Friday, June 26, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Wearing A Face Mask Drops Oxygen Levels To Danger Zone! Throw The Damn Things Out!

As I have said many times now.. You cannot fix stupid!... And I was again proven right about that statement when I was out last night getting a few groceries from the local supermarket and once again I saw human stupidity at its finest.... I saw a wide range of dumb asses out there still stupidly wearing face masks, and even a few morons wearing face masks and even face shields as well....

I could only laugh as I walked by those idiots and decided not to say anything for I have found that too many people do not have brain cells and have fallen for the false propaganda from this bullshit "pandemic" to the point that they get absolutely ANGRY and belligerent when you try to knock some sense into them!

The real kicker was when I got back into my SUV and left the parking lot and noticed a Ford SUV being driven once again by the most stupidest moron imaginable that was wearing a face mask while he was driving!  That to me is a serious issue for the fact that these gawd awful face masks do indeed cut off vital Oxygen levels to a person's brain and thus can impede their ability to even drive a motor vehicle!  But again, you cannot fix stupid....

Well... I am still getting a wide assortment of videos from readers, and I do once again want to thank all of them for their efforts in sending them my way.... And ONE just came out the other day that caught my attention, as it once again proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that wearing face masks is one of THE most boneheaded decisions that anyone can possibly due for the fact that the damn things do indeed cut off vital Oxygen supplies to the wearer!   I do in fact want to present that important video right here for everyone to see for themselves, as it shows proof positive that face masks do in deed drop Oxygen levels to danger zone on the wearers... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: OK, What further proof do you need, everyone, that wearing masks is the most STUPIDEST thing that you can ever do!

I again will repeat that the best thing to do is to throw those damn things out immediately and never ever subject yourself to putting one on...

And in places around the world that DEMAND that you put one on, show the idiots enforcing that stupid 'rule' this video and resist putting one on by every means necessary...

I do also wonder how long it will be before Youtube and their idiocy pulls this video down.... I do suggest making copies of this video if they can.... I will bet anything that the criminals in charge want to keep the sheep in the dark as much as possible as they do know that wearing face masks does indeed damage a person's immune system and that may be EXACTLY what those fuckers have long planned to happen!

Again, never ever wear a face mask and throw the damn things out immediately....

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Catti said...

That's an interesting video although the device he uses to demonstrate oxygen levels only measures the level in the air around it.

The most accurate and informative measure is blood oxygen saturation. In hospitals this is measured with a device that clips to the finger tip. You can buy these devices on Amazon or at home health care stores. They cost around $50. I have asthma and I use it if my chest is feeling tight to see if I need to use a rescue puffer.

I've tested masks, improvised devices like a cloth scarf, respirators and face shields using my blood oxygen monitor. The only device that didn't cause my blood oxygen to drop rapidly was a 3M silicone paint respirator. This is because it doesn't trap exhaled air, it has a valve that allows exhaled air to escape. Blood oxygen starts to drop after only three or four breaths with the other devices.

In my testing, face shields were the second least harmful after the paint respirator. They allow a lot more ventilation than masks. If you're forced to use a face covering I would recommend a face shield over a mask. Face shields are far more effective than masks anyway, they protect the eyes and offer a lot more coverage. I have a face shield that fits on any hat, I bring it with me when I go out just in case I have to go somewhere where masks are obligatory. I also bring my puffers along. They come in handy when some Karen whines about me not wearing a mask. "I have asthma, here are my puffers as proof". Not that my personal medical information is any of their business, but it gets them off my back.

One more thing that wasn't discussed in the video but it's important to know. When you exhale you also release any toxins you may have inhaled, such as pollutants, cigarette smoke etc. Wearing a mask forces you to "re-breathe" and re-expose yourself to those toxins.

Unknown said...

I came into work tonight and was confronted with
this idiocy to the point where I was told that if
I did not put one on, I would be fired on the spot.
I put one on, but after I cut a hole in it so that
I could breathe. If I am fired tomorrow for cutting
a hole in the mandatory face mask, I am going to see
a lawyer and then we will take it from there.

I am going to use this post and this weblink as my
evidence if/when this case comes before a court of
jurisprudence. Keep going, NTS!

WretchedHope said...

Well, this was debunked hard.