Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Wednesday, June 10th, 2020 - The Pandemic Never Occurred Here, So WHY Continue Scaring The People With This Fraud?

I continue to be so amazed by the sheer audacity of the criminal provincial government under that idiot, Brian Pallister, as he and his henchmen continue to push this "pandemic" fraud, when there is NO EVIDENCE at all that it "hit" this province in the first place!   It is absolutely about time that these fuckers accepted their defeat, ended the bullshit 'restrictions" and opened this province up to save what is left of its damaged economy due to that fraud...

But instead, the criminals in charge are still out there along with the liars in the criminal Jewish controlled media trying to sell the gullible people out there that there is still a "pandemic" and that everyone must be locked up like caged animals for a bit longer... My question once again to these bastards is: WHY????

Well, I guess I may as well get this over with.... I just looked over the "official Manitoba COVID-19 report" that was put out about 20  minutes ago by that heinous idiotic "Health Minister" for this province, and I want to share those numbers once again with my readers here in alphabetic order:

(a) STILL ONLY 300 people in nearly 12 weeks time that have supposedly "contracted" this 'deadly virus'.  No change at all in this figure in over 5 days running....

(b) There is absolutely NOBODY in any of Manitoba's hospitals or health care facilities suffering from this "deadly virus", and there is absolutely nobody as well in the "intensive care units" at those facilities as well... Nobody with this "deadly virus" has been submitted to a hospital for weeks now!

(c) STILL ONLY 7 "deaths" from this "deadly virus".   And again ALL of these "deaths" were from underlying issues meaning they did NOT "die from COVID-19" at all...

(d) STILL 285 patients reported as "recovered" from this supposedly "deadly virus"... No change in this figure from yesterday which is surprising...

(e) STILL ONLY 8 patients that supposedly MAY have "COVID-19" but in reality all are "suspect" at best meaning that all of them most probably do not even have this "deadly virus" at all.

Yes, I know.. .These are exactly the same figures as yesterday.... And I am still amazed the fuckers in the Pallister regime can have the unmitigated gall to stand there at the podium and claim this to be a "pandemic"!

Now, I guess I may as well rip each of these numbers apart once again:

(a) This speaks for itself as proof positive that there never was a pandemic here in Manitoba at all....But the lying sacks of shit running this province actually think the people here are this stupid?  A real pandemic would have tens of thousands of patients in this nearly 12 week period, and yet we are to believe that 300 makes a "pandemic"???  

(b) No need to go any further than this figure of ZERO in our hospitals to show everyone that this is a massive fraud.... Pandemic, my ass!

(c) Much like in (b), this also is a laugher, except I am not laughing as the criminals in charge are still insistent that these 7 poor souls died "from" COVID-19, but in reality definitely died from those other causes...

(d) As I said before, how much longer can these liars keep this number down?   They are indeed running out of time with this scam, and I am wondering what excuse they will try when everyone, other than the ones that have 'died from COVID-19" have fully recovered?

(e) 8 patients in all of Manitoba out of 1.35 Million people is such a fucking joke..... Just like in (d) I do wonder what these liars will come up with when this "active patient" count reaches ZERO?  

Well, there you have it... Another day of seeing Manitobans locked up like caged animals, and for what??? All I see happening now is the liars in the Jewish controlled media as well as the criminals in this government continue to lie and push the pandemic scam without any proof, or facts, to show it to be real!  

I continue to openly wonder why the fuckers in the Pallister regime continue to try to frighten the people of this province with this scam, when it is so apparent it did not happen at all in the first place?   I also then wonder what Pallister and his cronies got for fucking up this province royally?

And I am not giving up my battle to try to reach the people of this province to get them to be angry and to go after these criminals in charge for causing the deaths of possibly hundreds of innocent people that fell for this scam through the brainwashing of the media and killed themselves through suicides... I want to reinforce and reiterate the fact that EVERY one of those deaths should be on Brian Pallister and his criminal minions and we must hold those bastards fully accountable for each and every one of them....

This scam has to stop NOW!  Wake up, everyone....

More to come



Tribe of Dab said...

What are the chances that the kiksos
Get eaten by their Chaos?

I have noticed something.
The Antifa Bullshitviks are very divided amongst themselves.
They hate Bankers and Wall street.
We need to strike , soon.

Catti said...

I thought you might find this information enlightening. I just lifted this from another user on social media. (Heartily recommended if you're sick of Facecuck et al censorship, plus a great source of alternative news).

$100 Billion #ContactTracing Deal Negotiated SIX MONTHS BEFORE OUTBREAK (#Gates & #Rockefeller)

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation helped negotiate a $100 million government-backed contact-tracing contract in August 2019 — six months before the pandemic arrived in the #UnitedStates and four months before it broke-out in #China.

H.R. 6666: COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, ...
... And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act

Proof positive that this whole scamdemic was pre-planned to fatten the coffers of the likes of Bill Gates and the Rockefellers.

Catti said...

> The Antifa Bullshitviks are very divided amongst themselves.

Indeed. They took over several blocks in Seattle, driving out the cops and setting up what they call an "autonomous zone". Lord of the Flies, leftard edition.

So far in two days:
- their leader committed suicide after being outed as a pedo
- the homeless they invited in stole all of their food
- they're now on social media begging for food handouts (soy products and vegan only of course)
- they got themselves a warlord

I nominate them to form a new political party here in Canada. They couldn't do any worse than the assclowns we have now.

Tribe of Dab said...

Thanks Catti, they are susceptible to misinfo, real info, also they are easy to inflame. The jews are in some sort of trouble(s).
So far I can think that they have lost a significant part of their professional help in areas like intelligence, engineering, and quality control. Relying on themselves and the available bolshevik gene pool is showing up in their psyops. For example in the Floyd hoax. No attention to detail- a jewish trait.
Shortsighted comprehension of future consequences-another giveaway that they are mostly on their own.
Some say they are just being blatant about it , but I think they are just stepping on their own noses again.