Saturday, June 6, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Fabulous Video Explains WHY This Bullshit Pandemic Must Die!

I continue to get a lot of emails and comments sent my way that have a wide assortment of videos and articles attached to them... Again, I do want to thank my readers so much for their continuing support, especially now that I have turned into one pissed off mother fucker of a truth seeker who is continuing to be fucking mad as hell and not wanting to take this pandemic bullshit any more!

Well, beyond my explicit and quite colourful language, I do hope that everyone is also as mad as hell and wanting this bullshit to end.... BUT we are right now watching the fuckers who brought us "phase  one" being of  course this fraud "virus" now switching gears and continuing with their equally bullshit "race riots" that too many stupid people everywhere have fallen for.....   It seems to be a continuing twisted game by these fuckers who want us all enslaved to their criminal wishes, and I do hope that everyone gets the message that we must NOT fight amongst each other but aim our fight and our anger at the criminals responsible for the  riots!

Well, I was sent earlier today the following great video that is entitled: "COVID-19 Lockdowns Are Dead" and has a young lady from the One America News Network lay it all out about how this bullshit pandemic has to end.... Here in fact is that video, and I have my own thoughts and comments about this video to follow:

NTS Notes: Honestly, THIS is real news reporting and not the crapola that we are forced to somehow swallow from the Jewish controlled media!

And this young lady does give some of the best examples about the entire hypocrisy happening right now as these fraud rioters from that abominable "Black Lives Matter" group run by George Soros are being allowed to commit the heinous crimes against America and not being at all subjected to police intervention, while most Americans are still locked up in their homes like caged animals over a virus that does not even exist!

I too have seen this type of bullshit right here in Manitoba, as I have shown in my previous articles how the STUPID idiots in this province went like the dumb ass sheep they are to attend one of those bullshit "Black Lives Matter" rallies and were NOT practicing either the fraud of social distancing nor the need to keep to under '50 people" in that gathering... Those facts alone prove that this entire "pandemic" is and always has been a fraud and has to die now...

Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic is dead... But tell that to our criminal politicians who continue to run with the fraud and continue to destroy our nations... People do desperately need to rise up NOW and go after these criminals to bring back freedom in our societies.. For doing nothing now will only allow these fuckers to continue their evil and twisted pursuit of allowing their "tribal" and criminal masters to put us all into what will surely be a Communist state where our very futures will be dead...

I am always reminded of the statement: "When peaceful revolution is no longer possible, violent revolution quickly follows"..... A revolution may indeed be our only hope, BUT that revolution has to be directed against the criminals at the top of the criminal pyramid that actually do control our governments.... Going after the ones below that follow their masters' orders like poodles will only leave those master criminals at the top of the pyramid where they will undoubtably continue their tyranny.

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RickB said...

Saying it's dead and following lock-down rules... and wearing face masks doesn't make it much dead.

Where I live, everyone's wearing face masks. CNN & MSNBC are still pitching it wholeheartedly.

I just sold a bike today and turned it over in front of a large chain grocery store. To my utter chagrin... everybody.... everybody.... was wearing face masks.

CNN & MSNBC are still pitching the pandemic as they cheer on the Black Lives Matters rioters. They're praising them for their courage to do it in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

Ahhh.. can you see a huge dangerous spike in covid cases coming up... as a result of these courage riots for justice?

RickB said...

I won't believe what my lying eyes showed me today in front of the grocery store... or the BLM protest in my tiny village.

I up your positive, fabulous video with the Christian Whistle Blower, Jeffery Daugherty's latest: ARE YOU TIRED OF WINNING? GET READY TO WIN EVEN MORE! EVEN 'THEY' NOW ADMIT WE'RE WINNING:

I haven't bought any of his magic bracelets. I had an opportunity to buy some of another brand at a gunshow in Illinois where some ex-cons were selling them. They were participating of some private enterprise rehabilitation program.

Bibi said...

I am with you on these brainless masses who are ASLEEP.. they are easily brainwashed...more than ever Inrealize there are so many STUPID PEOPLE on this planet, and it makes me sad as how are we going to evolve if 98% of the planet is ASLEEP..they need to WAKE up and realize that these satanic globalists are trying to make us all into willing slaves...HELL NO!!

Catti said...

If nothing else, these BLM riots are proof that all the fearmongering about corona is pure politically-motivated nonsense.

In Toronto there have been recent breathlessly reported scandals about forbidden crowds forming at formerly public parks. Much pearl clutching, wailing and gnashing of teeth about killing grannies, thousands dropping dead and second waves. Hundreds of draconian fines handed out. None of the fearmongering has come to fruition.

Now we have tens of thousands of sheep and rioters crowding together and not a single pearl clutched. Cops were too busy grovelling to thugs to hand out corona fine tickets. Politicians were too busy grovelling to thugs to squeal about killing white grannies. What's the difference between rioters and innocent park goers, besides their respective propensities to commit crimes? Certainly if contagion truly existed, it would infect both crowds - irrespective of political acceptability.

Another tidbit out of Toronto today - according to CP24 more than half of their 400+ total reported "new" cases are fakes. The tests were taken weeks or months ago, but not "reported to health authorities" until today. But Doug "drunk on power" Ford is still extending the lockdown by another 10 days.