Saturday, June 6, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Saturday, June 6th, 2020 - No Official Report Today? Come On, You Liars, I Want To Tear Your Lies Apart!

This is so unusual... There has been NO "official report" posted by the criminals in the Pallister government for today, Saturday, June 6th!

Usually their "official report" is posted at approximately 1315hrs every day including both Saturdays and Sundays, but for the life of me someone forgot to put it out there for today?

That means one of three things... (a) Someone just plain forgot which is stupid enough... (b) They decided to take the day off for a change and not post the numbers... OR (c) they decided to forego today's report because they cannot prop up the fucking bullshit numbers and after yesterday's bullshit "rally" at the Legislative grounds in Winnipeg have a LOT of explaining to do!   I am leaning on (c)...

So, the figures posted are the same as yesterday, with:

(a) 300 cases in total in 11 weeks' time

(b) NO ONE in the hospitals at all

(c) 7 "deaths by Coronavirus" in 11 weeks' time

(d) 284 recovered cases

(e) ONLY 9 active or suspected as active cases

And I figure I would not need to rip each of them apart as it would be a repeat of yesterday...

The Pallister regime is RUNNING OUT OF TIME in terms of perpetrating this fraud, and yesterday's BULLSHIT rally at the Legislative Building in downtown Winnipeg not only has exposed him as A LIAR but as a huge HYPOCRITE as well!

WHY am I calling Brian Pallister a hypocrite?  I said in my last article about the bullshit rally that this fucker put in laws to strangle the people of Manitoba with bullshit 'social distancing' and 'gatherings of no more than 50 people' rules... And yesterday evening, that rally exposed BOTH as being fraudulent and not being adhered to at all!   Thus, Brian Pallister is indeed a huge hypocrite!

The bottom line is this.. The entire "pandemic" has always been a "plan-demic" or a "scam-demic' or a "pathetic" or how ever you want to call it.... There never was a "Killer virus" and all that these fuckers in charge have done is to obey their glorious masters who wanted this scam to fuck up our economies and destroy our societies....

The truly sad part in all this will be the HUGE number of those who have indeed committed suicide due to believing in this fraud..... I am still waiting for those numbers, as the criminals in charge are now wanting to prevent those numbers to be seen obviously to prevent the people of this province and all of Canada to be ANGRY enough to have those responsible all be put in prison....  And every one of those deaths by suicide will be indeed be the full responsibility of everyone of those pricks!

Fuck you, Brian Pallister and your evil henchmen... You have done your worse to destroy this province and ruin the lives of every one of its 1.35 million citizens... It is time for you to admit your defeat, apologize to the citizens of this  province, end the restrictions and open up this province, and get the hell out before the citizens of this province arrest you for those innocent lives you have murdered through suicides...

More to come



torus said...

Crowds gathering today in Ontario as well...with their stupid masks on. Why aren't cops busting these rallies? I knew the Canadian people are by and large gullible and stupid, but do they have to turn into a fashion statement?

Adrian Chetwynd said...

On the 5th of June my local website said that it would no longer be reporting the (fake) figures of which it always used the term: "Sadly there are". Just a coincidence?