Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Important Interview With Doctor Andrew Kaufman - The COVID-19 Theory That You Are Not Allowed To Hear!

Well, another day... And more of assaulting this entire pandemic bullshit.... My focus at this blog has been to destroy this entire pandemic and to wake the dumb asses out there that they have ALL been played as suckers!  I absolutely want to see this fraud come to an end immediately and to see everyone go after the pricks and scoundrels that have tried to destroy our lives for the last 4 months at least...

My fellow American colleague, John Kaminski, who hails from the latest new "hotspot" of COVID-19 bullshit, the US state of Florida, sent me an email just last night that contained a link to a very important video that actually came out over a month ago (damn...and I missed this one!) where Doctor Andrew Kaufman is interviewed by the "Last American Vagabond" that rips the "theories" about this COVID-19 "virus to shreds!

I want to present that video, entitled: "Dr. Andrew Kaufman Interview - The COVID-19 Theory That You Are Not Allowed To Hear" right here for everyone to see for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have already put up multiple articles at this blog about the theory that we are NOT seeing any so called "viruses" at all, but are actually witnessing our cells secrete "exosomes" to fight off infections....

The facts are that we have all been 'educated' with this "virus theory", but again that is a THEORY and has no real basis on facts.... Much of biological science has indeed been forced to change their 'theories" over the years to fit with actual scientific observations, evidence, tests, and conclusions.. Thus a re-evaluation of the "virus theory" that we have been subjected to for the last 1/2 century should be done in the light of examinations based upon the theory that exosomes are a reality and may indeed be what we are actually seeing when they scream "virus"....

And again, to this day there has been NO ISOLATION of any so called "COVID-19 virus".... And what we see promoted by the criminals through their propaganda via the Jewish controlled media is only assumptions of what this 'virus' actually looks like!   I honestly have to laugh when you see those outlets put up 'pictures' of what is ASSUMED to be a "COVID-19 virus" but those pictures are based upon theory only and have no basis on facts....

I am wanting to give readers facts and information based upon truth.... I do want to see readers take any information that I present here and USE IT to reach others..... Please feel free to take anything that you see at this blog for that purpose!

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phyllis66 said...

These bastards have been using human fetuses and animals as well no doubt to make vaccines to give back to humans for false beliefs that they will prevent diseases and illnesses. Everything with these people that they touch is a lie or a fraud in some form or fashion. They make billions of dollars in everything they touch at the expense of non-Jews.
This man Steve Plotkin is a sinister Jew who has worked plotting what to put into vaccines which no doubt have the purpose to cause the most damage to the human being at some point in their physical future. This video gives you an idea of his sinister nature. (if you can get past the awful music playing in the background)

Cloud said...

Passing this on:



Catti said...

I'm sure you've heard by now that Torontostan and the surrounding fiefdumbs ("the GTA") are now imposing mandatory mask wearing in all indoor public spaces as well as "public" transit. Transgressors will be subject to hefty fines and harassment from vigilante Karens.

They say that people with health issues are exempt from wearing the sheep muzzles, but they don't give any further details like what kind of issues, and how a person is supposed to prove they have a health problem if they are denied entry to the grocery store or harassed by a vigilante or a cop. So their exemption is pure bullsquirt.

I have asthma and my finger oxygen saturation meter tells me masks are bad ju-ju for me, but I have to eat, I can't afford fines and I don't like discussing my private medical issues with nosy a-holes. So today I made the perfect mask for those who hate them. I cut the fabric out of a fabric mask, leaving only the outer trim and the ear loops. Then I used a glue gun and filled in the space with a piece of nylon window screen.

Now it's light weight, doesn't obstruct my breathing or fog my glasses, can be cleaned on the go with some sanitizer or a lysol wipe, and the bonus is that the Karens can see my smirk as I give them the finger. It's a mask, it's legal, and there's F-all that Mayor Toady and the rest of the spineless liberal wimps can do about it.