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While We Have Been Distracted By COVID-19 And BLM Bullshit: Criminal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Is Out There Trying To Secure Canadian Seat In UN Security Council For Israel!

I am sick and tired of BOTH the COVID-19 pandemic bullshit as well as that fraud Black Lives Matter attempt to overthrow America and turn that nation into a Communist state.... There has been a lot going on elsewhere in the world, and I once again want to focus at least ONE article on those happenings....

Most everyone in Canada is NOT even aware that the twisted and sick federal government in Ottawa under that piece of garbage known as Justin Trudeau, has been lobbying hard in the United Nations to try to secure a seat on the UN Security Council for Canada.... What has not been told to the Canadian people is how this criminal has been spending one heck of a lot of time over the last while working very hard in getting that seat for Canada and has basically IGNORED a lot of problems happening right here at home!  And people should indeed be asking themselves the question as to WHY?   Well, I figure I would get Canadians up to speed here....

First, I saw earlier today that my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, has just put out an article that covers how that sickening sniveling asshole Justin Trudeau has indeed been sucking up to other nations, almost desperately, just to get their votes to give Canada that seat on the UN Security Council..... Here in fact is the link to Greencrow's most interesting article about this right here:

Now, the big question is of course WHY is Justin Trudeau working so hard to get Canada into the UN Security Council?  Well, to answer THAT important question, I want to present this most interesting article that comes from the Aletho News website at, where apparently Justin is following his Jewish masters in wanting to have that seat on the Security Council ON BEHALF OF ISRAEL!  Here is that article, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Israel lobby in Canada

