Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Truth About The Fraud Called Black Lives Matter: Money Donated To That Communist Insurgency Group Has Been Going To The Democratic Party In The US!

Honestly, when I hear the term "black lives matter" I want to PUKE..... THAT scam has basically taken over America over these last few weeks thanks to that bullshit "George Floyd Murder" video, and has been responsible for inciting so much violence in American cities and has literally put America on its knees..... I for one am not blinded by that idiocy, for I see their true intentions which is the overthrow of the American republic and the desire to turn America into an evil Communist dictatorship!

Every day, I see so much information in the so called "local news" and even in the "news" that gets sent to my smartphone asking me to "support Black Lives Matter" by donating some of my hard earned money to their EVIL CAUSE.... I for the life of me cannot understand how anyone with common sense cannot see the pure evil here and how if they give ANY money to that criminal group, they are only giving those foul creatures the means to destroy our nations.....

BUT, It gets even better, for I found a most interesting article from Jim Stone, through his website at www.jimstone.is, that shows PROOF POSITIVE that any fool that donates money to the Communist "Black Lives Matter" bullshit is actually handing over money to the fucking criminal Democratic Party in America that are the criminal bastards wanting the COMMUNIST takeover of America!  Here in fact is that article right here for everyone to see the evidence for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Donations to Black Lives Matter go directly to the DNC, including international funding

I went through all of this and confirmed it 100 percent legit, I first learned about it HERE.

Here it is, laid out in one of my graphics as clearly as it could possibly be. This is confirmed folks, BLM is the DNC's baby.

NTS Notes:  I have to be honest here in that I am NOT in the least bit surprised by this criminal activity by those criminals in the Communist aka "Democratic" party in America...

Those sick bastards are indeed TRAITORS to the American republic, and sadly too many stupid and brain dead Americans will actually support the overthrow of their nation by voting those fuckers in come this November?  Sickening is putting it mildly...

And this revelation does not mean that I am suddenly believing in Donald Drumpf... That criminal is so stuck up Jewish butts that he can never see the light of day... And Drumpf is the one who has been giving the sicko state of Israel EVERYTHING that they want and is in full support now of the criminal annexation of the entire West Bank to that criminal enterprise..... And Drumpf has been giving everything he can to his criminal Jewish bankster buddies, including the $6.2 TRILLION dollars that he handed over to those scoundrels within days of going along with the pandemic fraud and locking down America!......Drumpf therefore is just as bad as any Demon-rat that is put out there to challenge him come this November...

Well, the bottom line is that America is truly fucked.... Vote for a Demon-rat and you get a Communist dictatorship, period... Vote for Drumpf and you get a Jew dominated and fully controlled country that will be full of nothing but serfs and slaves to Jewish interests.... So, Americans, you once again have NO real choice and are royally fucked either way!

More to come



Catti said...

Gateway Pundit is running this story as well, I was disgusted but not surprised by it earlier today.

Makes me wonder what "charitable" websites are laundering dirty money for the Justin Trudeau Lieberals' coffers. He does have a "foundation" whose logo looks exactly like NAMBLA's.

A friend of mine came up with the term "Judeo-leftists" today. Seems pretty appropriate here. Only the evil Jewish brain could come up with such a nefarious scheme.

Tribe of Dab said...

Question is how will isreal accommodate all the new arrivals when America The People ships the entirety of the US over there?
Optimistic I know but we really should start setting goals.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I have been sending messages to a fellow Canadian, Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, out of Vancouver for the last bit to get her to wake the f*&^ up and see that her support for Black Lives Matter bullshit is hurting our cause... She went to the last few "rallies" in Vancouver in support of that madness and obviously is not even aware that this "BLM" is a criminal front for the Democratic aka Communist party in America!

The more you learn about these criminals, the more you see their twisted and sick ways and especially their goals!

truthseekingmeme said...

so what you are saying that the oppressed race wanting justice (like you give the jews) are communist? or are you saying the organization is using our pain against us for their own selfish benefit? I need to know because if that's what they're doing myself and other people of color need to be put on to this info

Northerntruthseeker said...

You have to understand WHO is running the entire scam and their goals.

George Soros finances it and his minions run it and their goal is the destruction of whites and America itself.

Once you see that as the big picture the rest falls into place.