Saturday, June 27, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Another Video Blows Mask Wearing To Hell - Anti-Maskers: Right Or Selfish?

I am continuing with my constant attacks against this COVID-19 pandemic bullshit.... It is indeed a war now for humanity's freedom as the criminals that have created the pandemic scam are absolutely wanting their scam-demic to continue, especially now with their 'second wave' bullshit, until they have turned everyones' minds to pure mush and filled with fear and more fear..... Then they will unleash their "vaccine" that will indeed modify human beings into mindless drones for the rest of their lives!

And I continue to get a LOT of links, articles, and even videos, sent my way over the last while and I am doing my best to put up the best of them here at this blog for everyone to see for themselves and also to have them pass the information contained to everyone else....

One astute reader sent me the link earlier today to an important video that was actually released two days ago... This one contains an important interview conducted between Del Bigtree from 'The Highwire" and a Doctor Rancourt who is both a researcher and a member of the Ontario Canada Civil Liberties Association.... This video is entitled: "Anti-Maskers: Right Or Selfish?" and does indeed expose more of the stupidity of wearing a face mask!  Here is that video, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: This is another great one that definitely blows holes in the arguments that we should wear face masks during this fraud scam-demic, definitely!

And once again I do wonder how  long this one will survive over at Youtube, for the bastards in control over there are still wiping out so many videos that do not suit their criminal agenda of supporting this entire pandemic scam, and are using the excuse that these type of videos somehow violate their "standards of service"!  If you can, make copies of this video to make sure it does indeed survive that "purge"!

I see every day up here in central Canada the most stupid, ignorant, and moronic, fools imaginable wearing gawd awful face masks everywhere I go.... I used to try to knock some sense in those idiots by being straight forward in describing how the masks will actually destroy their health, but all I get these days is pure belligerence and thus I have given up on these fools.... We in the know can only do our best to spread the message, knowing that the Jewish controlled media outlets and their propaganda has indeed be so overwhelming these days with their brainwashing.....

Please spread this video and other articles from this blog to others.... It is indeed a war now for our very future and the future of our children!

More to come


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