Saturday, July 11, 2020

Great New Video By Amazing Polly: Maxwell, Epstein, And The Control Of Science Since World War Two!

I want to break away for a bit from my constant reporting on the COVID-19 bullshit... And yes, many readers are correct in sending me comments and emails saying that I should get some other reports at this blog out there periodically that are different than attacking that fraud..... I agree, as I have done some 300 articles attacking the entire scam and there is a LOT of other news out there that I have overlooked....

Pauline St George, aka "Amazing Polly" has done a fabulous job over the last while blasting holes in both the COVID-19 scam, as well as taking shots at the bullshit "Black Lives Matter" crapola that has been on everyone's minds over the last while.. And just earlier today, she put out a fabulous new video entitled: 'Maxwell, Epstein And The Control Of Science Since World War II' and I absolutely want to share that amazing video right here with my own readers.... I have it right here, and I have my own thoughts and comments, as I always do, to follow:

NTS Notes: A great summary of important facts IMHO... BUT Polly does miss ONE key point in all this, which is the fact that the JEWISH elite are the ones responsible for all the mess that she describes...Heck, the names 'Maxwell' and "Epstein" alone should alert her to the "tribe's" dirty work...

I can see though that she is getting up to speed on what has really been happening since the second World War, and the fact that the entire Cold War was nothing but a complete scam and that the Jewish criminals ran BOTH sides of that massive swindle... BUT again I am waiting for her to take the important 'next step' and see that it is and always has been the criminal Jews running the entire show!

I actually will applaud the day that she gets down the rabbit hole and sees how the "tribe" is indeed right at the very bottom of that hole!  I have personally been "Jew wise" now for some 40 years of my life, and it does indeed take time for everyone to get to that level.... Polly is getting there.....

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Adrian Chetwynd said...

Hey Brian

It was a lovely experience for me, shame that you were late to see it all.
Hopefully it will be available to see in a few hours from now.

Posted on the assumption that you moderate the comments.


Adrian Chetwynd said...

I lived and worked on a farm in Alberta back in 78.
I'm just a bit older than you are, but we are on about the same level regarding the "unmentionables"!

Adrian Chetwynd said...

I'm just like you are, even though we disagree on certain subjects, such as the Van Allen belts and Pearl Harbor.

I've just checked my Vimeo channel and discovered that my mirrored video about Pearl Harbor has been removed.
But I have a copy of what "they" do not want to be seen.

JT Custer said...

NTS, as you may know, I am a longtime reader and usually admirer of your work.

I'd like to contribute in regard to "Amazing Polly." As you said, she doesn't identify the jews.

Let's add up some pieces of evidence about Ms Amazing.

First: How many Whites would name themselves "Amazing ____" and insert their own given name?

* Polly claims that she has been doing this kind of research for "10 to 15 years." How could someone "research" for a decade and not see and report the pattern of jews atop everything from FDR to now? Plus: Weinstein and Hollywood; Epstein and at least the U.S. domestic child-sex-trafficking network; the jew Federal Reserve and top banksters; the jew media moguls and top reporters.

Since Polly's fame is from YouTube (jewtube), the answer is a simple choice: Either she doesn't say "they're jews" because she wants to keep her precious jewtube fame, or she doesn't say "they're jews" because she is deliberately serving the jews.

* In this video, she says: At the end of WW2, the American military in Germany took in Soviets and Nazis and "put Germans in charge of all intelligence coming out of Russia."

So, is she yet another otherwise-intelligent White researcher still buying and spewing the jews' anti-German propaganda? Or is she deliberately sucking in half-awake Whites with partial truth and then holding them down with anti-German lies and distracting them into such bullshit as the Technocratic conspiracy?

* Also in this video, she twists Operation Paperclip into something it was not, as she gullibly (or foxily) quotes from obviously jew-written documents about it. The truth is that there was no evil intent by our German cousins and their advanced inventions and discoveries. The evil intent comes with the jews' theft, use, and abuse of those inventions and discoveries.

The jews atop the ALLIES (All Lies) U.S. and U.S.S.R. made indentured servants of German scientists in the hopes that the jews would learn from them how to make and abuse the German achievements. And then jews atop the U.S. and U.S.S.R. shared what they learned. As one obvious example: NASA has launched astronauts and satellites by Russian rockets in Russia since the Apollo farce and ongoing to this day.

* Polly, again in this video, presents a jew description of 1952 Wuhan, China, using "German" technology. This she twists to fit her ongoing false indictment of Germans in what is going on today.

She doesn't know jews won WW2? She doesn't know that the Wuhan lab of lies is not even Chinese, and is certainly not "German," but is a U.S.-jew establishment?

Here, let me stop and apologize for submitting such a long comment. It sickens me to have to watch Polly so that I can properly criticize her and her work. Last winter I did a personal review of her work. Here, a brief comment without evidence would help to persuade NO ONE who is already enamored of the "Amazing" One.

At this point, I'm only half way through her video. Perhaps I should turn this into an article for my own website, a brand new site.

For anyone interested, it is

NTS, let me conclude by saying we ought be very wary of the self-proclaimed "Amazing" one. Facts: She is not pro-White. She is anti-German. She does not identify jews as jews.

Polly is either dangerously, longterm, ignorant or is a dangerous pretender.

Northerntruthseeker said...

JT Custer... Thank you for your analysis.... I tend to agree with you on all points..

My issue with Amazing Polly is that she is always begging for money.... I have been at this now for 12 years and have NEVER asked for one fucking nickel..... I look at those who can afford a decent lifestyle with their present work but still ask for funds to be low life IMHO.....

Just looking at the office from which Polly does her videos shows me someone that is not poor by the least bit and actually quite well to do....

I therefore say that Amazing Polly has done some great work on the exposure of the vaccine lie, the Pandemic lies, the lies of BLm, etc, etc, but again seems to be a bit overboard with the request for funds all the time...

And again not naming the JEW by NAME is absolutely my own tipping point just like yourself... HOW she can put forward all the facts that she does in the video and overlook the JEW is beyond me as well....

I will be keeping tabs of Ms. Polly from now on, and will criticize when need be of her lack of seeing the obvious!

JT Custer said...

I thank you for that reply, sir!