Friday, June 5, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Friday, June 5th, 2020 - The Narrative Is Dying, And Yet The Scumbags In Charge Here Are Still Claiming The Pandemic Is Real?

As I showed in my most previous article to this one, the world wide narrative of this "pandemic" is collapsing rapidly... The criminals in charge have failed miserably in trying to fool everyone into the false belief that this "pandemic" was real and that there was a "killer virus" on the loose...But all of the evidence has shown that there is NO "killer virus" at all and that the entire brainwashing propaganda put out there is pure unadulterated bullshit!

BUT, I am indeed shocked for the fact that the criminals in charge of this scam right here in Manitoba are trudging ahead and trying so hard to perpetuate the fraud!  And the Jewish controlled media here in Manitoba as well are still hammering away with their "COVID-19" bullshit at nearly a 24/7 pace.. It is to me nothing more than a bunch of criminals playing poker and trying to put all their chips in now on nothing more than a "busted flush"!

Well, I guess I will get onto what everyone waits for everyday with great anticipation... It is time for my daily ripping apart of the "Official Manitoba COVID-19 Report" that was just released by the fuckers in charge about 1/2 hour ago.... I first want to present the breakdown of that 'report' here in alphabetic order:

(a) 300 total cases of this supposed "disease" in over 11 weeks' time now... A rise of "2" from yesterday's reported 298 total..

(b) No one in any of the hospitals here in Manitoba and nobody in any intensive care units at those hospitals as well..

(c) Still only a grand total of "7" deaths over the entire 11+ weeks' time.... No change in this status now into the third week running...

(d) 284 cases that have "recovered".. And no shock here as there is no change in this "284" number from yesterday..

(e) Now a big bad 9 "active cases" for all of Manitoba.. A rise of "2" from yesterday's total of 7 and ALL nine cases have been classified as "suspect" at best...

Well, there you have it... Today's "official numbers" put out by that ugly heinous SOB that has the nerve to call himself a "Health Minister"..... Now to take a close look at each figure presented above and shred each to pieces right here:

(a) Wow, a full "300" cases over the entire 11+ weeks since these fuckers in the Manitoba government had the nerve to call this a "state of emergency" and lock everyone up like caged animals!  And I can guarantee that they once again got their two more to add to this number from the stupid fucking suckers that were idiotic enough to go to one of those "testing centers" and have the ass clowns there stick swabs up their noses and then claim falsely "well, we need a few more, so lets call this one, and this one, positive!"...  But still, why cannot anyone living here see the huge joke that there are ONLY 300 cases in ALL of Manitoba for 11 full weeks!  Pandemic my ass.....

(b) I have said enough about this ZERO figure in so many previous reports here, so why bother?   THIS alone should have alerted anyone living here with two brain cells to rub together that this whole pandemic is a scam, and yet we see so many idiots out there still "social distancing" and "wearing masks"!  It only proves that you simply cannot fix stupid!

(c) Same as in (b).... A real running joke, for the fact that if this was a real "pandemic" this number alone would be at least 20-50 times this "7" figure!   And must I repeat myself here that all "7" had underlying diseases and issues that most definitely killed them and NOT from this "coronavirus"  bullshit?

(d) Again, no shock that they are purposely trying to keep this figure down as long as they can... For once everyone has 'recovered', then how can they perpetuate the entire hoax???

(e) Same as in (d)... Pumping this figure up as long as possible to perpetuate the hoax, obviously... And the longer the scam goes on the more permanent damage done to this province... I do hope selling your soul to evil, Brian Pallister, was worth it!

OK, There you have it... And I am so sick and tired of this continuing bullshit... The figures alone prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that we are dealing with what may turn out to be the greatest scam in human history!

I also want to point out the fact that these bastards are still pushing the "social distancing" bullshit, and yet over the last while we have watched all of the protests and riots across both Canada and the US for that bullshit "George Floyd murder video" hoax, and you do NOT find anyone in those crowds "social distancing" at all!   Does that mean that this "social distancing" can be selective and only needs to be used in certain "circumstances" (What? This COVID-19 bullshit "virus" is selective??) ?  Or are we dealing here with an elaborate hoax and a means of surveillance and control?  The evidence alone shows the latter to be so true!

I feel so frustrated with the people here in Manitoba, as I continue to watch so many filled with panic thanks to the brainwashing of the Jewish controlled media... I feel at times the want to grab some of those numb skulls and shake them while saying "Are you really this stupid"?   But I do not want to be charged with assault, so all I can do is bite my lip and walk past the morons shaking my head in disgust...

Of course the REAL CRIME will be when people do wake up and see the REAL death figures from those who have indeed killed themselves through suicides thanks to the marvelous job of lying that our government and the Jewish control media has done in creating this pandemic hoax in the first place.... Every one of those deaths will be on Brian Pallister and I do hope that the people of Manitoba will have the courage and the fortitude to have real justice served to him and his cronies as a result.  Putting them all in jail for the rest of their lives may be too good for them!

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