Thursday, June 18, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Thursday, June 18th, 2020 - Wow! They Found Another Two Suckers To Keep This Scam Going A Bit Longer!

I have had it with this social distancing, wearing gawd awful face masks, and even the "we are all in this together" bullshit that still inundates us all on a daily basis... The brainwashing is so INTENSE that it borders on the obscene.....  I continue to see so many gullible idiots out here in Manitoba continue to just be absolutely petrified of other people and to have so much fear in their eyes, that it is NO WONDER that I am fearful that the REAL pandemic "numbers" of deaths meaning those who have killed themselves thanks to this constant brainwashing will be outrageously high.....

Well... I figure I may as well get onto the subject at hand, and once again the idiots and morons in the Manitoba provincial government, and especially that ass clown that calls himself Manitoba's "Health Minister" has just released the "official COVID-19 daily report" just under an hour ago.... I therefore want to present those numbers here for everyone to see for themselves in the usual alphabetic order:

(a) 308 (!) victims of this supposedly "deadly virus" for the over 12 weeks now since the Manitoba government declared its "state of emergency" back in mid-March... This is an increase of 2 from yesterday's 306 number...

(b) STILL (and no surprise to me..) NOBODY in any of Manitoba's health facilities suffering from this "killer virus" and NOBODY in any intensive care units at all..

(c) STILL only 7 total "deaths" from this supposed "deadly virus" in total in the entire 12 week period.. And there has been NO increase in this number in well over a month's time now.

(d) Amazingly, still only 293 recovered cases.. NO increase in this figure from yesterday...

(e) Now there are 'officially' 8 "active" cases in all of Manitoba...An increase of 2 from yesterday's reported 6 patients.. AND again it must be pointed out that ALL 8 are "suspect" at best..

Well.. .Those are the "official" numbers, and again the Manitoba government is trying to claim that this is still a pandemic?

OK.... Now to rip each part above as I usually do, and again in alphabetic order:

(a) OK, even though they were able to find TWO SUCKERS out there to claim that they have this "virus" through their suspect testing that constantly gives false positive results, 308 absolutely does NOT make this entire scam a pandemic at all!   I again must point out that for this to be a "pandemic" you need tens of thousands of victims and about a thousand deaths minimum in this province alone....The numbers simply are NOT there at all!

(b) No shock to me at all that there is nobody in the hospitals, for all this proves is that there never ever was a pandemic to start with! And these ass clowns are still out there claiming that our hospital workers are so busy with this COVID-19 nonsense that their lies are absolutely pathetic...

(c) Nobody seems to be dying any more from this "deadly disease", right?  The numbers alone are a joke, and again ALL of these SEVEN deaths actually died from other diseases as well.... Again, can anyone justify in any way how "7 deaths" in 12+ weeks makes this whole sham a "pandemic"?

(d) As I said in so many previous articles, these bastards will continue to manipulate both this and the active cases in (e) just to keep the scam going a bit longer... But for what purpose?  Premier Brian Pallister has already done horrendous damage to this province and its people, and he definitely MUST be held accountable for that damage...  And again, the 8 'active cases' in (e) does NOT make for any form of "pandemic" period!

Well, there you have it... Once again we have the PROOF that there never ever was a "pandemic" at all in this province..... I dare anyone to please prove me differently for the numbers speak for themselves...

I continue to watch as the criminals in charge are so agonizingly and slowly "opening up" this province, as they are indeed going to have their "phase 3" of those openings starting this Sunday, the 21st of June... IMHO, I would say enough of this bullshit. Pallister, and open this province up fully instead of continuing the havoc you have already created by locking down this province and destroying its economy!

My FOCUS in this entire scam continues to be the sad and most troubling aspect of having so many people here in Manitoba with severe mental issues and depression being isolated and fearful to the point that they are contemplating suicide OR have already done away with their lives.... I absolutely will continue hammering away with the facts that Brian Pallister and his cronies MUST PAY for every single one of those deaths.... The people of this province may have mercy on these criminals for all of that destruction, but I absolutely will NOT!

More to come


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