Sunday, June 7, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Sunday, June 7th, 2020 - Still No Report Today? What Is The Pallister Regime Afraid Of?

I have had it with the liars in the Pallister regime that has fucked up this province so badly with locking it down over the last 11+ weeks, over a fraudulent "virus" that still to this day has NEVER been isolated or proven to be factual, and  thus destroying its economy in the process...

And today, just like yesterday, they have FAILED in their said obligations to give Manitobans a 'daily update' in the entire COVID-19 hoax!   I am appalled at these liars, as they have once again shown that they are indeed pulling the wool over the eyes of so many gullible Manitobans that have wasted their lives in believing this pandemic to be real...

Well, I do not need to go over the figures, for they are EXACTLY the same as reported back on June 5th, when the criminals in charge gave their daily briefing of lies to the people of this province... But what the heck, for here are the numbers that have been in limbo for the last two full days anyways:

(a) 300 total cases in well over 11 weeks running since the Pallister regime put this province into lockdown under a "state of emergency" declaration.

(b) NO ONE in Manitoba's hospitals 'suffering' from this "virus" and no one in any intensive care units as well..

(c) Only 7 "deaths from COVID-19" over the last 11+ weeks... No change in this figure in over 3 weeks time now.

(d) 284 cases have "recovered" and will probably be far greater when the official report is filed tomorrow.

(e) Supposedly only "9" active cases of this "virus" and every one of these 9 are suspect at best...

No need to rip each of these apart, for again I would only be repeating what I have been saying for the last few days...... Each point given is only proof positive that there never was a Pandemic to begin with!

Honestly, WHY can not the people of this province get it?  This entire pandemic has always been a scam and was ordered by whom ever controls Brian Pallister and his henchmen in control of this province to lock everyone up in their homes like caged animals!

And lets be honest here.. Friday's ludicrous "Black Lives Matter" horrific "rally" at the Legislative buildings in Winnipeg, in support of a criminal Communist group of thugs that  wants to overthrow governments, showed the REALITY to everyone that this 'PANDEMIC' is indeed a scam..... How can anyone explain it as anything else when the fuckers in charge here in Manitoba allowed a 'circumvention" of the laws that they put in to allow people to gather in large groups beyond their set "50 limit" and NOT practice "social distancing" at all?   What?  Are you numbskulls out there trying to say that this "killer virus" took a "holiday" just for that one event??

I do hope the people in Manitoba are wising up to what is really going on here..... This was a scam from the start, and Friday's fiasco proved this to be true beyond any shadow of any doubt..... Brian Pallister should be grilled tremendously by anyone with 1/2 a brain this week to explain what happened on Friday alone!

AND honestly, I am not shocked at all by the ignorance of that idiot Health Minister to not step up to the podium and not put out the official numbers over the last two days... He would also leave himself open to the big question about Friday's clear defiance of any "laws" concerning this "COVID-19" bullshit and rightfully so..... A virus taking a holiday on Friday definitely needs to be answered...

Well,  I am continuing to go after Brian Pallister for this fraud, AND of course for every single person out there that has suffered the most and may have taken their lives through suicide from being subjected to the lies of this "pandemic".... Brian Pallister should be forced to answer for THIS real crime that has taken so many innocent lives!

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Went for a family bike ride with my older daughter and granddaughter north of Milwaukee today. By the crowds I saw gathering before and the celebrating of the crowd that I caught driving home, you'd think that Milwaukeeans were celebrating a baseball world series victory.

That was the regularly scheduled race dividing party. Thanks to the Muslim community who want to show their good neighborliness, they have a BLM party planned on the south side of Milwaukee (where I live) at 4:00 today.

Isn't it wonderful?