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The COVID-19 Bullshit: Newsletter - June 2020: Making Sense Of The COVID-19 "Pandemic"

I decided to take the majority of yesterday off from "blogging" and actually enjoy the great summertime weather (finally) that has hit this part of central Canada... It was nice to get outside last night and take a long stroll that I usually do to the park situated besides the local hospital to watch that empty facility and the crickets chirping in the nearby creek.... 

But... It is time to once again blast away at this 'scam-demic' head on... And I was sent late yesterday a fabulous summary of exactly where we stand in terms of this fraud from my American colleague, John Kaminski, and I do want to share its contents with all of my readers here... This one comes in the form of a newsletter from Thomas H Greco, Junior, and is entitled: "Newsletter - June 2020: Making Sense Of The COVID-19 Pandemic" and does indeed cover a LOT of important facts that everyone should be aware of in terms of this entire scam... Here in fact is that article in its entirety right here for all of my own readers to view for themselves, and I do as always have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Newsletter -- June 2020: Making sense of the Covid-19 “pandemic”
Thomas H. Greco, Jr.
Over the past two months I’ve examined a large volume of material from a variety of sources about the Covid-19 “pandemic.”According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Covid-19 is the disease that is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. There is no doubt that there is something “going around” that is making people sick. Members of my own family have tested positive, and over a period of two weeks, have recovered from their moderate symptoms.

But the transmissibility and lethality of this disease are still undetermined. The available data are often contradictory and magnitude of the threat remains in doubt. The entire matter has been politicized and people have been taking sides. My greatest concern is that, as positions become “hardened,” people will reject any new information that does not confirm their adopted position. This is what is known as “confirmation bias.” In this age of “information wars” and power struggles it is more important than ever to keep an open mind and sharpen our powers of discernment.

Personally, I continue to take precautions; at my age I’d rather not get sick--with anything, but I can’t help but be skeptical of the official narrative and much of the reported data. In this edition I share some of what seems to be the most credible and informative material I’ve come across. Peter Koenig, one of my Swiss correspondents and regular contributor to Global Research, has recently alerted me to two startling reports out of Europe. I will start with excerpts from those.

Swiss Policy Research (SPR), has published a recently updated report titled, Facts about Covid-19. This is a comprehensive report loaded with factual data, expert opinion and comprehensive analysis. The report’s summary of 30 “facts” strongly contradict the official narrative and raises serious questions about the need for, and effectiveness of such drastic reactions as those that have been imposed by most governments around the world. I had thought to select only a few from the list but ultimately decided to provide the entire “overview” which includes numerous links to essential sources:

