Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: COVID- Fake Study, Fake Drug, Fake Land Of Loons

Well, I guess it is back to blasting the bullshit pandemic once more..... I have tried to get away from that complete and utter bullshit, but I find myself drawn back into the battle when new information does come my way......

Many have asked me about my thoughts on Hydroxychloroquine, and honestly I do believe the stuff works for the fact that the scumbags behind this pandemic fraud have been putting out some terrible propaganda for months now claiming that the stuff does NOT work... Thus because those bastards are nothing but liars and wanting the scam pandemic to continue, I can safely say that Hydroxychloroquine works against Coronaviruses as claimed....

And with the recent reports about how "The Lancet" put out articles about two weeks ago, claiming that Hydroxychloroquine was a fraud, and then quickly rescinded their entire arguments against that Malaria treatment drug being used against Coronaviruses, I again can state that the fuckers in charge are indeed wanting to vilify that cheap treatment for killing Coronaviruses as they absolutely want to have everyone take their mandatory vaccines instead!

Now onto the subject at hand... I want to present the following article that comes once again from Jon Rappoport's website "No More Fake News" at, that is entitled: "COVID: Fake Study, Fake Drug, Fake Land Of Loons" that takes a good look at how not only Hydroxychloroquine has been purposely vilified by the criminals behind the  pandemic scam, but also  looks at a key component of our population, aka College Students, and how so many of them have been brainwashed by all of this COVID-19 bullshit as well.... Here is that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

COVID: Fake study, Fake drug, Fake land of loons

by Jon Rappoport

June 10, 2020

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As many of you know, a major study on the drug, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), has been retracted by the Lancet, a mere 13 days after it was published. That might be a world record.

The study, using a gigantic data set of 96,000 patients in 671 hospitals, concluded the drug was useless for treating COVID-19 patients, and posed health dangers.

The study (briefly) had the effect of convincing medical professionals, governments, media, and the public that HCQ was a total failure. A COVID drug would have to come from somewhere else.

Only one problem:

The authors of the study and the Lancet reviewers now confess the data can’t be found. The strong suggestion is, the data never existed.

The relentless and brilliant journalist, Celia Farber, covers the whole sordid story at She points out that “Remdesivir, [the toxic COVID drug] ‘touted’ by Anthony Fauci…costs $1,000 per pill, whereas HCQ’s generic price is $0.64.” That’s called a clue.

And, of course, the plan is to keep the whole COVID farce going long enough to make the Bill Gates vaccine the primary instrument of treatment, through “prevention.”

The next part of this article was prompted by a story a friend told me: a graduate student, when informed about the Lancet retraction, blew up and said, “Don’t you care about SCIENCE?” Scratching an inch below the surface of his non-sequitur outburst, his meaning was clear—he hates Trump, Trump said he was taking HCQ, so HCQ must be terrible, so the discredited Lancet study must actually be accurate. And that’s science. Isn’t this charming? And how many thousands of dollars did this student’s education cost?

So let’s focus on one sector of the massive population of loons who are dutifully wearing masks and trudging down life’s path hypnotized by the COVID myth:

College students.

Several years ago, I posted a staggering statistic from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): “More than 25 percent of college students have been diagnosed or treated by a professional for a mental health condition within the past year.”

Aside from the zombifying effects of the psychiatric drugs (made even more dangerous by any effort to quickly withdraw from them), the students gain a new perspective from the mental-disorder diagnosis: they’re victims. And now a COVID pandemic? They can wear their masks and deepen that self-image. Wonderful.

Big Brother has given them a psychiatric diagnosis, meds, and an excuse for not succeeding in life. Big Brother has also given millions of them student loans. An illusion of a free ride.

Victim mindset, free ride. Perfect.

Throw off those COVID masks? Not a chance. That would suggest the possibility of independence. Goes against victimhood.

Victims try and whine and moan but never really succeed. That lifestyle sounds interesting. Put it on. Have fun with it. Adjust attitudes. Become a “heroic victim.” Who knew there was such an option?

Who is Big Brother? The college students hazily think about who is supplying them with the “free” psychiatric meds, who is issuing orders about the pandemic, and who is handing out their loans. Seems to be the government on all counts. OK, love Big Brother, love the government. Done.

