Monday, June 29, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Criminals Still Trying To Link This Pandemic Bullshit To The Fraud Of Climate Change - Claim COVID-19 Recovery Can Be The Vaccine For Climate Change (!)

I have been focusing so much on this entire pandemic scam for the last few months that I have indeed overlooked so many other SCAMS that are still out there... One is of course the fraud of "Climate Change".... And yes, the criminals pushing that fraud are still out there, but have not been noticed over the last while because the criminals are pushing their fraud of this scam-demic first and foremost..

We did see some recent articles that showed how that heinous little bitch, and newest patron saint of the fraud "Climate Change" bullshit, Greta Thunberg, did try to keep her relevancy by somehow claiming that there are 'links' between this fraud scam-demic and of course her ludicrous Climate Change agenda... But thankfully she has once again disappeared (at least for the moment..), but I can guarantee this foul creature is still lurking in the shadows....

But of course there are those out there that are still trying to link this scam-demic and the fraud of "Climate Change"... And apparently the criminals behind the "World Economic Forum" that of course met earlier at Davos island in Greece have their own website at, and are out there pushing their One World government agenda, and recently put forward an article that does indeed attempt to link this scam-demic to their criminal Climate Change agenda!  Here in fact is the link to that vomiting article here:

I also noticed that Youtube user, Peekay Censored, picked up on this criminal agenda of trying to link the scam-demic with their other fraud of Climate Change as well, and produced a new video that rips that sickening agenda apart... Here in fact is that video, and I have a few extra thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I knew that the pricks in charge would not give up on their pet project of "Climate Change" and would continue to periodically inject that agenda in with this bullshit pandemic!

The danger is that we have so many gullible people that have swallowed the COVID-19 scam-demic, that they would be ripe to also be now brainwashed with this Climate Change bullshit....

And as Peekay pointed out in his comments in the video, we find the master criminals in charge, including Bill Gates, out there now spearheading both of these agendas!  

The madness of this scam-demic continues... But apparently now they are throwing in their Climate Change bullshit as well.....

More to come


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