Saturday, June 20, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Eyes Without A Face - Mandatory Mask Madness

Once again... I had to go out earlier today to the local supermarket to get a few things for tomorrow's annual Fathers Day barbecue that I have traditionally done now for 25+ years at my residence... It is something that I enjoy and will not stop doing even with this bullshit "pandemic" out there!

And.. As I was walking the aisles getting a lot of different ingredients, I could not help but notice the supreme IDIOTS there that were still wearing those gawd awful face masks..... It has come to the point now that I do not even bother stopping any of these brain dead morons any more, but instead just mind my own business thinking to myself how FUCKING STUPID these morons truly are!

Yes, I have been combatting the lunacy and idiocy of wearing any fucking face mask during this SCAM-demic, for the reality has always been that wearing those face coverings does nothing more than POISON the wearer with his/her own Carbon Dioxide and other toxic substances that their bodies are trying to expel.. And of course the face masks also are USELESS against any organism as small as 'viruses'.... Therefore I stand firm in my statements at this blog that you must RESIST the need for masks and when some idiot claims that they are 'mandatory', use any reason you can to make sure you do not put the damn things on your faces!

Well... I continue to receive a wide range of videos from so many readers, and once again I want to thank you all for those videos.... And one in particular did catch my attention, thanks to an astute email once again, and I want to share that one with every one of my readers here.. .This one is entitled: "Eyes Without A Face - Mandatory Mask Madness" and does a most excellent job of showing the idiocy of wearing face masks... Here is that video, and I absolutely do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Well, what more can I say?  

I have been in a battle for so long now with the morons out there that still wear face masks, and to those who refuse to see the reality of the idiocy of wearing the damn things and the truth that this COVID-19 "pandemic" is and always has been a scam, then I cannot them any more... You basically can not fix stupid...

Once again, please make copies of this video and spread it around to others.. For I can guarantee the bastards over at Youtube will soon have this one removed like they have with so many others using their common lie that this one "violates their terms of service"...

We are winning this war against this fraud "pandemic".... All I ask is that others take my articles and give them out to anyone that they see, or send them the links where you can... I have NO qualms at all in sharing any of the material at this blog freely for the fact that this is a war against pure evil and people everywhere deserve the real truths..... Profiting from those truths is to me so immoral and so wrong!...

And a reminder again... Tomorrow's weekend rant may be a bit delayed as it is Fathers Day and I have a LOT of things planned... And a happy Fathers Day to all of the hard working dads out there!

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Catti said...

What I find most idiotic is the fact that many retailers, transit authorities and other customer facing entities are suddenly making masks mandatory while restrictions are being lifted. Yet they weren't imposing masks at the height of the scamdemic. It seems to defy logic, but then again everything about this scamdemic defies logic.

I believe that mandatory masks are nothing more than a fashion statement for businesses. They scream "virtue signalling" to the world. They give the appearance of stopping the spread of disease so the business can't be blamed if a customer or staff member tests positive. The claim is made that if you have a health problem that affects your breathing you can be exempt from complying with the latest fashion statement, but how do you prove you have a breathing problem? It will be interesting to see what happens the first time someone with asthma or COPD is kicked off of a bus or out of a store for not wearing a mask.

I also find it interesting that face shields aren't discussed as an alternative to masks. They actually work better to stop the spread of viruses than masks do, and their effect on breathing is minimal. The trouble with face shields is that they don't act like muzzles to inhibit communication. They don't hide your facial expression, and they don't inhibit speech like masks do. Now we know the real reason masks, and masks only, are being imposed.

FreakedOut said...

Some great info from Dr Kaufman on how to get around not wearing a "mandated" mask.