Friday, June 5, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: The Incredible Disappearing Coronavirus -The Narrative Has Failed!

Well, is it just me?? Or has the "narrative" that we have been inundated on a nearly 24/7 basis by the LIARS  in our governments and especially the LIARS in the Jewish controlled media (some want to know why I call it the Jew spew media, and I keep asking them "who controls the media?" ) about this fraud "pandemic" suddenly changed???  

I have been watching in amazement as these fucking fraudsters are all now "changing their tune" and now are NO longer even wanting to talk about "COVID-19" and ONLY concentrate on the "race wars" and the bullshit of "Black Lives Matter" (ALL lives matter, and I will challenge anyone on this..)...

I and others that have been attacking the COVID-19 bullshit since day one are the ones that have stood firm in wanting everyone to see the fraud fully exposed.... I have been saying from day one that IF there ever was an engineered and mutated "coronavirus" that was developed for a planned "pandemic", the monsters responsible for that development blew it big time...

The facts are that their ground zero in China for the beginning of the world wide planned 'pandemic' failed so miserably as few people actually contracted the disease at all... But the fuckers had long planned this "outbreak" and their want to lock down the entire planet, and thus they pushed the narrative world wide that this was a "pandemic" and ran with it... They had their minions in our Jewish controlled governments and of course their paid poodles and liars in the Jewish controlled media to push the propaganda and narrative as well... Sadly too many stupid and gullible people around the world fell for the lies and had their lives turned upside down as a result...

But now the COVID-19 narrative is definitely collapsing.... The pricks  behind the fraud have failed miserably and are now doing their "damage control" in claiming that "we won the battle" and that the "flattening of the curve" worked... Sadly once again the gullible and stupid people out there will swallow this continuing bullshit and rather than go after these pricks behind the fraud, will accept their newest lies blindly.... Therefore, many sheep out there will do nothing even though the fraud pandemic has already ruined their lives and destroyed our economies!

I want to present right here a great new video that comes from the "Ron Paul Liberty Report" that is entitled: "The Incredible Disappearing Coronavirus: The Narrative Has Failed"... This one gives a great summary of the facts about how the criminals in charge have indeed failed with their COVID-19 fraud pandemic, and how indeed the narrative has failed as this "virus" has indeed become the "incredible dissappearing coronavirus".... Here is that video, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  A pretty good video.... And it does cover a lot of details as to where things stand right now in America now that the Coronavirus narrative is rapidly changing....

The facts are that we in the alternative media have NOT won anything yet in this fight against this bullshit "pandemic".....The liars in our governments are still out there trying to claim that this "pandemic" is still very much real, even though the people are wising up rapidly to the lies.... It does make me wonder how those governments can even stay  in power? And when will the people have had enough of their lies, and demand said governments to stop lying and open everything up and restore their economies, or be forced to resign and bring in a government that actually obeys the will of the people?....

I have one fear.... That with the present pandemic falling to pieces, the criminals behind the scam will now unleash their "second wave" bullshit and once again try to force everyone into further lock downs and to further have their lives destroyed...  Up here in Canada there have been rumblings over the last few days that this is exactly what they have planned as the criminals in the Canadian government have once again been warning that a second wave is definitely coming!  

I am actually quite pleased that we are winning this fight... But the war is far from over, for I want everyone to be forewarned that the criminals behind this scam will not go quietly and accept defeat and they are indeed planning something diabolical right now and we must be ready for when they unleash their latest scam!

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CanadianNotCommunist said...

Yes, I think they are planning the "explosive" second wave here in Canada.
I saw an article stating that Trudeau had placed an order for 37 million syringes.
Also some articles hinting that Trudeau is arranging to get the vaccine from an arm of the communist Chinese military.
Is it right to call it a vaccine when the main purpose is to alter peoples genetic make-up with CRISPER technology ?
Does it make sense to order your vaccine from a country that is hostile towards your own ?
And 37 million makes me think our government is planning to force us all to take it; while withholding 7 million doses of HCQ.
Today Trudeau is waving billions more dollars at the provinces - no doubt with strings attached. So don't expect any of the premiers to break rank from the Federal agenda.