Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Tuesday, June 30th, 2020 - Criminals Purposely Pumping Up Number Of Active Cases To Keep Fraud Alive!

The attack on this entire scam-demic continues.... I have received a large amount of information, links, videos, etc,etc just in the last 24 hours from readers and associates, and will do my utmost to have most of that material up at this blog over the next day.... I again want to thank everyone for their support and sending that material my way!

I am continuing to keep close tabs on the present situation here in Manitoba in regards to this fraud 'pandemic'.... The Jewish controlled media went nuts yesterday filling the heads of Manitobans with the bullshit that because we had "6 more cases" in the previous 3 days time that this 'pandemic' is "just as dangerous as ever".... I watched those reports and all I could do was shake my head for I do realize that a lot of people here will indeed swallow this crud without any thought at all!

Meanwhile, in just the last 24 hours period, the criminals in charge were able to add ONE more sucker to their bullshit "COVID-19 tally".... Today's equally bullshit "COVID-19 report" that is put out on a daily basis by that heinous and criminal ass clown of a Health Minister about a 1/2 hour ago and once again the fuckers at that news conference were stating that they will "continue with the restrictions" until Manitoba is "in the clear" and there are "no more" (!) COVID-19 'patients'!   This means they can perpetuate this entire fraud as long as they want just as long as they can 'pump up' the number of active cases!

OK, Onto the numbers from today's 'report'... And as usual I will present them here in alphabetical order before I do my usual in ripping each and every one of them apart:

(a) Now "325" cases in total in what is now the 14th week of the "state of emergency" for Manitoba.. A "huge" increase of ONE from yesterday's total of 324.....

(b) STILL absolutely nobody, zilch, nada, in any of Manitoba's hospitals suffering from this 'killer virus" and absolutely nobody as well in any "intensive care units" at those hospitals.... This status has not changed in well over a month's time..

(c) STILL ONLY "7" have allegedly "died" from this "COVID-19" according to official reports.  But of course all seven victims had "underlying issues" that most definitely caused their deaths.

(d) Amazingly, STILL only 300 "patients" have fully recovered from this "killer virus".  No change in this number since last Friday....

(e) NOW there are 18 'active cases' of this "killer virus" in all of Manitoba.  And each and every one of these "18" are 'suspect' at best....

OK, Those are the numbers as reported by the criminal Pallister regime from earlier this afternoon.... And of course they are still calling this a "pandemic" when the numbers themselves do not even come anywhere close to 'pandemic' status!

Anyways, now to take each of their "numbers" and once again rip them to shreds here:

(a) Honestly, this is such a fucking joke and a travesty... In ANY 14 week period right here in Manitoba you get thousands of people suffering from REAL respiratory problems and you do NOT call those a "pandemic" at all!   I am truly amazed that the fuckers in the Pallister government can even put out this ludicrously low number and call this the makings of a "pandemic" with a straight face!

(b) Do I really have to say it?  This is just like in (a), a fucking joke and a travesty!  Nobody in the hospitals now in nearly a month and a half, and the ass clowns in charge can call this thing a "killer virus" and a "pandemic"?    And I again have had it with the fucking lies about our 'overworked health care workers' when most are just sitting there bored to death with absolutely no patients to take care of and nothing to do!  

(c) Another real travesty and an insult to anyone's intelligence.... SEVEN deaths over a 14 week period is not a pandemic, period... Heck, in any normal 14 week period here in Manitoba, more people die from homicides or murders than this fucking fraud "killer virus"..... And for fuck sake, EVERY ONE of these seven did NOT die from this "killer virus" but from the other illnesses they had.. Heck, one of them even had terminal cancer for fuck sake, and that obviously took the poor guy's life!

(d) THIS is the one figure that I knew the fucking liars in the Pallister regime would desperately lie about and purposely keep down as long as they can.... By keeping this number down, they can keep the number of "active cases" up to perpetuate the fraud... Heck, one of the fuckers in the Pallister government recently even said that they would not end the "pandemic" until Manitoba had ZERO CASES for at least a two full week period!

(e) Just like in (d), stringing the people of this province along by keeping this active case number pumped up and as high as possible as fear mongering and to keep the restrictions and lockdowns in place!  And of course ALL of these 'active cases' are again "suspect" at best, meaning they all have OTHER respiratory ailments but have been false positive tested by the bullshit  tests as being "COVID-19 positive"!

Well, there you go.... Yet another day in Manitoba where the fuckers in charge are perpetuating this lie with NO END in sight..... I honestly just do not get it and find it troubling that these fuckers can lie their asses off and not have any conscience for the horrific damage they are doing to the people of this province!

And of course the REAL damage is still being kept suppressed, which is the horrific mental and psychological damage being done to the good people of Manitoba that have suffered from this bullshit lockdown and the fucking fraud of "social distancing"!

I am continuing to search for the REAL figures that they are hiding, which is of course the number of those who have sadly destroyed their lives and the lives of others due to this fraud pandemic.... I can see the number of suicides alone being far far greater than the 'seven deaths' that they are still associating with this fraud 'killer virus' and I will say those real numbers will be catastrophic!   I absolutely do want to see Brian Pallister and his cronies pay dearly for those deaths,for they are the same as murder..... When those figures are finally released, I again do hope the people of Manitoba have mercy on these pricks, for I will have NONE!

More to come


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phyllis66 said...

It is the bozos that sit in front of that television. They are fully brainwashed and cannot see they are being given bullshit. Their minds no longer work except to do simple tasks.
This is what happens when a nation of humans is put in front of a mind control box and fed lies, propaganda and fiction every day. Children are given 16 hours of programming without going to school. Adults perhaps get 10 hours if they no longer have a job. With a job they probably get 4-5 hours a day. Just like robots are programmed, they only know how to do as they are told. End of story!

The very few humans that can still think in America, Canada and England aren't enough to get through to those millions that can't use their minds and unless someone can break through and get into one of those major networks and start re-programming the mess there is nothing we can do but watch the death of a civilization occur. It is going to be a living nightmare as the communists start squeezing tighter and tighter around the necks of civilization to advance their full world domination, their New World Order. By the time 2030 comes around no one alive will recognize anything in this world. Just how they will kill 7 billion people remains to be seen. Will it be thru the Bill Gates vaccines? Weather and planet catastrophes? They have the power to wreak much havoc on the earth and not just from vaccines!