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The Financial Crisis Is Here: $10 Trillion Here, $10 Trillion There!

When this bullshit scam-demic began back in March, I knew that there was a heavy financial aspect in the entire "crisis", for the criminals in charge of our ailing financial system KNEW full well that they could no longer sustain the present fractional reserve currency system and were sitting on a massive "credit asset bubble" in the hundreds of trillions of dollars range that was about to implode.... These sick bastards knew full well that the house of cards that they had created for well over a century had run its course and was in danger of crashing down....

That is why when the world's "financial elite" met at Davos island in Greece back in February to decide what direction they would run the world for the next year, they knew that the financial system was in serious peril and that they could no longer print money at a record pace in a vain attempt to sustain it.... It was most probably decided then that they would launch this entire "pandemic" fraud on the world and use that as both their cover and their excuse to implode the financial system and rape nations of TRILLIONS of dollars just to prevent the criminal banks from collapsing.... And guess what?  The very next day after US President Drumpf back in March declared a nation wide "pandemic" and "lock down" of the American people, he turned around and quietly gave the criminal banksters some $6.2 TRILLION dollars to bail them out!  That is money that the American people have lost permanently and will never get back.....

I am definitely not alone in seeing the seriousness of this entire financial crisis that has and is still doing serious damage to every nation on Earth... For I do want to present here a most interesting and factual report that comes from the "Video Rebel" over at www.vidrebel.wordpress.com... This article is entitled: "$10 Trillion Here, $10 Trillion There" and goes into great detail about how the criminals have indeed raped and pillaged the world's financial system and how it is still in danger of horrific collapse... Here is that article, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

$10 Trillion Here, 10 Trillion There

Wall Street steals ten trillion dollars here, there, everywhere. Pretty soon you are talking about the end of human freedom, the end of humanity, the end of everything and everyone we cared for.
Let us count the ways Bankers can legally rob us.
At Jekyll Island in 1910 agents of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Warburgs gave themselves the right to charge us interest on money they created out of nothing. Paying interest on fictitious debts transfers all that we worked for to Bankers for nothing in return. If we still had Lincoln’s non-interest bearing Greenbacks, there would be no $23 trillion national debt and no $500 billion annual interest payment on that fiction.
Dr Mark Skidmore in his latest update with Catherine Austin Fitts suggested that the US Treasury is selling trillions of dollars more in government bonds than they admit are on the books. These trillions of dollars in off the books bond saless are not part of the $21 trillion that Dr Skidmore had found that had gone Missing from the Department of Defense (DOD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) budgets from 1998 to 2015. Additional money was probably stolen from other departments. Indira Singh said that were likely stealing from Social Security by transferring money into dummy recipient  accounts.
I previously mentioned my favorite story of the Missing $21 trillion. The US Army had an annual budget of $122 billion a year. The Treasury sent them a check for $800 billion and told them to plug up the holes. Guess what! They lost the $800 billion too.
Dr Skidmore is back with new stories. The DOD has $6.5 trillion in unsupported ledger adjustments. The top 3 are for $177,417,491,279,  $165,989,255,290  and $163,114,566,279.
The US Army did not give Dr Skidmore a lot of detail in his FOIA (Freedom of Information Act request). Just had little notes like vendor had no further information on the Missing $165 billion.
Would you be surprised to learn that CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, the NY Times and the Washington Post did not mention the missing trillions at all? Why is that?
Did you ever wonder why America is still in Afghanistan? President Bush told his allies that he was going to invade Afghanistan in the summer of 2001 several months before Israel did 911. So why did he invade? Was it part of the CIA’s long term plan to addict as many young people as people as possible, to destroy as many lives as possible precisely so we would have the most corrupt government imaginable? If the people ever rose up in righteous anger against Wall Street, they would have to go through the Mafia and the Drug Cartels long before they got to the government. And politicians don’t have real power so overthrowing the government might have limited benefits if they do not also dismantle the central banking systems. David Rothkopf, the former CEO of Kissinger Associates, in his book Superclass said that the world is run by the 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions.
The military took the old U2 spy plane and converted it into the Global Hawk surveillance drone. Later versions cost $220 million each when fully equipped. They added a compartment to carry 3,400 pounds (1,542 kilograms) of opium from Afghanistan to an American airbase where it can be transported to America,  to Europe or to wherever addicts are willing to pay the highest price. America was flooded with so much heroin that the average age of first time users dropped to 14 1/2.
Rob Kirby told us that the Cocaine Importing Agency (CIA) had stashed so much loot in their secret slush funds that they were able to buy trillions of dollars in US Treasury bonds when they were being dumped by Russia and China. Of course the US can always just print trillions more in US Treasury bonds than were authorized so they can do noble deeds like save Bankers from prisons for stealing hundreds of billions from pensioners.
There is a fly in this Uber Rich ointment. They need to steal trillions more each year to pay off the suckers who bought off the books bonds last year. I suppose they could sell trillions more each year to leading Zombie Banks and to the Federal Reserve. Jim Rickards is a financial consultant to both the CIA and the Pentagon. He expects a Financial Reset which will happen when America loses its international reserve currency status.
That means the US will no longer be able to buy trillions of dollars of useful things from overseas to subsidize the wages of the sheeple while paying foreigners in I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes. There will be a day when the US has to buy 2 ounces of gold for $10,000 each so they can get a letter of gold credit to import things from foreigners. Too bad the Elite decided to overpopulate America by 200 million plus people so we have a permanent trade deficit. We now have to import natural resources. Liberal Democrats will figure out their mistakes after ten million Americans have starved to death but they will still blame white racists.
I see everything coming to a head in the 2021 to 2023 time frame at the latest. Never underestimate the power of the Government’s ability to print money. Think like a Banker. They know that they robbed everyone so they insist on a Surveillance State including digital certificates so they can track every citizen in real time and deny them employment and even the ability to buy food or gasoline. No traveling to a rally for you.
But they also know we are entering a period of Global Cooling just like the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715). In 1709 there was a Big Freeze and the ground froze to a depth of one meter (approximately 40 inches.) Bankers love Monopolies. If Bankers had a Monopoly on food, they could charge the people whatever they wanted to feed their children.
I can guarantee you Nationwide Food Riots in America’s future. The Bankers have invested in lab grown meat and in cockroach milk. They have also invested in indoor farming with grow lights. They have taken over large abandoned properties and started raising food year round indoors. But that will not be enough food. Millions will likely die from starvation and violence. Bankers will promise food to loyal soldiers and policemen. But they will have to get that food from farmers in America below the 40th parallel as in a period of Global Cooling people north of there in the US will need climate battery greenhouses and indoor gardens to raise food. American cities near the 40th parallel are Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Columbus, Ohio; as well as northern suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana and Denver, Colorado.
Think what that implies. If you live in the northern US and can raise food indoors, it gives you a stronger bargaining position. If you live in the southern US states and can grow food in your backyard, you might be able to raise enough food to stop local food riots. The US has local restrictions on front yard gardening. I would suggest you raise sunflowers in your front yard. They are beautiful and the seeds are edible.
When I was a child, I knew there would never be a nuclear war. Nuclear weapons kill rich people. Killing poor folk is OK but killing rich people is forbidden. When I was older, I understood that in addition to  killing poor people, starvation makes rich people even richer. How so? Because they can borrow a soon to be hyperinflated currency and buy all that food for 5 cents on the dollar and sell it back at 100 cents thus stripping the poor and the middle class of their few remaining assets. In the process there will be several billion fewer commoners with all wealth in a few hands.
That is the future the 30 Families has written for you. You will have to make other plans if you intend to survive.
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NTS Notes: I again feel so vindicated in my own writings about the financial crisis, thanks to the efforts of the Video Rebel....

