Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020 - Pandemic Fraud Here Continues To Collapse

I have indeed been keeping tabs on the ever changing situation south of here in the formerly free nation called the "United States".... The facts are that in spite of the actions now taken by the US Government to suppress the "riots"  that have been based on a false flag, the criminals behind the riots, run by George Soros of course, are not giving up and are still trying to fuel a race war... Hopefully more and more people in the US will wake up in time to stop the madness before it does serious damage to what is left of the republic...

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 bullshit "pandemic" continues to come unraveled across the planet as more and more people are finally realizing that it is and always has been a massive SCAM...... It has been interesting to watch the Jew spew media here in Canada try to claim that the pandemic is still out there by basing their entire "numbers" on what has been happening in Ontario and Quebec...But everyone is becoming aware that those numbers reported in those two provinces alone are based upon deaths reported in Senior citizen homes and care facilities where EVERYONE that has died in those facilities has been labeled falsely as "death by COVID-19"!  

And of course we have my home province of Manitoba where this "pandemic" has been proven to be a fraud as it never hit this province at all!  To show this as being true, I have been putting up daily reports at this blog entitled "Manitoba Official COVID-19" reports, and will continue with those reports until the entire fraud pandemic is fully exposed....

Therefore once again I want to present today's Manitoba COVID-19 "official" report right here for everyone to see and analyze for themselves....I have the figures as usual in alphabetic order right here:

(a) 298 total cases for all of Manitoba in what is now at the end of the 11th week since the provincial government declared a "state of emergency" for Manitoba back in March.  A rise of 1 from yesterday's reported 297 total cases.

(b) Absolutely NO cases in any of the hospitals in Manitoba, and still no cases at all in any of those hospital's intensive care units..

(c) Still only 7 deaths in the full 11 weeks' time frame... No change in this number in what is approaching a full 3 weeks' time...

(d) 282 "recovered" cases, an increase of 4 from yesterday's 278 cases...

(e) 9 "active" cases.. A fall of 3 from yesterday's 12 cases as 4 have recovered but one new case was added to this amount... And of these 9, ALL nine are "suspect" at most.....

Well... There you have it.. .The "official" numbers... Now as usual I will rip each part to tatters as I once again expose each for the fraud they are..

(a) Now over 11 weeks into this fraud "state of emergency" and the criminals are screaming that we have a grand total of "298 cases" during that entire time frame?  Honestly, is this a joke?  I keep on pointing out the simple fact that if this really was a "pandemic" then this number would be in the thousands if not the tens of thousands!  And the fuckers in charge are continuing to lockdown everyone and put up ludicrous restrictions over 298 supposed 'victims' that most probably ALL had other respiratory illnesses???

(b) Honestly, I do wonder why the people are not seeing this number and going after our government here in Manitoba with flaming torches and pitchforks?  With NOBODY in the hospitals at all, I do want someone to please explain to me how these fuckers can continue to claim this is a "deadly pandemic"???

(c) Just like in (a) , this also is so laughable and a cruel joke on the people of this province... Again, if this was a real "pandemic" this number would be in the high hundreds and probably reaching close to a thousand at least...But 7???   And again, every single one of these deaths were caused by other illnesses that these patients had and NOT this "coronavirus" at all!

(d) I showed in my last few reports that they could not keep this number down much longer and I was right... This number alone shows that there is NO pandemic as those who were "suspect" of having this 'disease' are all healing nicely.... I again must ask what the fuckers in the Pallister regime will do when they run out of active patients and all are recovered???

(e) Just like in (d) they are trying desperately to prop up this number.. .But "9" active cases (all suspect at best..) is a joke for a province of 1.35 Million people.... Just doing the mathematics here when you divide 9 by 1350000 shows that nearly nobody is suffering at all from this "dreaded disease".... And we cannot forget that these active cases come from those "positive" tests from those ludicrous testing facilities that are so flawed and actually give almost always "false positive" results...

Well, there you have it.... This "pandemic" in Manitoba has indeed turned into a joke.. .And sadly the joke is on the good people of this province as they continue to believe thanks to the liars in the Jew spew media that there actually is a pandemic here???

I again want to see Brian Pallister and his henchmen pay for this and the damage they have done to this province as the result of this massive lie...  He should be thrown out of office no matter what, as an apology for his ignorance is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.....

And I must reiterate again that this fraud has to end and end now, as there are still thousands in Manitoba that are suffering from depression, and thus are in danger of committing suicide if they have not done so already... EVERY ONE of these deaths will be on Pallister's head and he and his henchmen should be put up on trial for these deaths!

End this fraud and put Manitoba back to work NOW... There is no pandemic here, and from the evidence I have presented there most probably never was...

More to come


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phyllis66 said...

With one push of the communist Jewish Bolshevik WHO button the entire world was shut down under the pretext of a virus. It wasn't even a killer virus, in the beginning. Then the longer it carried on the more propaganda they would contribute to the fear while giving you daily numbers of false statistics to prove to you how you just might be one of them unless you followed the rules. What horde has the power to do that? To purport the deaths that weren't even qualified as deaths from the "virus" as instructed to all the healthcare industries by the CDC is beyond belief. The hospitals did as they were told. The doctors followed the directives knowing that the cause of the deaths were a lie, a blatant lie. Millions of people across the USA will falsely be listed as a death from the virus and global statistics will be a lie, a fraud, a hoax forever for years to come.
Are we watching our entire world fall to these communist thug terrorists? According to history only 427 Jewish Bolsheviks took over the entire Russian government of a nation of 178,000,000 people in 1917. The "Spanish" flu, the "Asian" flu or the "Jewish" flu followed in 1918 and just like this virus, it was a complete fraud that went down in the history books.
What if, just like today we are believing (or not) what we are told as reported by the CDC or the news.
That is how word traveled in 1918, newspapers broadcasting the fear and the numbers of dead.
I have a stinking suspicion that the flu was real and people got it but the numbers were not the truth of the deaths. T