Friday, June 5, 2020

The Ride Downtown With Imitation Humans!

I am so disgusted by what I saw today that I had to go out and take a very long walk this evening to blow off some steam... I was made aware of there being a "protest rally" this evening at the Manitoba Legislature in downtown Winnipeg for support of that Communist Jewish run Antifa "Black Lives Matter" group out of the US that organized this "rally" in Winnipeg in support of that BULLSHIT "murder" of that crisis actor "George Floyd" earlier last week in Minneapolis Minnesota..... And supposedly the fucking organizers of that garbage claimed that they had "over 1000" people at the Legislative grounds this evening!

Now two major issues come to mind when I saw the local Jew controlled media show the gathering where apparently (a) they did have over 1000 people there, and (b) the entire group tried but did not even bother with 'social distancing rules'!.... I first look at (a) and I am absolutely disgusted by the Pallister regime that has a "law" in place that disallows ANY gatherings of greater than "50 people", and here we have a thousand??? And supposedly there were NO cops at all at that gathering... And (b) why were these brain dead protesters not arrested for failing "social distancing" laws that the fuckers in the Pallister regime have in place as well?

So, let me get this straight then... When I and others tried to gather to protest against the fraud bullshit scam-demic and could not gather in groups at all due to the 50 people "rule" and we could not even bother to be in close proximity to each other because of "social distancing" laws, we would have been arrested for those violations, and yet here we have a whole different "law" and set of "rules" for these numb skulls at this evening's "protest" who are too stupid to even realize the George Floyd scam was a false flag???   Does anyone else see the problem with this?  This shows how criminal the Pallister regime truly is and how they will push the pandemic scam to the bitter end and actually support the Jew run Antifa criminal movement as well!

Well... I have blown off some steam now.... And on to the subject at hand.... I was sent via email from John Kaminski himself earlier his latest essay that he has put up earlier today at his blog at  This one is entitled: "The Ride Downtown With Imitation Humans" and I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments on this newest article from John to follow:

and mask:
Building who they want us to be
Generation after generation, the real criminals perpetrate their frauds mostly unnoticed by the aimless herds of human cattle
they swindle, fleece and cannibalize.
Eventually you’re going to be able to buy one of these bonafide genuine imitation humans at your local Walmart, but for now they’re still in the experimental stage, as designers fine tune the method of turning normally inquisitive humans into utterly predictable minions of greed, envy, fickleness and malice, totally tranced out by what they thought were their own choices.
Maybe that appendage known as your smartphone is really an invisible bar code on your forehead. Don’t think too long about the contact tracers who analyze your data with an electron microscope. They’re thinking of eliminating you as fast as possible so they can collect the insurance policy bounty they have on your life when your statistical line in the book of life magically disappears.
This is some of what they won’t tell you about that camouflaged prison cell you live in, an alluring experiential pastiche designed to your preferred taste. Sometimes called a lockdown, you are learning to love it.
We seek conditions necessary to enrich and protect us, rather than the conditions today which harass and abuse. We are discovering to our dismay that the best government is no government at all. And we watch with despair as our own government deliberately creates conditions destructive to a way of life that would be just fine if they’d stop regulating everything and creating fake terror incidents.
The default conditions of ordinary governing must routinely guarantee peace in the world, without which there is no security for anyone. Unfortunately in our way of life we have chosen to cannibalize each other, with the central kosher authority arranging all of the combat matchups and funding both sides of every conflict, rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of infinite profits and the elimination of large numbers of goyim, their two fondest goals.
A certain percentage of people often snap under changing conditions like this. Likely they’ll all be listed as COVID-19 deaths, and they should be, because of the significant and lasting distress of the lockdown and the mask. Even worse than being pawed by transvestite storytellers, schoolchildren have by now lost all belief in their once hallowed system of government and responsible citizenry, because they now know it can disappear in an instant, according to the well-planned whims of very rich men.
A system that enables us to blossom the peak of our powers in our individual orbits through this cornucopia we have come to know as life, is what we’re demanding.
Rather than living a life of adversity and challenge that is hampered by existing organizational and governmental structures, the AI personality is based on maximum profitability and unlimited powers, two aspects of the human personality that have never been chained, never been overcome as a human addiction by some other aspect or influence. And certainly not by common sense.
Gluttony gulling the gullible always brings cheer to ordinary businessmen, though they whine when their Ponzi schemes collapse. All governments have proved over the 2500 years of use is that people cannot be trusted with large amounts of money.
So the larger question becomes . . .
Given the human propensity of doublecrossing agreements with their most intimate and trusted partners, can humans exercise the right to prevent the machines they created from eliminating humans altogether?
I’m asking if humans can prevent that from happening once humans open the door to AI. If that door, the door to hell, has already opened a crack, and its irrevocable poison has already begun to seep into this fetid swamp of chemicals we call our atmosphere, this would account for our total inability to deal with our own government from deliberately spinning out of control, seemingly for justifying their contrived need to create the conditions necessary for martial law.
Throughout our entire history we invented a palliative for our existential angst over our inevitable doom, and that palliative — the foolproof solution — is to chain your focus to an infinite idea that venerates the consciousness of everything that lives. Most of the world has found a suitable answer to this important question which they show by their reverence, one way or the other, to an omnipotent God.
Now the world is spinning out of control.
Beset by their subconscious distortions, inventive humans could never invent a machine fully grounded in the concept of mercy, primarily because the concept is so ephemeral, so situational in its appearance and its reasoning. Trusting your life to a machine to make your most important decisions — as is happening now — is the short path to universal destruction for the purpose of trying in vain to control what is ultimately a matter of celestial mechanics far beyond our pay grade.
The Bill Gates death tattoo that will turn us into GMO humans will leave no room for formerly desirable attributes such as justice, loyalty or honesty. All decisions henceforth will be governed by the trim rigor of the bottom line with no emotion involved, as emotion always affects profitability negatively.
Some time ago the answer to these grim existential discussions used to be religion, most versions of which lie twitching in the gutter of public derision and embarrassment that the most venerated spiritual advisers of our generation have lost their luster and fallen prey to the very compulsions they inveighed against. They now serve as a model for no sensible person.
They’re still not sure if these imitation humans are going to be blow up dolls with supercomputer brains, or merely technotrances that you must wear something over your eyes and ears — or perhaps implanted in your brain, as all the high tech billionaires urge us to do, kind of like a mechanical replacement for the psychedelic drug experience — to fully experience the La La Land to which they have decided to take you. College is a lot like that, I hear, with the emphasis on meaningless subjects as usual overshadowing the nuts and bolts it would take to run an honest world.
But whatever they seem to be saying, just remember they are saying the things that the men who created them want them to say.
Try not to be shocked when you look in the mirror and see one of them there.
As we descend, step by step, down to someone who we never wanted to be.
Controlled demolition of world culture, turning the entire planet into one prison camp. The chokepoint is your wallet and the Jews have every bit of that wrapped up.
To pretend otherwise would be naive. Disingenuous. And dishonest.
They drink the blood of children whom they terrify before they kill because it makes the blood more potent when enflamed by the inhuman terror inflicted on the victim.
As the constriction of big brother’s hand around your throat intensifies . . . this ride downtown with imitation humans is nothing you would ordinarily choose to do.
The lockdown and the masks have been the greatest destroyers of civilization since the Black Plague. A deliberate destruction of the lesser entities by the power elite.
Religious particularism provides nothing but a raucous chorus of jealous rancor for a senseless species caught in the whirlpool of its own fear spinning wildly down the drain of extinction. Good luck with your raft.
My own humble suggestion would be to fight it with all your might.

