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While Everyone Has Been Distracted By COVID-19 Bullshit: Barbaric US Sanctions On Syrian Are Futile Extensions Of Failed Regime-Change War!

First... I do want to let everyone know that I took most of yesterday off for some personal business to take care of.... AND tomorrow being "Fathers Day", my family wants my attention most of tomorrow and therefore my usual weekend rant may be delayed..... It has always been my family and personal life first, and this blog second....

OK, It has been quite a while since I filed a report on the war situation in Syria, as everyone's attention has been so focused in on both the bullshit COVID-19 "pandemic",  as well as the equally bullshit 'Black Lives Matter" crapola that is still out there with the sick goal of the Communists tearing America apart!

There indeed has been a LOT happening elsewhere in the world, and especially in Syria itself...And just this last week the US government imposed even more horrendous sanctions against the innocent nation of Syria that they claim are "extensions" of their already draconian "sanctions" that they have imposed on Syria for the last few years at least.... Obviously since these criminal bastards could not get their nice little "civil war" that happened over the last 9 years in that nation to rip it to shreds and impose "regime change" on that nation to come to a resounding success, they are now going back to their "plan B" which is basically to strangle Syria to death!

Right now, I do want to present the following report that comes courtesy of the Aletho News online service at, that is entitled: "Barbaric US Sanctions On Syria Are Futile Extensions Of Failed Regime-Change War" and does indeed summarize very nicely how the criminal US government is indeed extending their already horrendous "sanctions" on that innocent nation in a vain attempt now to FORCE the very regime change in Damascus that they could not obtain through their criminal mercenaries and "terrorists" through their proxy war that cost the lives of upwards of a MILLION Syrian civilians over the last 9 years!  Here is that article, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Barbaric U.S. Sanctions on Syria Are Futile Extension of Failed Regime-Change War

Strategic Culture Foundation | June 19, 2020
A total blockade of war-torn Syria is the desired effect of sweeping new sanctions imposed this week by the United States. The purpose is to prevent the Arab nation from achieving reconstruction and international normalization after suffering nearly a decade of war.
Washington’s objective is to make regime change in Damascus inevitable by making social conditions in the country as unbearable for the population as it possibly can.
With cruel Orwellian irony, the American sanctions implemented this week bear the words “Syria Civilian Protection Act”.
The U.S. legislation was passed by both parties in the Congress last year and signed off by President Donald Trump. Syria was already under American sanctions, but the latest round of restrictions aim to choke off all international investment and trade with the country.
It should be remarked too that the European Union renewed its own sanctions on Syria last month. Such partnering with the U.S. is a reprehensible sign of the EU’s political and moral bankruptcy.
Kelly Craft, America’s ambassador to the UN, informed the Security Council that the sanctions would prevent the Syrian government from “securing military victory”.
The move was denounced by Russia, China and Iran as “inhumane”. Syria’s envoy to the UN, Bashar al-Ja’afari, said the American plan for embargo showed a “new face of terrorism”.
Washington’s admission that the restrictions are aimed at preventing military victory are telling. It shows that the U.S. is livid from the failure of its regime-change campaign over the past decade in which Washington and other NATO powers covertly sponsored foreign aggression against Syria. That nefarious plot was defeated by the courage of the Syrian people and their armed forces, along with the crucial support of Russia, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Having failed on the battle field, Washington is now pursuing its criminal regime-change war objective through economic aggression.
All of this, it should be said, is in flagrant violation of international law and the UN Charter. The U.S. conduct is tantamount to the Nuremberg-standard designating crimes of state-sponsored terrorism.
The sanctions unveiled this week are but the opening of a new front for assault on Syria.
“We anticipate many more sanctions,” stated U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who went on to say for risible propaganda effect, “and we will not stop until Assad and his regime stop their needless, brutal war against the Syrian people and the Syrian government agrees to a political solution to the conflict.”
The “political solution” that Pompeo is referring to is the one dictated by Washington which means Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stepping down, to be replaced by an American puppet regime.
It is notable that the new sanctions also target the Assad family, including the president’s wife, Asma, as well as the wider national economy. Pompeo vilified Asma al-Assad as a “notorious war profiteer”. Such personal attack on a foreign leader and his family shows a new low in Washington’s gutter tactics. It is no doubt a sign of the frustration and vindictiveness seething in the waning U.S. imperium that it is resorting to such sordid gouging.
The latest U.S. sanctions are a despicable act of barbarity by Washington. If there was any prevailing justice, Washington should be paying massive reparations to Syria for orchestrating a war of aggression. Not only the U.S., but all those other accomplices in the criminality: Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel.
However, the renewed aggression will backfire. America’s international image is descending rapidly into a cesspool of its own making. At a time of global pandemic from the coronavirus, Washington is seen as an unrelenting degenerate ramping up sanctions against several nations, including Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Russia and China, as well as Cuba and North Korea.
Whatever moral and political authority the U.S. may have had in the past, it is now squandering at a startling pace. The corrosive effect from this degeneracy on U.S. power and its financial privileges from the dollar as international reserve currency is very real and underway.
The attempts to block Syria’s reconstruction will only galvanize other nations to redouble their efforts to solidify an alternative to the U.S.-dominated financial system. Iran has vowed to ignore American sanctions on Syria. So too will Russia, China, Venezuela and others.
Washington failed to subjugate the Syrian nation despite inflicting unspeakable terrorism on it by enlisting jihadi gangs from all over the world to do its dirty work. The war’s death toll stands at near 400,000 with millions of more lives ruined through displacement. Reconstruction costs may run into trillions of dollars. But the new phase of American economic aggression will also fail. Because of international solidarity with Syria.
Washington’s tyranny is inadvertently creating a portal to a new global geopolitical realignment, one which will see the final demise of U.S. imperial power.

NTS Notes: I have had a few naysayers ask once in a while why I continue to put up articles at this blog that are focused on the situation in Syria.. My answer to them is "Are you kidding me?"  The war in Syria is absolutely important to everyone, for it shows how a small nation can indeed stand up to American and Israeli tyranny and WIN.... Syria should be the model for every nation that has had enough of US hegemony and bullying, and shows that they too can stand up against these criminals...

And yes, the latest 'round' of illegal "sanctions" are indeed meant to do nothing more than try to bring Syria to its knees... The Syrian people are already suffering from horrendous shortages of nearly everything and the criminal US government has been blocking all international groups and even nations from sending in supplies to that war torn nation as it attempts to rebuild after suffering the last  9 years of US/Israel tyranny!

It is my hope that other nations DEFY the US run tyranny and these latest sanctions... It is about time that people everywhere just say NO to the US wanting to continue to impose its "will" on the entire planet...  Syria has already shown the world how they can indeed win against US tyranny, and now is the time for people everywhere to not allow such tyranny to continue..

More to come


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