a mask.”

The threat we face is truly apocalyptic, as West Virginia, which has a population of 1.8 million, recently suffered its 95th death (horrors!) due to the wily yet (to its credit) BLM-protest-respecting coronavirus.

If someone had told me a year ago the perilous absurdities our future would hold, I wouldn't have believed a word of it.