Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Wednesday, June 24th, 2020 - Once Again, They Found One More Sucker Out There!

I am still so amazed at how truly stupid and gullible people really are.... I had to go out late last night to get a few grocery items, and I was absolutely shocked to see complete morons on the road driving their vehicles and wearing fucking ludicrous face masks WHILE DRIVING.... I was so shocked and once again was thinking about how those complete wastes of humanity were a danger to themselves and to other drivers on the road by stupidly cutting off vital Oxygen supplies to their brains while operating a motor vehicle... It does indeed boggle the mind and I had to remind myself that you simply cannot fix stupid...

OK... Onto the daily Manitoba "COVID-19 report" that I post here to try to ram home the fact that there is no fucking pandemic happening at all!  The numbers alone in these reports are so ludicrous and so laughable that they prove beyond any shadow of any doubt that we have been so lied to and so heavily brainwashed by pure fucking bullshit.....

Well, here are the numbers.. And as usual, I have them in alphabetic order:

(a) Now 315 total cases of this "killer virus" in a full 1/4 year of having this province suffer the indignity of being locked down under a completely bullshit "state of emergency" as declared by the idiots in charge here in Manitoba... A "massive increase" of one from yesterday's report of 314....

(b) Nobody in the hospitals and nobody in any intensive care units at those hospitals.  NO shock to me at all...

(c) STILL ONLY 7 TOTAL DEATHS in now a full 1/4 year of pandemic bullshit for Manitoba... And of course ALL SEVEN deaths were caused by other illnesses that each and every one of these people had already!

(d) STILL (!) a grand total of 293 "recovered" cases..... No change in this figure in now a full week's time..

(e) Now 15 "active cases" of this supposedly "killer virus".   And ALL 15 cases here are "suspect at best" meaning that each and every one of these 'active cases" most probably do NOT even have this "killer virus" at all...

OK, Those are the "official" numbers, and even though I already put a few extra comments to each of the numbers above, I do want to go over them carefully here and tear them apart once again:

(a) Honestly, are they fucking kidding????  You take ANY 1/4 year's time here in Manitoba, and you will have THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of people suffering from a wide range of respiratory diseases... Must I even bother to state that THOSE OTHER respiratory diseases are NOT labeled at all as "pandemics"?    When the absolute fuck will the people of this province wake the fuck up and see that this "315" over a 1/4 year IS NOT A PANDEMIC AT ALL!  

(b) Why even bother in destroying this ludicrous number of zero in the hospitals?  The idiots out there are too stupid to live if they cannot see the obvious that a REAL PANDEMIC would have hundreds of patients dying in our hospitals in Manitoba alone!  Wake up, people!!

(c) Here is putting it as simple as I can for everyone: "SEVEN deaths does not a pandemic make!" .... Give your heads a shake if you actually believe that there is a "killer virus" out there, for I sure as hell would like to know "where"???

(d) Notice how they are trying to keep this number down?  The proof is staring everyone right in their faces with the fact that nobody has "recovered" in over a week now.....  

(e) Just like in (d), they need to pump up this number of 'active patients' to continue to justify this entire pandemic madness..... And for a good reason, for as long as there are "active patients" they can use the Jewish controlled media to LIE to the people of this province by saying that the "pandemic" is still out there!

Well, there you have it.. .Another day of bullshit pandemic in Manitoba, and people swallow the bullshit that the Premier Brian Pallister regime still attempts to spoon feed them.... But the numbers are pure crap and justify the fact that there is NO pandemic here at all and there never was one to begin with!

Honestly, this entire pandemic scam is a fucking joke... And sadly I am still seeing the most stupid and ignorant people imaginable on a daily basis that have fucking swallowed it all without any thought... My message to these dumb ass sheep is to "Enjoy your poisonous vaccines they will give you, you idiots, for they are coming!"

One last note, and I will continue to hammer this one as it is serious business... I am still awaiting the REAL pandemic in all this, which is of course the dozens if not a hundred or so innocent people living here in Manitoba that have suffered from mental issues and depression due to this fraud pandemic and may have already committed suicide or are still contemplating that sad notion.... Brian Pallister and his cronies MUST be made to pay for this, for each and every  one of these sad deaths should be charged as criminal homicide against those bastards in charge!

More to come


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