Monday, June 15, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: The First Coronavirus Vaccines May Not Prevent You From Getting COVID-19 (No Shock Here!)

*First, I was out and about yesterday on a really fine Sunday and NOT doing any Internet surfing at all!  I decided to get out and do some yard work and go for a very LONG walk just to recharge my body... It is so important that we all get out more and not be "isolated" as the criminals behind this entire "scam-demic" want us all to do!

And speaking of the Scam-demic... I have been wondering like everyone else about how far the criminals in charge of that fraud have progressed in terms of their "development" of their heinous "vaccine" that they have planned to be injected into all of us to both destroy our bodies and implant their surveillance micro-chips.... And there has been some news claiming that "clinical trials" are now beginning on the first "batch" of these "vaccines".... The big question of course is "Does the vaccine actually work?".....

Well... To help answer that important question about the actual effectiveness of these vaccines for this bullshit "virus", I want to turn to the following report from the Live Mint website, at, where apparently the criminals behind the first trials for their new "vaccine" for COVID-19 have now had to admit that the first vaccines MAY NOT prevent anyone from catching this "coronavirus" at all.... Here is that article for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

The first coronavirus vaccines may not prevent you from getting covid-19

John Lauerman , James Paton , Bloomberg

Early vaccines may come with limitations on what they can deliver, according to Robin Shattock, an Imperial College London professor leading development of an experimental shot

Desperation for a way to keep economies from collapsing under the weight of Covid-19 could mean settling for a vaccine that prevents people from getting really sick or dying but doesn’t stop them from catching the coronavirus.

Although a knock-out blow against the virus is the ultimate goal, early vaccines may come with limitations on what they can deliver, according to Robin Shattock, an Imperial College London professor leading development of an experimental shot.

“Is that protection against infection?" Shattock said. “Is it protection against illness? Is it protection against severe disease? It’s quite possible a vaccine that only protects against severe disease would be very useful."

As countries emerge warily from lockdowns, leaders are looking to a preventive shot as the route to return to pre-pandemic life. Fueled by billions of dollars in government investment, vaccines from little-known companies like China’s CanSino Biologics Inc. and giants like Pfizer Inc. and AstraZeneca Plc are in development.

At least one of the fastest-moving experimental shots has already advanced into human trials after showing an impact on severe disease -- but less so on infection -- in animals. Experts say such a product would probably be widely used if approved, even if that’s as much as it contributes, until a more effective version comes to market.

“Vaccines need to protect against disease, not necessarily infection," said Dennis Burton, an immunologist and vaccine researcher at Scripps Research in La Jolla, California.

Still susceptible

There are drawbacks, though. While holding the potential to save lives, such vaccines might lead to complacency in lockdown-weary nations, said Michael Kinch, a drug development expert who is associate vice chancellor at Washington University in St. Louis.

“My guess would be that the day after someone gets immunized, they’re going to think, ‘I can go back to normal. Everything will be fine,’" he said. “They’re not going to necessarily realize that they might still be susceptible to infection."

Covid-19 is already thought to be spread by people without symptoms, and a symptom-preventing vaccine may create even greater numbers of them.

Vaccines are among the most effective weapons against infectious disease, and prevent up to 3 million deaths a year, according to the World Health Organization. Yet few, if any, are 100% effective in all people who get them. For example, about 3% of people who get measles vaccine develop a mild form of the disease, and can spread it to others.

130 shots
In their attempts to confront a rapidly growing threat, developers are turning to technologies that have never been used successfully in humans. More than 130 shots are in the works for Covid-19 prevention, according to the World Health Organization.

Vaccines work by presenting the immune system with a form of a germ -- or a key part of it -- preparing the body to respond when a real exposure occurs. When that happens, immune proteins called antibodies glom onto the virus, halting its entry to cells. Sometimes vaccines ramp up immune T-cells, which don’t do as much to prevent infections, but can slow and eventually stop their progression.

A common approach to raising levels of antibodies is with injection of a virus that’s been inactivated or killed. About nine of these are in experimentation: One, made by China’s Sinovac Biotech Ltd., led to high levels of Covid-targeted antibodies in monkeys.

Another shot developed at the University of Oxford uses an innovative approach in which Covid genes are inserted into a different, harmless virus. Those make proteins that are recognized by the immune system, which raises defenses against a real infection.

About a quarter of the experimental shots listed by the WHO, including two already in human studies, follow the same approach as the Oxford vaccine. One of the advantages of the technology is its speed. AstraZeneca, which is partnering with Oxford, has said it will begin delivering doses for the UK as soon as September, and will have doses for the US, which helped fund development, the following month.

Over the weekend, AstraZeneca and four European Union countries said they reached an agreement to distribute hundreds of millions of doses of the vaccine.

Antibody levels

How the shot affects infections and infectiousness still isn’t clear. William Haseltine, a former HIV researcher at Harvard University, pointed out in a blog for Forbes that animals had roughly the same amount of viral genetic material, called RNA, in their systems, whether or not they’d received shots. Levels of antibodies against the virus weren’t as high as in very protective vaccines, he said.

However, clinical signs of severe infection, like high breathing rate and pneumonia, were better in vaccinated monkeys. That might still make such a shot useful, according to Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

“That vaccine doesn’t look like it’s a knockout for protecting against infection, but it might be really very good at protecting against disease," Fauci told the medical news website Stat.

The vaccine will be a success whether it heads off infections or severe symptoms, AstraZeneca Chief Executive Officer Pascal Soriot said in a BBC interview. The vaccine’s progress to advanced studies was approved by an independent scientific panel, and the company is waiting to see how it performs, a spokesman said.

