Thursday, July 16, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Another Video Exposes Truth About Face Masks! They Suffocate You Essentially!

I have a bit of time to fire off a few more articles... And I figure I would do a bit of "catching up" on some great material that has once again been sent my way by very astute and highly intelligent readers and commentators to this blog!  It has been through their efforts that we are spreading the word around to get EVERYONE to hopefully wake the fuck up to the truths about this entire 'scam-demic'....

Well, as I had expected, the criminals over at Youtube 'removed' one video that I had up at this blog last week showing how by simply testing the air quality of the air that is underneath those horrendous face masks, we can see proof positive that the masks were asphyxiating the wearers and actually cutting off vital Oxygen supplies to them.....

But luckily, there is another video that just came out a few days ago that once again shows proof positive that wearing masks is the most STUPID thing that anyone can do to their bodies, as wearing a mask suffocates the wearer!  I want to share that video, entitled: "MX6 VS MASK/ It Suffocates You Essentially", right here for everyone to see for themselves... I have of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I am in no way shocked at all by the test results shown....

Basically this makes sense, as our bodies are trying to expel Carbon Dioxide at all times during respiration... A bone headed mask does nothing more than cut off that exhalation of CO2 and basically rams that gas right back into our bodies!

I have already covered in detail in previous articles exactly what Carbon Dioxide build up in our bodies does to our health... It not only causes poisoning of our blood but actually does serious damage to our brains as well.....  It therefore can be said that I and others have been right all along when we call mask wearers nothing but BRAIN DEAD idiots!

I again do wonder how long this video will stay up over at "Youtube", for again the material it contains does not meet their 'standards', or in better words, their actual agenda of pushing this pandemic fraud..... I can see them taking this one down as well, and therefore I do want those that are capable to 'mirror' it if possible......

The war against this fraud pandemic goes on.... And yes everywhere we turn the criminals are indeed pushing for everyone now to be forced to don these horrid 'face masks'..... People must be brought up to speed and shown the exact truth that putting on a face mask is the most horrible thing that they can do their health and have them join us in resisting this push for mandatory face masks everywhere..

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Jody Paulson said...

Can you imagine making children wear these things for 7 hours a day at school? That's like forcing them to drink lead-tainted water! Don't people understand that's child abuse? Speaking of which, here's a video from Peekay that shows little kids having "recess" in chalk squares, forced to "social distance" from everyone else:

Trish said...

Check this -
You are great !

Trish said...

Check this -
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CanadianNotCommunist said...

OPP in Ontario shot and killed a man who refused to wear a mask in a small town grocery store.
See "Penny For Your Thoughts"

WretchedHope said...

Two videos have been circulating around English Youtube claiming that masks suffocate you. One of them was the video by "Nino Vitale" who claimed that masks instantly lead to oxygen deprivation. The other is this one. But essentially the problems with them are the same.

"Thunderf00t" did a very good debunk of Nino Vitale's claim here:

If you feel the video is too long, watch it at 1.5x speed. This way it will be finished in under 30 minutes.
It essentially debunks the video you linked too.

This claim, that masks "suffocate" you, doesn't even stand to the most basic of scrutiny. If this is true, why aren't surgeons, who wear facemasks for hours on end, suffocating, or suffering for hypoxia? Why are people in Japan, who wear masks all the time (even for reasons such as having a common cold), not suffering from high levels of Hypoxia? Infact, Japan's life expectancy is higher than the USA, at 84.7 years.

"Basically this makes sense, as our bodies are trying to expel Carbon Dioxide at all times during respiration... A bone headed mask does nothing more than cut off that exhalation of CO2 and basically rams that gas right back into our bodies!"

So masks cannot trap viruses from escaping the mask, but for some reason they can trap Carbon Dioxide, which is so much smaller? How does this make any sense? If it blocks carbon dioxide (which it doesn't because carbon dioxide is a molecule, therefore it is very small), it must also block viruses (which spread in droplets, many, many many times bigger than molecules).

You have to resolve your contradictory argument somewhere.