Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Happy (?) Canada Day To All Of My Canadian Readers

Well.... It is indeed July 1st, and that means that today is officially "Canada Day" and we, as Canadians, are supposedly supposed to be 'celebrating' this nation's 153rd birthday of the day that the Dominion of Canada, within the British Empire, was declared on July 1st, 1867.....

The Jewish controlled media is of course out there with their brainwashing propaganda on the idiot box aka "Talmudvision" trying to promote today as a day that we as Canadians are supposed to be proud... But I am not impressed, and instead I look upon this nation now with disgust as the criminals in the Federal Government  under that heinous little price Justin Trudeau aka "Jew Dough" or as Greencrow calls the idiot "Le Dauphin", have imposed the continuingly horrific 'pandemic' scam on the Canadian people.....We still basically live like prisoners in Canada under what is basically a Communist dictatorship!

I honestly have nothing to be proud about these days as a Canadian... I look upon my fellow Canadians these days with open  disgust that they have all been so easily manipulated by this fraud "pandemic" and are out there wearing fucking retarded 'face masks' that are RUINING their health, and are brainwashed into keeping this fucking 2 meters distance from everyone else under the fraud of "social distancing" to boot.....BOTH of those frauds I will never ever adhere to, period, for I know exactly what they stand for which is blatant tyranny!

And I look at what just happened in Toronto Ontario, some 1500 miles east of here (I still get readers that somehow think I live in or near Toronto!), where the heinous city council of thieves and hoodlums just passed a "bi-law" demanding that Torontonians wear fucking face masks when out in public!  And the fucking retards in Toronto are going to accept this?   Talk about brainwashing!

Yes, it is Canada Day... And this nation has nothing this year to be proud about, for maybe at one time this  used to be a "free" nation where people actually believed in standing up for rights and freedoms as well as civil liberties... But not any more, for the criminals have indeed ruined this nation and its economy with their gawd damn fucking lie called a "pandemic" and most Canadians have turned into nothing more than mask wearing mutton headed retards!

So, my fellow Canadians, as you sit isolated and fearful of being next to other human beings, and are being so heavily manipulated by the trash and lies put out through your propaganda machines, think of today as Canada Day, a day where at once upon a time we actually stood for freedom.... Those days are apparently long gone, and honestly I do hope most of you enjoy your future of living in perpetual enslavement while the criminal bastards inject their fucking DNA destroying garbage called "vaccines" into your bodies.....

If someone may conclude by the report that I am somehow pissed off?  Damn right I am, and I will never accept tyranny in any shape or form!

Happy Canada Day?  Not a chance in hell the way things are going in this country....

More to come


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