Monday, June 1, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: This Is The REAL Concern Of This Fraud Pandemic - People Are Going To Go Hungry As Pandemic Effects Could Leave 54 Million Americans Without Food!

A new month, and more blasting away at the fraud COVID-19 "plan-demic"...... Yes, we still have those idiotic "riots" happening in America over a BULLSHIT "murder video" and that stupidity has engulfed so many American sheep who do not have the critical thinking skills to see that it is all a hoax... I on the other hand have NO time for that stupidity after putting up a few articles to expose the truth, and prefer to concentrate on what really matters, which is the fraud pandemic, who is responsible for the fraud, and what will be the aftermath when the fraud is over..

I have stated several times before at this blog that the criminals in charge are going to do horrendous damage to what remains of our societies when their fraud pandemic is over... And one of their sick and twisted goals is to see a world wide outbreak of food shortages and possible famines arise to help "cull" the human population of this planet (Remember Agenda 21 and their insane want to eliminate up to 90% of the "useless eaters")....

And recent reports have come out about how these same bastards have been forcing the shutdown of key food processing facilities right around the world as well as their insane push to have farmers NOT plant any crops for this year!  These types of insanity are being done for one goal and one goal only which is to create massive world wide food shortages and possibly trigger a mass starvation of humanity...

I came across the following report, from the Blacklisted News website, at that absolutely backs up all of my claims about the bastards wanting world wide famines..> For according to this report, in the aftermath of this ludicrous "pandemic", upwards of some 54 million Americans alone could be starving and without any food!  Here is that report, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Published: May 31, 2020


A record number of Americans face hunger this year as the catastrophic economic fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic looks set to leave tens of millions of people unable to buy enough food to feed their families.
Nationwide, the demand for aid at food banks and pantries has soared since the virus forced the economy to be shutdown, resulting in more than 40m new unemployment benefit claims, according to the latest figures.
As a result, an estimated one in four children, the equivalent of 18 million minors, could need food aid this year – a 63% increase compared to 2018.
Overall, about 54 million people across the US could go hungry without help from food banks, food stamps and other aid, according to an analysis by Feeding America, the national food bank network. 
Guardian graphic | Source: Feeding America

America’s food insecurity crisis was dire even before the Covid-19 pandemic, when at least 37 million people lived in households without adequate resources to guarantee consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life.


NTS Notes: I always knew these sick Jew freaks would absolutely want to see world wide starvation.. For these same bastards have always throughout history used famines and mass starvation as part of their apparatus to control the Gentiles!

And yes, this is truly shocking, especially when the US has always had the ability to export a lot of its food production world wide to help other nations that have had starving populations to survive...Nobody has ever thought that starvation would occur in America!

IMHO, the pricks behind the fraud pandemic have been planning this for the last decade or more... They know that one of the quickest ways to control a population is to starve them into submission....

Wake up, America, for this could indeed be a reality very soon thanks to this fraud pandemic!

More to come



Noor al Haqiqa said...

If you have watched events in California over the past two decades you could see the manipulation and destruction of the farming communities. Ice Age Farmer is an excellent source for information on this entire issue of food security. People do not realize that "the Great Depression" starved many millions of Americans to death and was "just" another genocidal event from (((the bankers))). Between that and the two world wars they managed to cull millions upon millions of our finest and brightest males.

Cloud said...

Here's Dahboo7 Twitter stream of the chaos happening now. Unbelievable people.

Curfews in place everywhere. NG called up. The whole shit show was planned since calling up some (1)? million NG at the beginning of Plandemic. Now Antifa is threatening to move into suburbs.

Use wisdom people and stay away from this. People are getting killed over a fake/acting (murder?) NO PROOF THE MAN WAS KILLED! NONE!