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The COVID-19 Bullshit: COVID-19 And Riots - The Operational Connections!

Well, it does appear it is back to throwing the pandemic in our faces for the Jew spew media... The criminals in charge were well aware that their "pandemic" was very possibly turning into a disaster as more and more people were becoming AWARE that it was all a fraud and done for POLITICAL purposes and NOT for the "good of the people".... But with their failure to get their "plan B" rolling in terms of those equally fraudulent "race wars" in America from a bullshit 'Murder video" of a washed up porn star and drug addict (The more people investigate this "George Floyd" character, the more real problems that this clown had comes out....) that was most definitely used as a "crisis actor" and may in fact still be very much alive (faking deaths is not that hard to do in this day and age!)...

It has been troubling times as I have indeed watched a LOT of the "protests" across both the US and even up here in Canada in terms of "supporting George Floyd" and all I can do is shake my head in disgust as so many idiots out there swallowed the bullshit "murder video" without even using common sense and logic..... But again, all the "anger" and "hate" that we have been watching over the last week is now winding down, and the criminals in charge are now turning everyone's attention back to the fraud pandemic...  They cannot let any crisis that they create go to waste, apparently.

I came across the following new article from Jon Rappoport through his blog over at, that I do want to share with my own readers...... This one is entitled: "COVID-19 And Riots: The Operational Connections" and gives some pretty good facts about how these two scams were indeed  very much intertwined over the last while, as both had the same goal of the shutting down of America as their goals... Here in fact is that article right here in its entirety for all to see, and I do have as always my own thoughts and comments about this article to follow:

COVID-19 and Riots: the operational connections

by Jon Rappoport
June 4, 2020

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The COVID-19 operation was fraying badly:

Protests against the lockdowns were expanding.

The public-health measures (distancing, isolation, masks) were being attacked from all sides, as unnecessary, useless, overbearing, and unscientific.

Many mainstream researchers, doctors, and even public health officials were exposing the fact that the pandemic was no pandemic at all. The adjusted case and death numbers didn’t warrant excessive concern.

It was becoming obvious that the players setting the COVID agenda were there simply because they had been appointed to high posts; not because they were perceptive or honest scientists. In other words, COVID was political.

On top of all this, economies were beginning to re-open; for the public, that was the main focus, not the threat of catching a disease.

There was a great need for an operational shift. How and why didn’t particularly matter, as long as the populace was riveted by some new catastrophe.

This shift would also stall the economic engine (again). After all, stripping away the mountain of lies about COVID, the core at the center of it WAS an economic attack.

And now it’s been done. All across America. Riots, burning, looting, violence, race conflict, curfews.

A new reason for a different form of lockdown.

The daily protests in the streets overtake and replace the former protests against the COVID lockdown.

One operation covers another.

Television news producers wipe all the COVID coverage off one side of the screen, and bring riot coverage in from the other side of the screen. It’s exactly like theatrical scene shifts on stage, between act one and act two of a play, as the crew rapidly moves flats and props while the certain is down.

Elite Global planners like Bill Gates obviously think this is their moment. Under the pretext of the COVID story they’ve created, they want to install the next phase of their technocratic Brave New World.

Planetary surveillance, at a level that supersedes the present system—deploying thousands of new satellites—is the leading edge of this phase. “We must do it, in order to mount an early warning system for new pandemics.”

Kicking technocracy into a higher gear requires sustaining the COVID fairy tale. Since that tale was falling apart, hide it under the storm of the George Floyd riots and protests sweeping across America.

Covering one operation with another is standard business in the covert ops field. The 9/11 attacks in 2001 were, as planned, followed by justified wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. “That’s where the terrorists have their bases.” 

Among other purposes, the wars cemented in place the false 9/11 narrative and guaranteed that narrative a place in history.

Among other purposes, the Great Depression of the 1930s covered and buried the planned 1929 crash of the stock market.

Consider this fictional illustration. In an area of forest 30 miles from a town, people discover a large patch of dead trees. Some have fallen over. Others, leafless and gray, are still standing. At first, no one takes action. Then, it’s obvious the patch is growing larger. More trees are falling down. More branches and leaves are drying up and dropping on the ground.

This event is an operation.

It needs a second operation to cover it. And here it is:

The town newspaper, aided by pronouncements from local officials, runs a story about a fire. There was a fire in that part of the forest. It was “so severe and hot, its effects are still being felt.” NOW, people begin arguing about the cause of the fire. It was a lightning hit. Someone set a blaze, using flammable liquid that burned at an exceptionally high temperature. Drug dealers fought with one another and burned up the drugs.

Actually, six months ago, a town firm that secretly sells a dangerous and illegal pesticide, believing they were about to get busted, sent employees with drums of the poison into the forest to dump them. That’s what happened. 

That was the first operation.

But the second op, the fire story, is now so ingrained in minds, few people will consider there was no fire…THERE HAD TO BE A FIRE.

And just to make sure, agents of the pesticide company now set a few fires in the surrounding area of mountains. The town paper runs a story: “Who is setting ALL THESE fires?”

One operation covers another.

There are different variations on this central theme. Sometimes the second op is laid on to justify or explain the first one. Sometimes the second op simply smothers the first one.

Regardless, covers work. They’re used. They grab attention, cause fear, shift focus away from an op that is running out of steam or is about to be exposed.

In the middle of a city, a great edifice stands. It took a hundred years to build. Every day, when citizens pass by it, they salute, they leave offerings, they even kneel and pray. It’s clearly understood that this magnificent structure will last forever.

But one day, people notice one wall is beginning to crumble. Stones have been falling out. There are holes. And when people peer in, they see empty dusty rooms, and smell acrid odors. This news must be spread to the populace.

But suddenly, out of nowhere, a great mob appears. They’re carrying torches and setting fire to other structures.

Run. Hide. THIS is a terrible threat. This is the true crisis. Not the hundred years of deception.

NTS Notes: Another spot on article by Jon IMHO...

I have always looked at these incidents as multi faceted and well designed in advance... The criminals were planning their pandemic fraud for  decades now, and had much of their plans for shutting down our societies well planned in advance as well..

And again, they had their "plan B" designed and planned in advance for the race riots.. They brought in their agent provocateurs into the cities that they had targeted and had placed the weapons that they had planned for their 'rioters' to do as much destruction as possible aka the "piles of bricks" ready to go and placed exactly where they wanted their riots to occur....

The problem that I see is how easily so many people got hoodwinked again by the "George Floyd murder video" that was so bad and so poorly done that even a child would see the fraud for themselves... But it shows that most Americans are just too dumbed down and susceptible to the propaganda of hate and the spewing of trash coming out  by the liars in the Media that helped to fuel the riots, to even notice....

I do wonder though what will be on the horizon now for the criminals?  Is there a "plan C" that they are contemplating  using?  Or are they about to try their 'second wave' tactic that they have been 'warning' people about in terms of their fraud pandemic and have that unleashed on the world shortly to further wreck our planet?   Stay tuned, for we may found out very shortly..

More to come


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