Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Americans Are Being LIED To About The "Numbers" - Florida Alone Is Inflating Numbers By Nearly 1000% (10 Times!)

I continue to be so amazed as to how the criminals in the Jewish controlled media are purposely LYING THEIR ASSES OFF in regards to the number of "New cases" that they are harping about happening right now in the United States.... EVERY news article you now see in the bullshit media is claiming that this fraud "pandemic" is now 'out of control' and many are blaming the Drumpf administration for the explosion of new cases.... And on top of that the lying POS Jewish controlled media is out there at the forefront demanding everyone in America be "locked down" once again and to wear those fucking gawd damn 'face masks' as well.... It is now beyond revolting...

OK, I have looked at the 'numbers' and I find them so odd, considering that the number of actual "deaths" in America from this supposedly 'deadly virus' is actually on a steep and rapid decline.... Something is terribly amiss here, and I have been searching for the REAL answers as well as the  REAL NUMBERS instead of the crapola the liars in the Jewish controlled media are trying to sell...

Well... I may have found the answer, and it comes courtesy of Jim Stone's website at Jim released an absolute BOMBSHELL report just the other day that shows that the state of Florida, for example, has had the audacity to label EVERYONE that has been going in for those fraud "PCR tests" for this 'virus' as testing POSITIVE!!   And yes, I mean EVERYONE!!

Here is that article from Jim's website for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments of course to follow:

Florida proven to be inflating COVID stats by more than 10X.

Fox News must not be compromised down to the lower levels yet, because despite losing it at the top levels their local stations still do real reporting, and this is one such report.

They clearly showed the clinics in Florida were exploding the corona stats through the roof by more than 10X and demanded explanations for that. So there is no second wave, the second wave is all based on fraud, (as we all know) - the big surprise here is that FOX actually reported that accurately. I captured this because it was live editing while I was reading it and I never saw Twitter do that before. The top tweet switched from 100 percent to 76 percent as I read it.
This is clear fraud intended for the purpose of destroying the economy and setting up an election steal. If checked, all states will be the same. Felony fraud across the board. It is the only way the left can win. Zero enforcement after being busted will be completely due to subversion and a Bolshevik takeover.

NTS Notes: Honestly, what is happening in Florida is so in your face pure horse shit to an extreme!!!

But it figures, as the criminals in charge are ABSOLUTELY wanting the 'COVID-19' bullshit pandemic numbers to explode and thus scare the most gullible Americans to death and get them in so much fear that they will all blindly accept the horrible vaccines that are definitely just around the corner now...

And another great researcher, Greg Bacon, out of the US also picked up on this act of blatant lying to the American public as well, and published his findings at his website: "Goon Squad"... Here is the link to Greg's article here:

Honestly, I am not shocked at all by all this.... These fuckers are lying their collective asses off so badly now as they definitely have their criminal agenda afoot here.... The propaganda has now gone completely insane and sadly too many people are now beyond hope and have swallowed it without any thought at all...

I do not like what is coming... These fuckers are indeed now calling for EVERYONE to be locked up and put into the torture of "self isolation" and "lockdowns" until probably after this coming November and possibly even further into the future.... People are now at the breaking point in terms of their own sanity, and many will therefore be screaming for the 'vaccines'.....  The future is definitely bleak unless people do wake the fuck up NOW!

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Cloud said...

They did the same thing here in Ohio. The Columbus Dispatch called them out on it yesterday. So it's entirely possible most states that are in on the hoax are doing it across the board. Some places are protesting this and the recent fall out mask wearing. The grocery store manager even agreed with me on this matter and didn't kick out anyone NOT WEARING a mask to keep the business going. Also there's some stuff going down as to use this as the ME and this farce of Maxwell/Epstein case (ie...Maxwell incarcerated and can't show up at the courthouse because of CORONA!!! And she supposedly sits right next to it.) Thanks North for this report as this is what I was on the war path with yesterday. They are also reporting OTHER PLAGUES like Bubonic, Black Death and others. This hell needs to die once and for all... I absolutely hate these bastards. IT'S ALL ABOUT FEAR MONGERING AND MANIPULATING THE PEOPLE TO THE POINT OF WEAKNESS. DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!

Cloud said...

Sorry, I forgot to add the link:



Catti said...

Now that they're being caught fudging the numbers (and I'm sure they're doing it in Canada as well) the next step will be moving the goalposts and claiming that the numbers don't matter, they will continue keeping us locked down and muzzled forever!

If you need proof, here's an article from today (Jul 15) where, after their first day with no new cases, the Peel Region (north and west of Toronto) health officer says just that:

"[Medical officer of health] Loh, however, warned residents against thinking that “life will be back to normal” with either the start of stage three or a further decline in new cases.

“I must be absolutely clear. Our first day with zero daily new cases will simply be a milestone in a long journey. It will not signify victory, not by a mile,” he said. “Let me repeat. Zero daily new cases does not and will not mean that all is like before.”

If you're not concerned by this, you should be. These Chinese "medical officers of health" spew their CCP propaganda in unison. You can bet that when there are zero new cases elsewhere we will hear the same from their Chinese/Chinese-paid "medical officers of health". It's clear that the CCP, the UN and their shills are planning to keep us under their thumbs forever, strung along with one excuse (and fake virus) after another. There are even rumours starting of a NEW virus from China, detected in pigs.


Speaking of China, we need to investigate why most or all of these "medical officers of health" are all Chinese or have close ties to China or the UN (which is in bed with China). Peel region's population are East Asians, Muslims and blacks - yet they have a Chinese MOH? The one for Toronto is Philippine with strong ties to the UN. Look up the MOH in your region including their biography. I could be wrong but I'm willing to bet they all have ties to the UN or China.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Catti, I stated exactly what you are saying in yesterday's Manitoba report...

The criminal Health sinister here and his cronies said that there will be no "normal" in Manitoba, period, and they will NOT lift the "state of emergency" even if they get zero patients for WEEKS.....

They may not be Chinese, these Sinisters of Health, but the head is still that former man, Teresa Tam, who is as evil as they come!