Saturday, June 20, 2020

Taking Another Shot At The Ludicrous Race Wars Happening In America: Important Video - How It Came To This!

I have turned off the Jewish controlled media outlets once and for all.... I have had enough of even watching a few minutes of the constant "white bashing" that is happening right across America and has been SPEARHEADED by the Jewish controlled media outlets themselves...

And of course we have the ridiculous notion that "black lives matter" still being pumped out there and filling so many thick heads with that lie... That propaganda has done horrendous damage to Americans and has been purposely aimed at WHITES and has been bombarding the stupid dumb ass sheep out there with the ludicrous notion that white people are ALL GUILTY of 'white privilege' and of course are ALL labeled as "white supremacists"..... Fuck that, for the reality is that this bullshit "Black Lives Matter" bullshit was created and FUNDED by Jewish criminals such as George Soros and is nothing more than a Jewish COMMUNIST movement for the overthrow of the US government and of course to destroy that republic as well...

I was sent the following very important video the other day, and I definitely want to share it with my own readers here.... This one is entitled: "How It Came To This" and is an absolute must see by everyone, for the narrator, Jared Taylor, does indeed summarize very nicely exactly what is happening with these fraud "race wars" and how the aim is indeed the destruction of whites.... Here is that video, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I do agree with Jared Taylor on most of his points he presents in this video.. But once again he misses the key point, which is the fact that the Jewish power elite are definitely the ones driving this "racial war" in America for it is THEY who have long sought the destruction of the white race and have been using blacks as their main weapon to achieve that destruction..

I do hope this video is copied and put up in as many formats as possible... I can guarantee the criminals behind Youtube will eventually take it down like they have so many others claiming this one to be in "violation of their terms of service"... Censorship is still the name of the game at Youtube..

One other note.. .I did get a few comments, which I did expect, coming from idiots out there claiming that I am "racist" for my stance on this bullshit "Black Lives Matter"... I stand firm with facts and only need to show the evidence that they and Antifa are frauds and run by Jewish groups that is available to anyone who does just a bit of research.... Therefore these idiot naysayers are as brain dead as those who believe the BLM crap and have been out there stupidly protesting!

I hope that my fellow white readers out there do not fall for this BLM and other 'racist' crap... We should all be proud of OUR heritage and never ever be ashamed of our achievements.... I want to repeat here, for it is fact, that ALL LIVES MATTER!

More to come


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