Friday, June 19, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Excellent Video - Enough Is Enough!

Readers to my blog are fully aware that I have been tracking on a daily basis the reported "number" of supposed "victims" of this fraud COVID-19 right here in my home province of Manitoba.... Those numbers clearly show that there is absolutely NO "pandemic" here at all.... But regardless of that FACT, the criminals in charge of this province continue to lock down its citizens like caged animals and have been using the fucking fraud that their "lock downs" and "social distancing" has "flattened the curve" BS to boot!

Well... Manitoba is not alone in showing that there is zero pandemic.... For I have been watching other nations put out their "numbers" and one place that sticks out like a sore thumb is Australia.....Australia has seen ONLY 102 total "deaths from COVID-19" since the entire nation of over 25 Million people locked itself down in mid-March, and there has not been ONE single death from "COVID-19" in that entire nation in well over a month!  AND much like right here at home, every single "death" associated with this supposed "killer virus" in that entire nation ALL had "underlying issues" meaning that nearly the entire 102 deaths were actually from those other diseases!

To help people understand the reality about this pandemic fraud and how the nation of Australia has indeed shown it to be a massive con, I want to turn to this most interesting video that comes from "Peekay Censored" out of Australia itself... In this video, Peter aka "Peekay" goes over the "official Australian reports" on this COVID-19 scam in detail, ripping their figures apart as he goes... Here in fact is that video for all to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Well... There you have it... An entire nation of 25 MILLION people still locked down for a non-existent "pandemic"... The figures presented do not lie!  And of course these figures are those put out by the Australian government in Canberra and can be seen by anyone with just a few clicks of buttons on anyone's computer through the Internet....

Peekay calls this scam pandemic "BS19" and it has come to the point now that I may too start calling this entire scam exactly that same term, for that is exactly what it is: Bull Shit 19 !.....

I also can guarantee the criminals behind Youtube will not let this video exist for too long, for the fact that it lays out the truth for all to see... Better to keep the sheep in the dark and claim that this video "violated their terms of service" rather than allow people to wake the fuck up!

Honestly, I do wonder what it will take to get the morons out there to wake up from their slumber and realize that they have all been conned.... I do worry that the brainwashing by the liars in the Jewish controlled media has now been so intense and caused so much permanent brain damage in people, that even if the truth is told to them they will not believe it at all!

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COVID-19 Hoax - The Crime of The Century Jun 19, 2020

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