Thursday, July 2, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Amazing Polly Asks - Is This Torture? My Answer Is A Resounding YES!!!

I have been flooded by a lot of emails over the last two days from a lot of colleagues that contain fantastic material that blasts away at this COVID-19 bullshit scam-demic.... I am doing my best to try to put the "best of" those links and videos up at this blog, so bear with me.....

And right now, I am presently awaiting the daily spewing of trash from the Manitoba provincial government ass clowns in what is called their "daily report" on the status of this "virus" here in Manitoba... I look upon that daily stupidity as "torture" for the citizens of this province and I may be right as you will now see....

I was sent the following very important video by an astute reader to this blog earlier today... It is a brand new video that was just released yesterday by the "Amazing Polly" who of course hails from southern Ontario right here in Canada.... This one is a must see by everyone, and is entitled: "Is This Torture?"..... Here is that video, and as always I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Polly does present one heck of a video here IMHO... And the answer to the big question as to whether this entire "scam-demic" is a form of torture is absolutely a resounding YES!!!!

So, here we have proof positive that what these bastards are doing to all of us through this garbage  scam-demic, and their methods of propaganda, are indeed absolutely forms of TORTURE!!!!

The sad part is that few out there are willing to even challenge these monsters for this inhumane action against all of us... Most have indeed had their minds turned to mush by the near endless torture propaganda pumped out by the criminals in the Jewish controlled media, and most are now robotic in their wearing of gawd awful face masks that are destroying their health and of course following the clear form of TORTURE by adhering to the stupidity of 'social distancing'!

I can see the criminals in charge over at Youtube will not like this video to survive for too long, for they have their agenda of evil and will not allow any dissenters' videos to stay up for too long.... I again ask that those who can make copies of this one and have them in other platforms such as Bitchute to do so....

Again, this 'pandemic" and the methods being used by these monsters to force people to adhere to the lockdowns, face masks, social distancing, and other bullshit, are indeed TORTURE..... That message must get out to everyone to wake them the fuck up now!

More to come


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Catti said...

Speaking of torture from lockdown measures. Toronto, the home of the mandatory bullshit muzzle mask, announced today that their board of health has approved the building of a gulag to re-educate people who refuse to be forcibly masked.

Of course that's not exactly how the power drunk criminals worded it. In their words it will be a "volunteer isolation/quarantine centre". (notice the word is "volunteer" NOT "voluntary")

"[Toronto medical officer of health] Dr. Eileen de Villa says the centre would be open to individuals who are unable to safely and effectively isolate at home."

How much demand for "isolation" could there be, when the numbers of infected are dropping precipitously in Toronto, and when businesses are being opened, not closed? Why is a high capacity "centre" needed?

“'An example of this would be people who live in large, crowded households where adequate space is not available to follow isolation or quarantine guidelines,' de Villa says in a report presented at Thursday’s Toronto Board of Health meeting."

So in other words if someone in a home with a large family or a rooming house tests positive (they don't even have to be sick!) they will be forcibly dragged out of their home and imprisoned in this "isolation centre".

It's not a big stretch to conclude that if someone refuses to be muzzled with a mandatory mask, they will be deemed as "having difficulty self isolating" and the city department of health will confine them in this reeducation gulag until they're brainwashed into compliance. "We don' need no steenkeeng human rights!"

Welcome to the CSSR, comrades!