SPR Covid-19 Overview
  1. According to the latest immunological and serological studies, the overall lethality of Covid-19 (IFR) is about 0.1% and thus in the range of a strong seasonal influenza (flu).
  2. In countries like the US, the UK, and also Sweden (without a lockdown), overall mortality since the beginning of the year is in the range of a strong influenza season; in countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland, overall mortality is in the range of a mild influenza season.
  3. Even in global “hotspots”, the risk of death for the general population of school and working age is typically in the range of a daily car ride to work. The risk was initially overestimated because many people with only mild or no symptoms were not taken into account.
  4. Up to 80% of all test-positive persons remain symptom-free. Even among 70-79 year olds, about 60% remain symptom-free. Over 95% of all persons develop at most moderate symptoms.
  5. Up to 60% of all persons may already have a certain cellular background immunity to Covid-19 due to contact with previous coronaviruses (i.e. common cold viruses). The initial assumption that there was no immunity against Covid-19 was not correct.
  6. The median age of the deceased in most countries (including Italy) is over 80 years (e.g. 86 years in Sweden) and only about 4% of the deceased had no serious preconditions. The age and risk profile of deaths thus essentially corresponds to normal mortality.
  7. In many countries, up to two thirds of all extra deaths occurred in nursing homes, which do not benefit from a general lockdown. Moreover, in many cases it is not clear whether these people really died from Covid19 or from weeks of extreme stress and isolation.
  8. Up to 30% of all additional deaths may have been caused not by Covid19, but by the effects of the lockdown, panic and fear. For example, the treatment of heart attacks and strokes decreased by up to 60% because many patients no longer dared to go to hospital.
  9. Even in so-called “Covid19 deaths” it is often not clear whether they died from or with coronavirus (i.e. from underlying diseases) or if they were counted as “presumed cases” and not tested at all. However, official figures usually do not reflect this distinction.
  10. Many media reports of young and healthy people dying from Covid19 turned out to be false: many of these young people either did not die from Covid19, they had already been seriously ill (e.g. from undiagnosed leukaemia), or they were in fact 109 instead of 9 years old. The claimed increase in Kawasaki disease in children also turned out to be false.
  11. Strong increases in regional mortality can occur if there is a collapse in the care of the elderly and sick as a result of infection or panic, or if there are additional risk factors such as severe air pollution. Questionable regulations for dealing with the deceased sometimes led to additional bottlenecksin funeral or cremation services.
  12. In countries such as Italy and Spain, and to some extent the UK and the US, hospital overloads due to strong flu waves are not unusual. Moreover, this year up to 15% of health care workers were put into quarantine, even if they developed no symptoms.
  13. The often shown exponential curves of “corona cases” are misleading, as the number of tests also increased exponentially. In most countries, the ratio of positive tests to tests overall (i.e. the positive rate) remained constant at 5% to 25% or increased only slightly. In many countries, the peak of the spread was already reached well before the lockdown.
  14. Countries without curfews and contact bans, such as JapanSouth KoreaBelarus or Sweden, have not experienced a more negative course of events than other countries. Sweden was even praised by the WHO and now benefits from higher immunity compared to lockdown countries.
  15. The fear of a shortage of ventilators was unjustified. According to lung specialists, the invasive ventilation (intubation) of Covid19 patients, which is partly done out of fear of spreading the virus, is in fact often counterproductive and damaging to the lungs.
  16. Contrary to original assumptions, various studies have shown that there is no evidence of the virus spreading through aerosols (i.e. tiny particles floating in the air) or through smear infections (e.g. on door handles or smartphones). The main modes of transmission are direct contact and dropletsproduced when coughing or sneezing.
  17. There is also no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of face masks in healthy or asymptomatic individuals. On the contrary, experts warn that such masks interfere with normal breathing and may become “germ carriers”. Leading doctors called them a “media hype” and “ridiculous”.
  18. Many clinics in Europe and the US remained strongly underutilized or almost empty during the Covid19 peak and in some cases had to send staff home. Millions of surgeries and therapies were cancelled, including many cancer screenings and organ transplants.
  19. Several media were caught trying to dramatize the situation in hospitals, sometimes even with manipulative images and videos. In general, the unprofessional reporting of many media maximized fear and panic in the population.
  20. The virus test kits used internationally are prone to errors and can produce false positive and false negative results. Moreover, the official virus test was not clinically validated due to time pressure and may sometimes react positive to other coronaviruses.
  21. Numerous internationally renowned experts in the fields of virology, immunology and epidemiology consider the measures taken to be counterproductive and recommend rapid natural immunisation of the general population and protection of risk groups.
  22. At no time was there a medical reason for the closure of schools, as the risk of disease and transmission in children is extremely low. There is also no medical reason for small classes, masks or ‘social distancing’ rules in schools.
  23. The claim that only (severe) Covid-19 but not influenza may cause venous thrombosis and pulmonary (lung) embolism is not true, as it has been known for 50 years that severe influenza greatly increases the risk of thrombosis and embolism, too.
  24. Several medical experts described express coronavirus vaccines as unnecessary or even dangerous. Indeed, the vaccine against the so-called swine flu of 2009, for example, led to sometimes severe neurological damage and lawsuits in the millions. In the testing of new coronavirus vaccines, too, serious complications and failures have already occurred.
  25. A global influenza or corona pandemic can indeed extend over several seasons, but many studies of a “second wave” are based on very unrealistic assumptions, such as a constant risk of illness and death across all age groups.
  26. Several nurses, e.g. in New York City, described an oftentimes fatal medical mis­manage­ment of Covid patients due to questionable financial incentives or inappropriate medical protocols.
  27. The number of people suffering from unemployment, depressions and domestic violence as a result of the measures has reached historic record values. Several experts predict that the measures will claim far more lives than the virus itself. According to the UN 1.6 billion people around the world are at immediate risk of losing their livelihood.
  28. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warned that the “corona crisis” will be used for the permanent expansion of global surveillance. Renowned virologist Pablo Goldschmidt spoke of a “global media terror” and “totalitarian measures”. Leading British virologist Professor John Oxford spoke of a “media epidemic”.
  29. More than 600 scientists have warned of an “unprecedented surveillance of society” through problematic apps for “contact tracing”. In some countries, such “contact tracing” is already carried out directly by the secret service. In several parts of the world, the population is already being monitored by drones and facing serious police overreach.
  30. A 2019 WHO study on public health measures against pandemic influenza found that from a medical perspective, “contact tracing” is “not recommended in any circumstances”. Nevertheless, contact tracing apps have already become partially mandatory in several countries.
You can read the entire report here. You can also consult SPR’s Corona Quick Update for additional information and sources. According to its website, “Swiss Policy Research (SPR), founded in 2016, is an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit research group investigating geopolitical propaganda in Swiss and international media. SPR is composed of independent academics and receives no external funding.”
Another report from the German Ministry of the Interior has been critical of the crisis analysis infrastructure and the response to Covid-19.