I have stated for the last decade at least that the entire Federal Reserve system in the US alone is in serious trouble and has been for years now, thanks primarily to nations rapidly moving away from using the US dollar as their 'reserve currency' as demanded under the terms of the Petro-Dollar scam that began back in 1973.... That long era of US dollar hegemony is rapidly coming to a close and could cause both a serious devaluation of the US dollar as well as potential hyper-inflation in the US itself..

And people do need to realize that the trillions of dollars that has been stolen over the last while had to come from somewhere... And I have long suspected that much of those trillions have indeed come from the liquidation of Government and personal pension funds in both the US and even up here in Canada... There may soon be a rude awakening if and when they finally end this 'scamdemic" by pensioners who may find out that their life long savings have suddenly disappeared!

And yes, trillions of dollars have indeed 'gone missing' from the US defense budget for the last two decades at least... Many have speculated about what may have happened to all that money and I have long suspected that the money went to both (a) criminal banks, and (b) the criminal state of Israel.... And again that money is long gone and the American people will most probably never ever see it back!

Video Rebel also says exactly what I have been saying about Afghanistan all along, especially the FACT that the US and other "NATO" nations were ordered into that nation by the Rothschilds to put the Opium fields back into full production after the Taliban had been burning down the poppy fields for the last few decades before 2001..... And we see today the fruits of that folly as there is indeed a world wide opium and opiate crisis that is killing tens of thousands of people, especially young people, every year in North America alone..

And yes, we are definitely heading into a decades long period of Global Cooling thanks to our Sun, Sol, going "quiet" and not pumping out as much solar radiation as before this grand solar minimum began just a few years ago..... We are heading into a serious crisis of food shortages as nations are ill prepared for this REAL cooling period as their stupid leadership has been so fooled by the criminals into the false belief the planet is somehow overheating... Millions may indeed starve over the next decade alone thanks to this folly!

Well, there you have it... There is indeed a serious financial crisis happening right now, and the criminals are still attempting to keep that fact under wraps as they push this fraud "pandemic" in our faces... People everywhere will indeed be paying dearly for their nations' governments conducting this criminal act..

More to come


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