Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Taking Another Shot At The Stupidity of Face Masks, And Exposing The LIE Of Social Distancing: It Was Used By The CIA For Torture!

First, I got side tracked for the last 6 hours having to take care of some much needed personal and family business.... I have always said that family does come first, and my services were desperately required for the last couple of hours.... But now I am back.....

I have been blasting this COVID-19 bullshit for such a long time now, and again I constantly get a LOT of different articles, links, and videos sent my way.... One video that I was hoping to put up this evening was produced by Max Igan out of Australia that exposed the LIE of "social distancing" and showed that it was absolutely a CIA invention of the mid-1960's as a means of TORTURING their victims..... But that video was taken down by this evening by the criminals behind "Youtube" for "violations of their terms of service" (An absolute lie of course..)....

I was also astounded today when I saw reports that the criminals running the city of Toronto, Ontario up here in Canada are trying now to pass a new 'law' demanding that its nearly 7 Million citizens be forced to wear gawd awful "face masks" when they are out and away from their residence and ANYWHERE out in public!  Here in fact is the link to the actual "bi-law" pdf file that will demand all citizens to wear face masks or face penalties such as heavy fines!:


And here is the link to an article from the Toronto Star about how these bastards in Toronto city council are going to ruin the health of Torontonians by forcing them to wear sickening masks:


In my honest opinion, this is such a travesty!  And I do wonder where the public outcry in Toronto is concerning this absolute abomination!

But of course, the propaganda and brainwashing from the Jewish controlled media is so intense now, that most Torontonians will "tow the line" and believe the fear mongering that the virus is still out there and "deadly" and put on those health destroying masks without any thought... Honestly, thank goodness I do NOT live in Toronto!

And about the fraud of "social distancing"?  As I said earlier, I have had to look elsewhere for the proof for all to see that 'social distancing' is a massive scam and probably the WORSE thing to do during any 'epidemic' or "pandemic", period... And luckily, my great colleague and fellow Canadian researcher and truth seeker, Greencrow, who of course hails from the wilds of southern British Columbia, put out her own article covering the FRAUD of "social distancing" at her blog "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at www.greencrowasthecrowflies.blogspot.com..... Her amazing article is entitled: "Masks Speak - Of CIA Torture - Lockdown And Social Distancing Are Dangerous To Our Health" and does indeed cover both the STUPIDITY of wearing face masks, but also covers the FACT that "social distancing" was indeed a CIA created scenario used for TORTURE!  HERE is the link to Greencrow's article here:


Again, Kudos to Greencrow for her job in exposing these frauds once again in this one article....And luckily, "The Truthseeker" out of the UK does indeed have the 'bitchute" video link to the video enclosed within Max Igan's video that was taken down earlier today showing how the CIA absolutely DID create the fraud of 'social distancing" as a method of TORTURE!

The facts are that forcing people to both wear masks and "social distancing" are indeed BOTH forms of torture... One of course attacks a person's health, while the other attacks a person's SANITY!   It therefore is becoming apparent that the criminal bastards behind this entire scamdemic are wanting the damage to everyone to be in both categories!

More to come



phyllis66 said...

The same thing is happening in the U.S. Face masks all the time outside and inside with social distancing. It is a complete fraud and it is summer time! The freaking numbers of cases increasing is because they changed how they count them.

Unknown said...

Leave Toronto to its own devices.
The Church Street sex deviates have
taken over the city:


Catti said...

Toronto's hastily scribbled by-law is different depending on which source you read. The pdf posted here omits several important clauses which are found in Toronto's website



- "The by-law does not apply to the following premises, even if they would fall under the definition of an establishment: (note: "establishment" is defined in the by-law as any business or facility which is normally included in the mandatory mask by-law)

post-secondary institutions
child care facilities
private and public transportation (the TTC has its own bylaw Opens in new window)
hospitals, independent health facilities
offices of regulated health professionals
****apartment buildings and condominiums, including their common areas
an area that is not enclosed or indoors (e.g. restaurant patio)

The apartment clause is significant because in Ontario, landlord abuse of tenants using covid-19 as the excuse is rampant thanks to a premier who has made it his business to destroy the lives of every rental tenant in the province. For example, landlords are blocking tenants from receiving deliveries at their doors, for no good reason other than harassment. Now landlords will be harassing and threatening tenants who refuse to wear masks in hallways, elevators, underground parking and other common areas. In addition they are likely to post signs on entrance doors prohibiting entry without wearing a mask. I was already harassed in an elevator by an overzealous covidiot superintendent because I wasn't wearing a mask. Tenants have no recourse if they are harassed.

The document posted here lists the exemptions allowed for the mask rule, including medical issues preventing mask usage. However, it does not discuss what will happen if someone who is exempt from the mask law is accosted by a Karen or prevented from entering a business without a mask. Many of us with medical issues will feel intimidated or forced to divulge private medical information in order to be allowed to shop or to be left alone by a pushy Karen. The law covers what to do when dealing with someone who can't wear a mask, but it's only visible on the Toronto website when it should be made crystal clear to the public: "Note: Operators [of businesses] are not permitted to require proof that an exemption applies." Nothing about private citizen vigilantes.


"What Does the Mask/face Covering Bylaw Mean for the Public
- Exemptions are allowed. You do not need to bring proof of your exemption.
Providing Service to People Unable to Wear a Mask or Face Covering
- Not everyone is able to wear a mask. Please be respectful of people who are unable to wear one due to health, age or other reasons.
- Also consider offering alternative services (e.g. online, telephone, curbside pickup) or offer off-peak hour service."

I can already foresee some ugly confrontations occurring as a result of this new law. They are doing a piss poor job of educating the public, posting different versions of it depending on which newspaper or website you read, and this will pose a danger to those of us who can't wear masks in particular. We will see some ugly and even violent skirmishes caused by virtue signalling Karen vigilantes along with overzealous business owners and staff forcibly removing non-mask wearers from their premises. I hope that these will result in some hefty lawsuits against the city, the businesses and the individuals provoking these confrontations. I will certainly call the police if I'm accosted and bullied.

Also, as soon as Toronto passed their idiotic muzzle by-law, the rest of the mayors in the GTA immediately jumped on the covidiot bandwagon. This means a large swath from Oshawa to Niagara region is now under the pinko sheep muzzle by-law.

Mike said...

The question no one is asking or answering...
Why do you comply?
Why do you obey?

I have not worn a mask yet, I don't believe them so I will not comply. I go into a store maskless, and up on being berated for not conforming, tell them about hypoxia.
They've never heard of it, don't know what it is, just put the mask on or I'll call security. I walked out. I can't even buy pot without a face diaper/muzzle!
The only reason why it's gone this far is the mass obedience!
Not even a whimper?
Stop obeying!

Think it of it this way. You are making it difficult for non conformist to practice their "trade" when you dutifully obey. It makes you look....common.