Monday, June 22, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Monday, June 22nd, 2020 - They Found A Total Of 5 New Suckers Out There Since Friday To Keep The Fraud Going!

I have once again been asked why I do daily reports on the fraud COVID-19 pandemic for Manitoba... And honestly, is it not obvious?  I said that Manitoba is the perfect " test tube" for verifying whether or not this is a real "pandemic" for its semi-isolation from the rest of Canada can be used to show (a) the legitimacy of this "disease" (b) if and how the "virus" spreads in a controlled isolated group, and (c) to verify if it is actually killing anyone ... In all cases over the last 13 weeks of this fraud "lock down", Manitoba has proven that there is absolutely NOT a pandemic at all!

Well, I knew the criminals in charge of the government here in Manitoba have their "marching orders" and they will try to find ANYONE that even has a cough, a cold, or a fever, and label them as "positive" (again, we can trust the horrible testing methods,considering how many false positives it always produces, right?) for  continuing to pump up their COVID-19 "virus" numbers... And over this last weekend, they indeed have found 5 more suckers out there and have claimed them to have this "disease"!  Now these bastards can indeed continue with their restrictions on the citizens of this province a bit longer claiming that the "pandemic" is not over!

Ok... Onto the numbers.... And that asinine health minister for this province did indeed go up to the podium just a short while ago and spew out the "official report" for today.... I will first start by breaking down the numbers here in alphabetic order as I usually do:

(a) Now 314 'victims' of this "deadly disease" over now approaching a full 13 weeks of lock downs and shutting down this province... This is an increase of 5 from last Friday's report of 309 victims..

(b) STILL nobody in any of Manitoba's hospitals or intensive care units... No one has been admitted to any hospital here in Manitoba with "COVID-19" now in well over a month.

(c) STILL only 7 deaths in total, and ALL SEVEN had other underlying illnesses or issues....

(d) STILL (?) only 293 total patients that had this "deadly disease" have fully recovered.  No new recoveries since last week Thursday....

(e) Now a total of 14 'patients' with this supposed "deadly disease".. An increase of 5 from last Friday's total of 9 'suffering from COVID-19'... And of course ALL 14 of these "active" cases are suspect at best meaning they may or may not have this "deadly disease"..

Well.. Those are the "official" numbers... And as I stated already, the criminals in charge are probably ecstatic that they found a few more suckers out there to label as "positive" for this fraud disease, for without those suckers, they would have a LOT of explaining to do to the citizens here in Manitoba..

Now to break down each of the official figures presented, as I usually do, right here:

(a) OK, In SPITE of them finding 5 more suckers to add to their grand total, 314 absolutely does NOT make for a pandemic at all over a nearly 13 week period of time.... They can use all the scare tactics they want by throwing this number out in the Jewish controlled media (which they are doing!) but a REAL pandemic would have had tens of thousands of victims at least during this 13 week time frame...

(b) This alone shows the glaring evidence that there is NO pandemic, period... If people were actually "dying" from this 'deadly disease', then the hospitals would be overwhelmed.. But there are no victims at all in any of the hospitals, and again as I have said  before the so called "health care workers" are doing sweet fuck all in the empty hospitals!

(c) Again, a REAL pandemic would have already killed hundreds if not thousands of people right here in Manitoba at least... And again this number is a complete fraud as all seven of these supposed 'victims" actually died from the OTHER illnesses that they suffered from!

(d) Remember last week when I said they would purposely try to keep this number down?  Well, I am proven right as they are not allowing any more of their 'victims' to recover any time soon just to keep the fear of the "pandemic" going a bit longer..

(e) These pricks will do ANYTHING to have this number pumped up, for they can use the excuse that they will not lift restrictions UNTIL the number of victims of this "deadly disease" reaches ZERO.... That cannot possibly happen now for at least another 2 weeks time!

OK, I do hope readers see my point in all this... There never was a pandemic here in Manitoba at all, as the figures prove that to be so true.... And to me, locking down 1.35 MILLION people for a fraud 'virus' is the most criminal act ever done by the Premier of this province in its entire history...

I also will continue to attack Premier Brian Pallister for obeying his masters and destroying this province and its people... I again must point out that the REAL damage from this fraud "pandemic" is yet to be felt or heard as the criminals in charge and the compliant Jewish controlled media here will do everything to suppress or withhold the figures of how many people have killed themselves in this province due to believing that there is a pandemic!  I can GUARANTEE that number will be dozens at least by the time this fraud is over, and every one of those deaths should be pinned directly on the Manitoba government and especially Brian Pallister.....  

And once again I am calling on the people of this province to say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" and get out there and demand that this fraud pandemic be ended NOW!   The damage has been horrific enough and extending this fraud for several more weeks at least could make that damage permanent!

More to come


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