Monday, June 1, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report For Monday, June 1st, 2020 - Regurgitating The Same Numbers As Yesterday!

Honestly, I am sick of this fucking fraud pandemic and the serious harm that it has done to my home province of Manitoba, Canada.....

I have watched over the last 11 full weeks now as peoples' lives have been permanently ruined, as those poor individuals are wondering IF they even have jobs to return to once this fraud "crisis" is officially ended (If it ever will be?).... And on top of that, I still see people on a day to day basis that have such FEAR in their eyes and are absolutely petrified by the idea of even standing close to other human beings!

The fucking criminals in the Jew spew media have done their damage well as they continue to perpetuate this massive lie by still going nearly 24/7 with their propaganda and brainwashing.... It is so sad to see so many people so full of panic and the false belief that this is a real crisis, and trying to reach many of them to let them know that it is all a fraud has turned nearly impossible.... The criminals behind this fraud have done their damage too well!

Well... I guess I will get back to the issue at hand after that rant.... It is time once again for my daily vomiting as I present today's "Official Manitoba COVID-19 Pandemic Report" and as usual rip this fraud report to bits.... Here first are today's figures as presented by that most ugly and homely SOB "Health Minister" for everyone to see in alphabetic order:

(a) 295 total cases in now the 11th week of this "state of emergency" and NO change from yesterday..

(b) STILL zero cases at all in ALL of Manitoba's health facilities and hospitals... And zero cases in any of those facility's intensive care units as well...

(c) STILL only 7 deaths in the entire 11 weeks of this pandemic... And NO change in this number now in weeks....

(d) STILL some 278 "recovered" cases... No change in this figure since yesterday as well...

(e) STILL 10 "active" cases, and no change here since yesterday as well... And of those "10" active cases nearly ALL are just "suspect" at most....

Well, those are the official figures for today.... And YES they are EXACTLY the same as what was reported yesterday.... Therefore I do have to ask where in the fuck is this pandemic at all for here in Manitoba?

Now to rip each apart here to once again expose this fraud:

(a) I just do not get it?  295 "cases" in now over 11 weeks' time and the people of this province are still so fucking brainwashed to realize that there NEVER WAS OR IS A PANDEMIC!  I seem to always reiterate the facts that if this actually was a "pandemic" then this number alone would be in the thousands if not the tens of thousands!

(b) No one in the hospitals at all suffering from this bullshit disease... And it is no wonder that the Jew spew media changed their line of "support our hospital workers" to "support our front line workers" for they have been caught in the lie and are now stuck with changing their propaganda bullshit!  Overworked health care workers my fucking ass!

(c) Gee, 7 deaths from this "disease" in 11 weeks.... I am still waiting for the REAL deaths, meaning those poor suckers out there that fell for this fraud pandemic and went out and committed suicide.... THAT number will be far greater than this "7" and should be the one that everyone should be alarmed about.

(d) I see the fuckers are still trying to keep this number down as long as possible.... But with NO new reports of anyone coming down with this bullshit "virus", everyone will be fully recovered by early next week and the fraud will either be open for full debate as to why it was even declared a pandemic in the first place (something people should have been seeing from day one..), and/or everyone will finally be questioning the very ethics of the Pallister regime for perpetuating the fraud!

(e) same as in (d) as they will try to find ANYONE out there with an inkling of any respiratory problems and label them as "positive for COVID-19"!   And again almost ALL of these "10" are suspect at most meaning that they most probably are NOT suffering from this "coronavirus" at all!

I am sick of this as everyone should be... The fraudsters have basically run out of time and can not justify continuing this bullshit "lockdown" and "restrictions" here in Manitoba for there is NO PANDEMIC here at all!   The numbers shown above prove that to be irrefutable fact!

So... Where do we go from here?  I would say to the people of this province to get ANGRY and absolutely go after these fuckers who have tried to destroy out economy and lock us up like rats..... The fear must end as well as we should have the Jew spew media forced to tell the TRUTH for a change or be put out of business for their lies..... People have to stop living in fear and do need to see that the media has been lying all along..

And again, when this fucking fraud ends, I do want to see Brian Pallister and his henchmen on trial for the deaths of all those innocent people out there that have committed suicide from the brainwashing effects of this fraud.... The numbers are still not out there about how great this tragic number will be, but I will bet that when all this is over, it will be in the HUNDREDS for this province alone....Every single one of those deaths will be Brian Pallister's burden to endure for the rest of his life!

More to come


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phyllis66 said...

I still cannot get over the profound grief that thousands of people have suffered all across this nation because of this fraud virus. People will never recover from this kind of grief in their lifetimes.
There are those that could not be with loved ones in the hospital as the coronavirus rules said no one could stay or only one person a day could "visit". They couldn't even ride in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. People in the hospital for serious issues died ALONE.
Then there are the families that couldn't even bury their dead loved one because the funeral rules said no one could gather together! So funeral homes stored the dead for weeks waiting for the end of the restrictions to come which never did until the funeral homes had to release the bodies as there wasn't enough room any longer and so many bodies had to be cremated. Oh, the GRIEF.
And we can't forget those in the nursing homes, the people needing the most care and comfort simply denied any visitations for weeks on end. While there was no one to look over them and their wellbeing, many suffered and died. They were alone, again alone in death deliberately created by the communist rules and is unforgivable. The GRIEF.
People in hospitals and in nursing homes need family members to monitor their care being given by those personnel from the doctors to the nurses to the technicians and there was no one. How many were given the wrong medications? How many were overlooked in their treatments necessary? How many were murdered by the communist Eugenics protocols that were used because of the "virus"?
Two situations where people are the most vulnerable to suffering and death, being in the hospital and being in a nursing home. There is no other situations where people die from neglect or medical mistakes on a regular basis much less under this "virus" that was deliberately created. The purpose to destroy the economy and other sinister reasons, have no doubt caused the murder of thousands over the past few months! And oh, the GRIEF that was caused is immeasurable, unforgivable and never to ever to rectified in ones emotional state of mind.
These communist Bolsheviks are hell bent on destruction of this Earth so that they can build their new Earth, their NWO and they cannot do that without removing 6 billion people on this planet, thus the killer vaccine by Eugenicist Master Bill Gates!