Friday, June 19, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Friday, June 19th, 2020 - One More Sucker Added To Try To Keep This Fraud Scam-demic Alive!

It has been an interesting last few days here in Manitoba, especially in dealing with the stupidity of others in terms of this fraud pandemic..... I was out and about last night, and I had to go to a local store to grab a few food items once again and there was the usual gaggle of idiots down some aisles wearing face masks.... I walked by one moron who was wearing a gawd awful face mask and I said nothing as I passed by him...But that jackass looked at me and said "You did not social distance"... I looked back and said to him "I hope you realize that social distancing is a scam and is not based on any science at all"... He just gave me that "deer in headlights" look for a few moments, and then screamed "Fuck Off!" and turned around and walked away... .Yes, this is the type of IDIOTS we do deal with, and as I said many times these fucking morons are now definitely beyond any hope.....

I honestly have had it with the sheer stupidity of people... I had long concluded that most of humanity is a dumb as a fence post a very long time ago and are nothing but mutton headed sheep.... It will be ONLY those with some critical thinking skills that will be the ones to spearhead this fight for our very survival from what may be coming which is a full blown COMMUNIST tyranny...

Anyways... Time once again for the daily "As the stomach turns" bullshit "Manitoba Official COVID-19" report.... And yes, the criminals were able to find ONE unlucky sucker out there to once again try to keep this scam going just a wee bit longer.....

Here in fact are the official "numbers" as put out by that heinous Manitoba "Health Minister" (I am still trying to figure out how that moron even got his job?) right here in the usual alphabetic order:

(a) Now  309 TOTAL cases in the over 12 weeks since the Manitoba government declared a "state of emergency" for this province... A "huge" increase of ONE from yesterday's total of 308!

(b) Still nobody in any of Manitoba's hospitals "suffering" from this "deadly virus" and nobody in any of the intensive care units in these hospitals as well.... No change in this status now in well over a month..

(c) Still ONLY 7 "deaths from COVID-19" in the entire 12+ weeks time.... No increase in this number in well over a month, and all seven cases reported here all had "underlying health issues".....

(d) Remarkably, there are STILL only 293 "recovered" cases.. No increase in this number now in nearly 3 days....

(e) Now, thanks to that extra "1" that they discovered through their "testings", the number of active cases is now at the massive level of 9!!

OK, other than my injection of a bit of sarcasm in each of the figures above, I am still trying to figure out where the heck this pandemic actually is?  And the people of Manitoba actually swallow this horse shit without thinking??

Well, I may as well do my usual and rip each of the official numbers presented by the criminals in charge apart, and once again in alphabetic order:

(a) I am still waiting for ANYONE to justify calling this entire charade a "pandemic" when you have ONLY 309 TOTAL cases of this laughable "deadly virus" in now over 12 weeks time...... It does boggle the mind that these fuckers in the Manitoba government can say there have been 309 total cases and still have the nerve to say with straight faces that this is a "pandemic"!

(b) I have been by the local hospital for weeks now, and you can clearly hear the crickets chirping as that facility and every other one across Manitoba all sit empty.... NO victims at all, and just like in (a) I want someone to please justify that this is a real pandemic and say so with a straight face.... This entire pandemic is indeed a farce!

(c) Lets cut to the chase here.. There has NOT been one single death from this supposedly "deadly virus" in well over a month here in Manitoba, and just like in (a) and (b) above, it is so laughable that the criminals in charge can state this number and still claim that this "pandemic" is real!   And like a broken record, I do want to repeat that ALL SEVEN deaths had "underlying issues" meaning they had other health issues and those other issues were what caused their deaths!

(d) As I have said so many times before, the criminals are so desperately trying to keep this number down, as they have been running out of time in propping up this fraud... When everyone is finally "recovered", then it will be a joke to see how they can continue to propagate this fraud!

(e) Just like in (d), they will try to desperately prop up this number so that they can say to the gullible idiots out there "See... We are not over this pandemic yet, as we still have active patients with this virus!"   But of course it is a whole bunch of hogwash, as ALL 9 of these "active" patients are suspect at best meaning that they all have "symptoms" but do not actually carry the virus at all!

Honestly, this whole thing has become a fucking joke.... The criminals in charge here in Manitoba have indeed sold their souls to the devil itself in perpetuating this fraud pandemic... I do hope the payoff to Pallister and his cronies was worth it, for if the good people of this province do eventually wake the fuck up, there will be no mercy for these bastards...

And as I have been saying for weeks now, I am still awaiting information to come forward showing how many innocent lives were lost through suicides thanks to the massive and intense brainwashing of both the Manitoba government and of course the Jewish controlled media outlets.... If those figures are ever revealed, I can guarantee they will be WAY HIGHER than this laughable "7" that may or may not have died from this fraud "deadly virus"..... AND if this bitter truth does come out, I know the people of this province may have mercy on Brian Pallister for these acts of murder, but I will absolutely NOT!

End this fraud, Brian Pallister, right now... The people of Manitoba have had enough of the lying and we all want to see this province restored to a true NORMAL to save lives and to get everyone here back to work!

More to come


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