Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Absolute Bombshell - Must See As Members Of Brazilian Parliament Break Into FAKE "COVID Centre" and Find ZERO Patients!

For the longest time, I have been tracking all of the "official numbers" for nations around the world in regards to their 'number of COVID-19 patients' and there have been a LOT of questions as to how those nations actually count their numbers and how they not only assess those who "test positive" but also how they classify their "deaths by COVID-19" as well...

To me there has been a lot of "distortions" and untruths in regards to "official numbers" everywhere, as it has become apparent that so many nations have been falsely claiming ANYONE who gets submitted to a hospital as "having COVID-19" as well as the crooks and criminals in those nations classifying ALL deaths over the last while as "death by COVID-19"..... This  has proven true in the United States and even up here in Canada as well and therefore calls into question once again IF this is a REAL "pandemic" at all!   I have already concluded a long time ago that we are dealing with absolute BULLSHIT!

Well... To help back up all of my claims that this is NOT a pandemic by a long shot, I  want to turn to a most interesting report that comes from the "State Of The Nation" website, at, where apparently the President of Brazil ordered some of his own members of Parliament in Brazilia to break into a hospital to determine if that hospital was telling the truth about its "reported cases" of COVID-19 "patients, and deaths".....  First, I do want to present that important article right here, for the results will ABSOLUTELY shock a lot of people.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

CAUGHT RED-HANDED! Members of Parliament in Brazil break into hospital and find not one patient (Video)

Just in case this video does not play, the Twitter link is here:

NTS Notes: Honestly, I am NOT shocked at all by the findings of those Brazilian Parliamentarians...

I have checked the recent "numbers" for Brazil, and the criminals in charge have been falsely stating that Brazil is one of the latest "hotbeds" for this COVID-19 bullshit.... The claims have been that Brazil's "pandemic" is nearly out of control and that Brazil must lock down its citizens immediately...

But President Bolsonaro of Brazil is NO fool and has long suspected that the entire World Health Organization is run by criminals for the longest time... That is why Brazil kicked out the "WHO officials" recently and decided NOT to put in the horrible "lock down"rules that so many other nations have stupidly done to their citizens...

But of course the WHO has fought back against Brazil with their claims that Brazil's "COVID-19 victims" is rising at an alarming rate and that Brazil has one of the "highest numbers" of "victims" of this 'deadly disease' on the planet... All this is pure and utter bullshit and lies, as Brazil absolutely does NOT have that many cases of this fraud disease at all!

And even Jim Stone wrote an interesting piece on this fraud over at his website at and I want to present that article here:



Bolsonaro did not believe hospitals were being honest about Corona, had people break into one that claimed to have 5, 000 CORONA patients and the place was empty.

Five members of the Brazilian parlaiment went to hospitals under the orders of Bolsonaro to conduct surprise audits and confirm the number of patients there. One hospital claimed to have 5, 000 people with Coronavirus along with 200 dead. When the officials audited it, they discovered it was not even fully constructed yet and had no patients of any sort, let alone Corona.

The same trend happened at other hospitals that were completed. Though they had patients, there were few, if any, with coronavirus while the hospitals were claiming huge numbers. 
The hospitals are guilty of embezzlement and defrauding the Brazilian government, while attempting to destroy Brazil with a fraud and forced vaccination scheme.

This same fraud is playing out in American hospitals to an even greater scale now - taken to such an extent that whistle blowing nurses are stating the hospitals are killing people on purpose to get the death stats to actionable levels. Coronavirus is likely the greatest scam perpetrated in the history of mankind.

You will NOT hear about this in America's scam MSM, but for A limited time only there's a twitter thread about this, complete with video of the government officials doing the busts. GET WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD.

The bottom line is this:  Brazil like so many other nations that have not fallen for this scam-demic are proving this "COVID-19" bullshit to be such a sham....

I want readers to take this information and show others the truth here that other nations have not all fallen for this horrible trap and locked their people down at all... Brazil has shown the world that this entire pandemic is nothing but a load of crap!

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Freeborn said...

Whoops - Bolisario better watch his step.

Look what happened to the Polish President in 2010 after he made his country the only one to refuse the swine flu vaccine. He died in a plane crash. The Guardian and other official sources blamed it on - wait for it - the Russians!

More recently there's the President of Burundi:

The suspicions of poisoning are probably well-founded in IMHO. That hasn't stopped the Guardian and FT UK outlets suggesting that Burundi was trying to hide the fact that Nkrunziza actually died from - wait for it - COVD-19!

The linked source comes from a group of independent journalists in Belgrade.

Can u tell who is shilling for the NWO/WHO cartel?