This report is in the German language but I’ve used Google translate to render part of it into English. Here are some excerpted findings from the report:

1. … On the basis of incomplete and unsuitable information in the situation pictures, an assessment of the danger is fundamentally not possible. Without a correctly assessed risk assessment, there can be no appropriate and effective planning of measures. The methodological deficit affects every level at a higher level; Up until now, politics has had a greatly reduced chance of making the factually correct decisions.

2. The observable effects and effects of COVID-19 do not provide sufficient evidence to show that it is more than a false alarm in relation to the health effects on society as a whole. The new virus presumably did not at any time pose a risk to the population that exceeded the normal level (comparative figure is the usual death rate in DEU). Corona essentially kills the people who statistically die this year because they have reached the end of their lives and their weakened bodies can no longer cope with any random everyday stress (including the approximately 150 viruses currently in circulation). The dangerousness of Covid-19 was overestimated. 

3. The fact that the alleged false alarm remained undetected for weeks is essentially due to the fact that the applicable framework for action by the crisis team and crisis management in a pandemic does not contain any suitable detection tools that would automatically trigger an alarm and initiate the immediate termination of measures. …

4. The collateral damage is now higher than the apparent benefit. This determination is not based on a comparison of material damage with personal injury (human life)! A comparison of previous deaths due to the virus with deaths due to the state-ordered protective measures (both without a secure database) confirms the finding. …

5. The (completely pointless) collateral damage caused by the corona crisis has now become gigantic. Much of this damage will only manifest itself in the near and distant future. This can no longer be prevented, but only limited.

6. Critical infrastructures are the vital lifelines of modern societies. With the critical infrastructures, the current security of supply is no longer given as usual as a result of the protective measures (previously a gradual reduction in the basic security of supply, which can be reflected in upcoming stress situations, for example). The resilience of the highly complex and strongly interdependent overall system of critical infrastructures has decreased. Our society is now living with increased vulnerability and higher default risks of vital infrastructures. …
7. The state-ordered protective measures, as well as the diverse social activities and initiatives that originally caused the collateral damage, but have now lost all meaning, are still largely in force. It is strongly recommended that they be lifted completely in the short term in order to avert damage to the population - especially unnecessary additional deaths - and to stabilize the potentially precarious situation in the critical infrastructure.

8. The deficits and failures in crisis management have consequently led to the conveyance of incorrect information and thus triggered disinformation among the population. (An accusation could be: The state has proven itself to be one of the largest fake news producers in the corona crisis.)

The entire report can be found here.
Perspectives on the Pandemic -- The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse -- Episode Nine

Now this is really spooky. It makes me wary of ever going to a hospital especially during the pandemic. Erin describes appalling practices in Covid hospitals including mistreatment, intentional misdiagnosis, and putting non-covid patients in with covid patients.

“Erin Marie Olszewski is a Nurse-turned-investigative journalist, who has spent the last few months on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, on the inside in two radically different settings. Two hospitals. One private, the other public. One in Florida, the other in New York. And not just any New York public hospital, but the "epicenter of the epicenter" itself, the infamous Elmhurst in Donald Trump's Queens. As a result of these diametrically opposed experiences, she has the ultimate "perspective on the pandemic". She has been where there have been the most deaths attributed to Covid-19 and where there have been the least.”

This is a lengthy video but you only need to watch part of it to get the picture. Watch.
Mass surveillance begins with our kids

This article in WIRED magazine sends chills down my spine. When they track your kids, they’re also tracking you.

Schools Turn to Surveillance Tech to Prevent Covid-19 Spread
Administrators hope tracking beacons will identify where students congregate and who should be isolated if someone contracts the coronavirus.
The Injection Fraud – It’s Not a Vaccineis a bombshell report by Catherine Austin Fitts.
I've known Catherine for more than 30 years. She is sane and knowledgeable and served as Assistant Secretary of Housing in the first Bush administration. This report must be read in its entirety. If you think what she says is farfetched, you’ve not been paying close enough attention to what’s been going on.