By Yves Engler · June 7, 2020
The Trudeau government has been campaigning aggressively for a seat on the Security Council, but its bid to win a place on the UN’s most powerful decision-making body will be hampered by Canada’s decidedly anti-Palestinian voting record. Despite claiming to support the “international rules based order”, the Trudeau government has voted against more than 50 resolutions upholding Palestinian rights. The extent to which the Liberals have mimicked the Stephen Harper Conservative’s position regarding General Assembly resolutions, which are little more than symbolic acts of solidarity with the long-beleaguered Palestinians, highlights the power of the Israel lobby in Canada.
Together the United Jewish Appeal/Combined Jewish Appeal of Toronto, Montréal, Winnipeg, Windsor, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, London, Ottawa, Vancouver and Atlantic Canadaraise over $100 million annually and have about $1 billion in assets. For half a century UJA Toronto has organized an annual Walk with Israel and the Montréal branch organizes an annual Israel Day march. Many thousands march each year. The lobbying arm of the UJA/CJA, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs has over 40 staff and a $10 million budget. In addition, B’nai B’rith has a handful of offices across the country. For its part, Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center Canada’s budget is $7-10 million annually. These groups work closely with StandWithUs Canada, CAMERA, Honest Reporting Canada and other (often extreme right wing) Israeli nationalist political organizations. Dozens of registered Canadian charities, ranging from the Jewish National Fund to Christians United for Israel also engage in at least some pro-Israel campaigning.
Since 2013 the chief fundraiser for the Trudeau Liberals has been Stephen Bronfman, scion of an arch Israeli nationalist family. Bronfman has millions invested in Israeli technology companies and over the years the Bronfman clan has secured arms for Israeli forces and supported its military in other ways.
Other notable Canadian moguls have long histories of ensuring ties between Israel and Canada.
Worth more than $3 billion prior to his death, David Azrieli was among the richest Canadians. In his youth he served in the paramilitary Haganah group during the 1948 war. His unit was responsible for the Battle of Jerusalem, including forcibly displacing 10,000 Palestinians.  Azrieli was also a real estate developer in Israel and in 2011 he made a controversial donation to Im Tirtzu, a hardline Israeli-nationalist organization (deemed a “fascist” group by an Israeli court).
Worth $1.6 billion, Gerald Schwartz and his wife Heather Reisman created the Heseg Foundation for Lone Soldiers, which provides millions of dollars annually for non-Israelis who fight in the IDF.
In recent years Canadian-Israeli billionaire Sylvan Adams has plowed tens of millions of dollars into various sports and cultural initiatives to rebrand Israel.
Other Canadian billionaires Larry Tanenbaum, Mark Scheinberg, David Cheriton, Daryl Katz, Seymour Schulich, as well as the Zekelman, Reichmann and Sherman families, all back Israel.
In “A story of failed re-engagement: Canada and Iran, 2015–2018” University of Ottawa professor Thomas Juneau highlighted the Israel lobby’s role in deterring the government from re-establishing diplomatic relations with Iran:
“Initially, Cabinet and most caucus supported re-engagement. Dion, who was actively lobbied by Bombardier (whose headquarters were in his riding) and the Montreal Chamber of Commerce, was especially keen. Other senior ministers such as Freeland (International Trade) and Harjit Sajjan (Defence) also supported. With time, however, opposition within caucus grew. It was led by Michael Levitt, the influential MP for York-Center and chair of the Canada-Israel Interparliamentary Group, and also included Anthony Housefather (MP for Mount-Royal). These MPs had support from former minister Irwin Cotler, who had long argued for harsher policies towards Iran.”
Juneau continued, “other interviewees also highlighted the differences in organization among pressure groups. Between the tabling of the motion [to oppose reengaging with Iran] and the vote four days later, groups opposing reengagement, such as the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs, rapidly launched an effective campaign to pressure MPs. Groups favoring reengagement, however, such as the Iranian Canadian Congress, were unable to match these lobbying efforts.”
For a movement defending open racism and colonialism the Israel lobby wields a unique and powerful stick: The ability to play victim and smear those advocating for justice as racist.
The Liberals ousted high-profile Imam Hassan Guillet as a candidate to run for the party in 2019 after B’nai B’rith attacked him for challenging Israeli expansionism. The winner of the Saint-Leonard-Saint-Michel riding nomination gained global notoriety for his sermon at the memorial for the victims of the 2017 Québec City mosque attack, but when B’nai B’rith twisted his pro-Palestinian statements to imply he was anti-Semitic the Liberals dumped their star candidate.
Similarly, when members of the extremist Jewish Defence League attacked peaceful pro-Palestinian activists protesting a presentation by Israeli military reservists at York University Trudeau sided with the thugs crying anti-Semitism. Following a statement by B’nai B’rith, CIJA and the Israel lobby’s point person in the Liberal government, Michael Levitt, Trudeaudenounced “anti-Semitism” by pro-Palestinian demonstrators.
The influence of CIJA, B’nai B’rith, Bronfman, Schwartz, etc. largely explains the Trudeau government’s anti-Palestinian voting record at the UN. Whether that will scuttle Canada’s bid for a seat on the Security Council is to be determined.
But, we should hope so. Please join over 100 organizations and dozens of prominent individuals that have signed an open letter calling on UN member states to vote for Canada’s competitors, Norway and Ireland, for the two non-permanent Security Council spots open for Western countries.

NTS Notes:  Yes, readers... This is how twisted that fucker of a Prime Minister truly is...

Here he is, letting Canada go to hell thanks to fucking up this nation's economy royally with this COVID-19 bullshit pandemic, and instead of taking care of that at home and doing things to fix Canada's ailing economy, he is instead jetting off to meet with other nation's leaderships to suck up to them to secure that seat on the security council, not for the benefit of nations that have to turn to that council for maintaining peace and prosperity, but for the criminal state of Israel!

And Canada's record recently as a supposed "peace maker" is a complete sham, especially when you consider that this nation is now bowing down exclusively for criminal Jewish interests and has turned away from its long history of support for the plight of the Palestinian people especially...

And yes, the Israel Lobby is THAT strong here in Canada, and now basically drives Canada's entire foreign policies... Canada in fact has turned into nothing more than a satellite of the sicko nation of Israel!

Honestly, I do hope that nations ALL REJECT Canada's push to get a seat on the very important UN Security Council... For to give that prick, Justin Trudeau, such a prestigious position would be a travesty for the world as he would indeed be nothing more than a dick sucker for the sicko state of Israel!

More to come


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Yes, CBC had a news story today about how Greta Thunberg and fellow activists were pushing Canada to "unite behind the science" supporting climate change and to commit to no new oil and gas exploration or production and to phase out existing production, before the UN security council vote.