Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 - Criminals In Charge Have Extended Bullshit Restrictions For At Least One More Month!

I had a couple of conversations with colleagues and a few visitors to my work about WHEN the criminal Pallister regime that has idiotically locked down this province, Manitoba, for the last few months using this fraudulent "pandemic" as their excuse to impose ludicrous "restrictions" on its citizens in the process, would finally lift all those idiotic restrictions and let things here return to a sense of "normal"... It has been a grueling last few months as I have been watching this province's economy basically collapse....

Well, yesterday afternoon that heinous "health minister" that has been lying his ass off for months now to the good citizens of this province, declared that Manitobans would suffer from at least ONE MORE month of this fraud "state of emergency" and therefore have strangling restrictions continue until at least July 15th!  When I heard that report, I honestly wanted to scream and have every single prick in the Pallister regime be put in jail immediately for basically destroying what is left of this province's economy by stupidly wanting to continue their lockdowns for at least another month!

Basically... There is NO pandemic at all here in Manitoba, and there never was.... A pandemic would have tens of thousands of people in this province alone "suffering" from this "disease" along with upwards of 1000 deaths here alone.... But the numbers are NOT there at all and never were!  Therefore to continue to lie to the good people of this province, as the Pallister regime has done now for months, is truly heinous and criminal!

OK, The numbers for today..... I just got the "official report" and everything that I have said above is indeed proven right by this report..... But first, I will present the "official numbers" from that report here in the usual alphabetic manner for everyone to assess for themselves:

(a) 304 TOTAL "victims" of this supposedly "deadly" virus since the state of emergency was declared here in Manitoba now over 12 weeks ago....

(b) No victims at all in any of Manitoba's health care facilities.. And nobody in any of those facilities' intensive care units at all.... NO change in this status in nearly a month now.

(c) STILL only 7 'deaths' from this "deadly virus" in the entire 12 weeks' time...  And all seven had other "underlying" issues that most definitely caused their deaths....

(d) Number of "recovered' patients is unchanged at "292"... More recoveries are pending...

(e) Still ONLY 5 total "patients" that are supposedly suffering from this 'killer virus'.  No change here in this number in days, AND ALL 5 are indeed 'suspect' at best meaning that they all are probably not suffering from this 'deadly virus' at all...

Well, there you go... A full regurgitation of yesterday's totals in each catagory which is no surprise to me at all..... And I will now do my usual by ripping each part to smithereens here:

(a) Honestly, I would hope that the people of Manitoba are finally LIVID over this ludicrous number and the fact that the criminals in charge are still trying to claim "304" makes a 'pandemic'!   But of course the incessant brainwashing by the Jewish controlled media has done its dirty work and has fools and idiots out there thinking this laughable 304 number does indeed make for a pandemic!

(b) I keep walking by the local hospital in my area and there are ZERO patients of any kind at that facility... And I seriously have had enough of the bullshit Jewish controlled media commercials still screaming to the must stupid out there that we should "cheer on" our "brave health care workers" when in fact those ass clowns are doing absolutely NOTHING!

(c) As I have said many times.. SEVEN deaths in total over a 12 week span is actually normal for any type of respiratory illness, and therefore does not make for a pandemic at all, just like the 304 total patients!... It also is so apparent that all seven did indeed have other illnesses and THOSE other illnesses caused their demise..  There is a quote that comes to mind here: 'People die WITH coronaviruses, not FROM coronaviruses!"

(d) and (e).. The criminals are indeed attempting by all means necessary to keep the number of recovered patients down while keeping "active" patient numbers up to try to keep this fraud pandemic going just a bit longer... But for what purpose?  The people of this province are not this stupid and people should be asking the big question as to HOW having only "5 active patients" in a province of 1.35 Million people can still be classified at all as an active "pandemic"?  It does make no sense at all.....

Yes, the criminals in charge are indeed going to milk this fraud here in Manitoba for all its worth... I will state that they are so desperate now that if any sucker goes for one of those fraudulent "tests" and even has a slight fever or a cough, the criminals will falsely have him/her classified as having this "COVID 19" bullshit!

So... Manitoba will be locked up for another month at least.... And in the process, the Pallister regime will destroy dozens more of businesses that are presently hanging by a thread.... I truly cannot even understand the logic here and I again must ask EXACTLY WHAT did Brian Pallister and his cronies get as their "kick  back" for destroying this province and its economy?  I do hope the price for selling his soul to the devil was worth it!

And once again, I am awaiting the REAL pandemic numbers aka the number of those who have indeed killed themselves through suicide during this fraud lock down and destruction of peoples' lives..... I will bet anyone anything that when that number is reluctantly revealed, it will be FAR greater than this bullshit "7 deaths" from this supposedly "killer virus"......And when that number does come out, I do hope the people of Manitoba will remember that Brian Pallister is fully responsible for each and every one of those deaths...

More to come



CanadianNotCommunist said...

Here in Ontario Premier Ford has allowed restaurants to open up outdoor dining patios - for eating only. The province, in its wisdom, has stated that singing or dancing on the patios is not allowed.
I kid you not; singing happy birthday to someone at meal time would break the law.

Smacks of communist thinking. Not that long ago I read the story of a lady who had escaped China after being imprisoned. She stated that any display of emotion in prison would get you taken away for torture.

Here we have the Ontario government venturing out onto that slippery slope.

phyllis66 said...

Communist tactics are being used at its finest and all according to their playbook since the 1917 takeover of Russia. And is it a coincidence that the "Spanish flu" occurred in 1918, one year later? We have the communist Bolsheviks of today trying to take over the world with a "pandemic" happening at the same time. Coincidence? They need the White nations to succumb with the USA being the prize which will cause the rest of the world to fall to communism. Chabad-lubavitch is the Jewish movement. ( https://www.chosenpeople.com/site/__trashed-5/ ) An anti movement website is here: ( Chabad-mafia.com )
Judaism = Communism = Democrats of the U.S.