Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Criminal Fox News "Coronavirus Expert" Claims Americans Will Be "Wearing Face Masks" For SEVERAL YEARS!

I do continue to receive a LOT of videos, and articles, from so many readers to this blog.. And I cannot thank them all for their support and their continuing to send me that outstanding material, especially material that helps in this fight against this entire 'COVID-19' bullshit "pandemic"...

I was sent in fact a video that just came out yesterday by that criminal Jewish controlled media 'outlet' in the United States, where some ass clown so called "expert" came onto Fox News and claims that "Americans will be wearing face masks for YEARS!" .... I watched the video in disgust, and I knew right away that this one belonged here for everyone to see for themselves... Here in fact is that atrocious video, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Well, with a last name of "Siegel" we already know that he is 'tribe' member and therefore is going to LIE to the American people... "Coronavirus expert" my ass!

BUT of course this is the type of criminal indoctrination that is being shoved into the brains of the sheep out there, and many will actually listen to this garbage and believe what that liar is saying without any thought at all that he is absolutely wrong!

And it makes sense from the criminal aspect as they want the suckers out there to wear those health destroying masks for a very long time to permanently weaken and/or destroy their immune systems completely.... It is so diabolical indeed...

Honestly, this one made me puke... But it again does show what we are up against as the criminals in charge are ramming this nonsense into everyone's simple minds.... This is indeed a war, people, and one that we must win, for to lose does mean the end of humanity as we know it..

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Jody Paulson said...

The icing on the physical distancing cake??? As in "let them eat cake???"

Catti said...

I've seen this kind of bullshit in the jewsnews within the past couple of years. They're trying to groom the sheep for permanent oppression with cloths welded to their faces, next will be the un-personing, public humiliation and re-education gulags for those who refuse to comply. And don't forget the outrageous fines, in Toronto it's $1000 or more. It's already happening, just ask the woman who refused to wear a mask and was refused treatment for her 6 year old son's broken finger and dragged out of a hospital ER by three security guards in Toronto a few days ago (BEFORE the muzzle law took effect). When the incident hit social media and the jews media, she was publicly shamed with zero outrage expressed at the way she was treated and the fact that she was denied her right to health care.

Speaking of public shaming, check the photos in this book which were shot during China's cultural revolution. Rebel Media will be featuring this book today on YouTube. They pioneered cancel culture and public shaming, and the pics in this book are what we can expect for refusing to strap smelly wet cloths to our faces:

The most common propaganda rationale for forced muzzles I've seen is "the Asians all wear masks, it's part of their culture. We need to make it part of OUR culture too!" The lie behind that is that the Asians don't wear masks to stop the spread of disease. They wear the masks to protect themselves against the horrific air pollution there, caused by the lack of environmental protection laws. They sure as Hell aren't wearing them because some power mad jewish elite is forcing them to.

There is a small glimmer of hope. The Canadian Constitution Foundation has declared that these forced mask laws are unconstitutional and they are preparing to challenge them in court:

Check out the CCF website for full details of why the mask laws are unconstitutional, and they also accept complaints if you are harassed or humiliated for not wearing a mask.