Fauci’s NIAID is partnered with Moderna Inc. on a Covid vaccine test whose primary goal is to show their vaccine prevents people from developing symptoms, the company said June 11. Preventing infections is a secondary goal.

Successful preventives must also bar onward transmission, said Daniel Barouch, a researcher at the Center for Virology and Vaccine Research at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard University. Effective shots may allow some cells to become infected, but control the growth of the virus before it can be passed on to others, said Barouch, who is developing a vaccine with Johnson & Johnson.

Preventing illness

The US Food and Drug Administration is considering options for a vaccine that prevents illness.

“We would potentially consider an indication related to prevention of severe disease, provided available data support the benefits of vaccination," FDA spokesman Michael Felberbaum said in response to questions. “For licensure we would not require that a vaccine protect against infection."

Licensed vaccines including some against whooping cough have not been demonstrated to protect against infection with the pathogen that causes the disease but have been demonstrated to protect against symptomatic disease, Felberbaum said.

The notion of using imperfect vaccines and therapies is “fine," Kinch said. “That’s just practicality. And we may follow those up with more-perfect. There will never be a truly perfect vaccine."

NTS Notes: Kudos to Penny, over at "Penny For Your Thoughts" for bringing this important article to my attention.. In fact, Penny has written her own article about these findings and I have the link to that article here:

Honestly, I am NOT shocked at all by the findings in that report.. For the fact is that Coronaviruses mutate constantly and any "vaccine" for a particular strain of that "virus" will quickly become useless as the vaccine cannot counter any of the mutated strains....

But of course the criminals in charge are NOT going to be looking towards any conventional "vaccine" at all as they have long planned their new approach which is to have a "vaccine" that will modify (destroy) our very DNA in our bodies and claim THAT "vaccine" is for this COVID-19 bullshit...

The facts are of course that vaccines are useless as they have always been against these type of "viruses" .. The detrimental effect of any vaccines to our  bodies' own health is far  greater than the benefits, and I again say that there are alternatives that should be used first for combating any of these "diseases", such as higher intakes of Vitamin D and Vitamin C as well as where possible taking known Coronavirus killers such as Hydroxychloroquine..... These are far safer than any of the heinous 'vaccines" that these bastards have planned for all of us..

More to come



Penny said...

Hey North
thanks for the mention
None of the coronavirus vaccines will prevent you from getting Covid..
A definite no shit sherlock report

torus said...

I've gotta laugh at the bullshit one-way lanes that Loblaws have introduced in their stores. As if the air respects which direction you're headed. I'll venture that everyone I see wearing a mask also voted for Trudeau. Which is appropriate in some twisted way. They should cover their face in shame. Outdoor patios opened up this past weekend and I noticed a table of twenty-something, wannabe hipsters, pulling their masks down to take a mouthful of beer. Fucking tragic. I should know better, but the magnitude of public gullibility is disturbing.

Penny said...

torus " I should know better, but the magnitude of public gullibility is disturbing. "

It really is disturbing- truly

phyllis66 said...

Bill Gates has lied to us his entire life. That is what Jewish people do as a norm it seems from history. When they control organizations, corporations, businesses then we will be lied to as a matter of policy. They have told us everything from the fact the virus had symptoms of cough, fever, short of breath in the beginning of this "pandemic" which has now ballooned into more than 15 symptoms. They (WHO, CDC) have added symptoms as we went along, and added more excuses for those stupid masks and social distancing. it is clear that they plan on using this fraud as a control factor for years to come. It is a communist tactic.

Now here is a real kicker for you, Israel plans on buying the company Moderna, Inc. that has been in the news making the most progress in the vaccine push. It is already being run with an Israeli Chief Medical Officer, Tal Zaks. We know we can expect whatever we are told it will be a part truth or a lie.

Catti said...

Nobody should be subjected to a vaccine until they've undergone an antibody titer test to show if they're already immune to corona. The fact is that by this time, most people probably are already immune and don't need a vaccine, but pharma and power mad politicians don't want you to know that.

But - the vaccine will be forced on everyone irrespective of immune status. Anyone who declines will become a pariah and there are plenty of sanctions politicians could use to force compliance. That way the Jewish owned pharma companies will make maximum profits, and they can include a microchip so that they can track everyone who gets the shot (and track down anyone who doesn't). A microchip normally requires a wider bore needle than a straight vaccine. If I'm right about the chips, the pharma companies and politicians will have no trouble coming up with an excuse to explain the wider bore needles for corona vaccines.

It's just like the veterinary industry. Pet owners are brainwashed into believing their pets need their bodies pumped full of yearly toxins like unnecessary vaccines, flea and tick treatments and heartworm treatments, all made by the same pharma fatcats who are pushing corona vaccines on humans. Yearly vaccines and pest control products are the biggest money makers in the vet industry. However, these toxins shorten the lives of pets and cause a plethora of health problems. Holistic vets titer pets instead, and don't vaccinate unless the titer comes up negative. Any holistic vet will tell you that most cats and dogs receive lifelong immunity from their puppy/kitten shots and don't need yearly shots. Even the flea, tick and heartworm products are not needed unless the animal is outdoors a lot in a rural area and exposed to bugs and mosquitoes.

Just wait until Gates and the vaccine conglomerates start forcing yearly vaccines on humans, and at our expense. They'll tell people that we'll get new "waves" of mutated coronaviruses and therefor will "need" yearly corona vaccines ad infinitum. We will be just like our pets, forced to submit to deadly toxins being pumped into our bodies in order to fatten the pockets of kosher pharma conglomerates.