If these students are learning anything at all in college, what is it? Well, at the top of the list would be: “science is truth.” Simple, easy, graspable.
In this “pandemic,” who is the main figure? Who is the one who SEEMS to be on the side of science, with no political ax to grind? Fauci.

Well, good. Fauci represents the government, Big Brother. Love Fauci. Follow Fauci.

Where are the students’ brothers and sisters in the cult of victims? Where are they to be found, whining and bitching and moaning? On Twitter. Good. Love Twitter. Quick, easy, no thinking necessary. Type three sentences, that’s work for the day. Whew. Relax.

Watch YouTube videos. Let the images and the voiceover flow by.

Creative vision, energy, ambition, logic? Empty words from a gone world.

Besides, AI is taking over everything. An automatic system from Big Brother. 

No effort necessary.

“Going outside for a few minutes now. Put on my mask. No problem. When I’m out on the street, all I do is look at my cell phone anyway. Just need to stay six feet apart. I can do that. Victim hero behind the mask.”

The student vaguely remembers a moment last year when he was at the museum and stopped at a painting by Goya. It ripped his heart out. It sent torrents of energy up his spine. But…the memory passes. The meds kick in. 

That was life as it used to be.

No more. Now it’s signs and signals of social justice and the cell phone and twitter and the drugs and the mask and the victimhood and the loans and Fauci and the pandemic, etc., etc.





Note: the NAMI figure of 25%, which I found several years ago and cited above in this article, seems to have been scrubbed from search engines. NAMI is now pegging the figure at closer to 20%.

Instead of accepting diagnoses of made-up mental disorders, parents seeking to understand their children’s anxieties at college ought to consider the following: “…National Center for Education Statistics [is] reporting that many 12th grade students in the United States are reading and writing at a fifth grade level. Many college students take transitional coursework to improve their literacy skills in their first year of college. The National Center for Education Statistics reported that about one third of first-year college students take transitional courses… At some post-secondary institutions [colleges], the percentage of first-year students who enroll in transitional classes is as high as 60%…”:


NTS Notes: I too can understand why big Pharma is vilifying Hydroxychloroquine simply for the fact that they cannot PROFIT from that drug for the fact that it is readily available and costs pennies per treatment as compared to their thousands of dollars for THEIR 'treatments' that do NOT work at all...

And up here in Canada, I only began to notice recently so many young people of post secondary and college age also wearing those gawd awful face masks... I had originally noticed a lot of older people wearing those stupid face masks, but am indeed shocked that so many young  people have been so heavily brainwashed and  are indeed going about wearing those things like as if they were some kind of "status symbols"... Stupidity is not a status symbol at all....

And Jon is right in that the propaganda that so many young people are inundated on a daily basis through the frauds of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, are also in on the fraud and many of their 'sites" promote the usage of face masks..... It does show once again how I have been right about the need for people to steer clear of those bullshit "social media" outlets and their propaganda!

More to come



Catti said...

Re the face masks. Throughout this scamdemic masks have been optional, in fact in the beginning we were told NOT to wear them.

Now that the scam is coming to light, lockdowns are being loosened and the numbers of "new" infections are dropping, suddenly everyone from retailers to transit authorities is insisting "masks mandatory!"

Another clue is the fact that the BLM rioters are all conveniently wearing masks, but for them it's identity concealment while they loot and riot. Otherwise all of those rules and regulations about assembly and going to formerly public parks have been tossed aside, at least for the rioters.

I notice that fewer adults and boomers in Toronto seem to be wearing masks. I went shopping today and few people were wearing masks. As usual, the boomers who were wearing them had them pulled down to expose their noses anyway. People are getting fed up with this nonsense.

Now the role of masks has changed, from "protection against infection" to "symbols of subservience and brainwashing". Get on your knees, shut up and keep your masks on, goyim - or else.

Tribe of Dab said...

You know if we could find a look-alike for Bill Gates we could " False Flag his Ass". Hoax that fucker good.

Tribe of Dab said...

Off topic NTS, but have looked into that seattle/anifa thingy going on?
I didn't make enough popcorn for this seasons false flags. Comedy is so jewish.