Citing numerous government actions that protect drug and insurance companies from liability, and that broaden the legal meaning of the term “vaccine,” Fitts observes that, “Intentional heavy metal poisoning is not medicine. Injectible surveillance components are not medicine. Injectible credit cards are not medicine. An injectible brain-machine interface is not a medicine. Legal and financial immunity for insurance companies does not create human immunity from disease.”
All Governments Lie

But if you still think you can rely upon the federal government to tell you the truth and take care of you, you need a refresher course on real history. In another revelatory film, dedicated to independent journalist, I. F. Stone, All Governments Lie, famed filmmaker Oliver Stone recounts some of the most egregious falsehoods that have been perpetrated by the U.S. government (and the media) over the past many decades. If the scales have not already been removed from your eyes, viewing this film should do it. If not, have a look at Stone’s series on the, Untold History of the United States.
Meet Bill Gates
The Corbett Report is one of the news sources that I regularly follow because it is factual and reliable. To round out the picture of the New World Order agenda, this video report sheds important light on the background, mindset, and agenda of Bill Gates and his close associates.
Coronavirus: It is governments not the coronavirus which threaten our lives.
This video by British physician and prolific author, Dr. Vernon Coleman, is a common sense presentation of the facts and their obvious conclusion.
My (tentative) final thoughts
I’ll conclude this overly long epistle with a news item that I received from a Scottish friend and world citizen who’s been living in Cambodia. It appeared in the Khmer Times on June 11, 2020:

Foreigners to be charged “$3000 deposit” for C-19 quarantine, tests
“The government has decided to charge all foreign visitors for lab testing, medical treatment and accommodation under health measures to prevent a second wave of COVID-19 (C-19) transmission in the country.

“Under the Kingdom’s health measures, all travelers, both Cambodians and foreigners, who travel to Cambodia will be transferred from airports to waiting centres where COVID-19 swab tests are done. They are required to remain at the centres until the test results are released.
Sao Wathana, director of the Phnom Penh International Airport, said yesterday the new requirements imposed for foreign arrivals will take effect from today.
“Upon arrival, all foreign passengers are required to deposit $3,000 at the airport to pay for the virus prevention services,” he said. “Passengers can pay in cash or through credit cards.””

The article also says, and the Worldometer confirms, that to date Cambodia has 126 corona virus cases, and no deaths. (June 25 update: 130 cases, 127 recovered, still 0 deaths).

Unbelievable. That will surely kill tourism in Cambodia if it wasn't already dead, and most of economy along with it, except for the export of basic commodities and manufactured goods controlled by big corporations. Why are governments around the world so intent upon destroying their economies? Maybe it’s because they plan to completely rebuild them in a different way. Now, what could that be?

By bankrupting most microenterprises, proprietorships and small companies, masses of people will be forced to seek to become employees of the large corporations that remain. Didn’t something like that happen before? Oh, yeah, it was called “the industrial revolution.”
Here’s an excerpt from an article I found on the web:

The Enclosure Acts.

“These were a series of Parliamentary Acts, the majority of which were passed between 1750 and 1860; through the Acts, open fields and ‘wastes’ were closed to use by the peasantry. Open fields were large agricultural areas to which a village population had certain rights of access and which they tended to divide into narrow strips for cultivation. The wastes were unproductive areas – for example, fens, marshes, rocky land, or moors – to which the peasantry had traditional and collective rights of access in order to pasture animals, fish, harvest meadow grass, collect firewood or otherwise benefit. Rural laborers who lived on the margin depended on open fields and the wastes to fend off starvation.

Enclosure refers to the consolidation of land, usually for the stated purpose of making it more productive. The British Enclosure Acts removed the prior rights of local people to rural land they had often used for generations. As compensation, the displaced people were commonly offered alternative land of smaller scope and inferior quality, sometimes with no access to water or wood. The land seized by the Acts were then consolidated into individual and privately-owned farms, with larger and politically connected farmers receiving the best land. Often small land-owners could not afford the legal and other associated costs of enclosure and, so, were forced out.”

Where did they go? They went to the cities to find work in the “satanic mills.”
Now, in light of all that one might think that I would be depressed, but quite the contrary, I’m excited and optimistic. We have before us a great opportunity to claim our own power, to walk away from the old ways, and to work together to create a better world. As in the head image above by  Ambrogio Lorenzetti (c. 1290 – 9 June 1348), let's try to imagine what good government might look like.

Don’t worry, be happy,


NTS Notes: NO shock here as I have already covered almost all that Thomas Greco has written above in my multitude of articles at this blog....

And of course I do want to see this information spread far and wide and to show everyone out there once again exactly what we are up against in terms of this entire fraud... 

Personally, I see this new "explosion" of supposed "COVID-19 cases" happening in the US right now as even more fear mongering to prepare the most gullible in our societies for the introduction of their sinister and of course mandatory vaccination scheme that they want very shortly..... And I have indeed been reading some of the Jewish controlled media reports about how people are now in "panic' from that 'increase of cases" and are screaming for the vaccine!  Dumb ass sheep indeed...

More to come


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