Saturday, June 27, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Saturday, June 27th, 2020 - No Report Today, As Once Again Virus Is Taking Entire Weekend Off!

I truly am not shocked at all that once again the sinister government that runs this formerly free province called 'Manitoba' right here in central Canada has not released a new 'COVID-19 update" at all for today and probably not for tomorrow as well, as apparently the "killer virus" has once again taken the entire weekend off for "good behaviour"!....

But we should all not be surprised at all, for the entire 'pandemic' is and always has been a scam... The numbers alone for here in Manitoba simply have NEVER added up at all and do NOT make for a pandemic, period, end of story.....

BUT of course we have the Jewish controlled media outlets here in Manitoba continuing their massive assault on the simple minded mentality of most Manitobans and using that gullibility to their advantage as they continue to sell this bullshit pandemic and fear mongering round the clock and nearly 24/7... It is so disgusting to see, and I do hope that when this fraud collapses as it should that the people here in Manitoba remember these lying bastards for their parts in promoting the fraud..

I also noticed that the Communist run "Black Lives Matter" group of stupidity showed their ugly and idiotic faces here in Manitoba as they "stormed" the city of Winnipeg's council chamber while the city councillors were in session and then tried to also storm that idiotic Mayor Brian Bowman's office as well... And believe it or not, but NONE of those fools that were "protesting" were "social distancing" at all!  BUT of course none of those protestors will ever be arrested under the bullshit "COVID-19 protocols and laws" for it is perfectly OK to protest and violate those rules for these pricks... Hey, apparently that means once again that the "killer virus" does not attack BLM protestors at all, right????

I will be of course attacking the brand new Manitoba report when it comes out on Monday with all of my guns loaded.... I truly want to see Premier Brian Pallister pay dearly for not only fucking up this province's economy permanently, but also for the deaths of those who took their lives needlessly by being subjected to the horrendous propaganda and brainwashing... Each and every one of those deaths are on Brian Pallister, and there should be true justice meted out to that murderer when this sham finally ends....

More to come


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