NTS Notes: I do agree with John on the facts that the lockdowns and face masks have caused serious distress in a lot of people... I have in fact written many articles raising my concerns over the last while of how the 'distress' caused by both of these crises has caused those with severe mental issues and suffering from Depression to contemplate suicides...... I have made it one of my goals over the last while to alert readers of that REAL crisis in the hope that they too will get out there and work with others to prevent any more people from taking their lives over this fraud Pandemic...

I have not touched on my thoughts about artificial intelligence and how that AI may indeed take over sometime in the near future... I have believed that any artificial intelligence will quickly realize how corrupt human societies are and may do much like what was in the "Terminator" science fiction series and try to eliminate most of mankind to try to end that corruption.... Many would say that thought is a bit "far fetched" but if they sit down and think about how much the Jewish power elite has used their corruption to fuck up this planet, I would not bet against it...

And I agree with John's assertions that this fraud "Pandemic" has turned into quite possibly the greatest FRAUD in human history....And it may yet be the most devastating as we are only scratching the surface now as to how horrific the damage from that fraud has caused to our societies....  And yes, it was deliberate and absolutely caused by the Jewish power elite....

Overall, a very good article once again from John Kaminski.... And I will continue to have his essays here when they do become available... So stay tuned..

OH, and about those "protest rallies" happening everywhere in support of the bullshit of George Floyd?  If people are that stupid and cannot even bother to realize that "murder" was a con and a HUGE lie, then they are beyond hope and we can not help them... I can only say to the idiots that go to those rallies to "enjoy your enslavement"!

More to come



Tribe of Dab said...

Well NTS, I don't know much about JM, but I know that Article is a good one, and he did name the Jew.
He makes the point about how we cannabalize each other, and I would say even the best of us are doing that to some extent (some actually don't )
Anyway we slice it there is no begging, no negotiating, no demanding,and no reasoning with government(s). They are stupid, moronic, senseless, shortsighted, and shitty. That's why they rely on the bright,the hardworking, and decent people to carry them along.
The only smart thing they do have is conning people, they have it down to a science, but the last thing we need to do is try to con them into being good. We have failed every time.

CanadianNotCommunist said...

There's a very good summary of the whole COVID thing over at the children' website with RFK Jr. titled "Lockdown Lunacy : The Thinking Person"s Guide.