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Some Fabulous News! International Community Has Rejected Canada's Attempt To Get A Seat On The UN Security Council!

I have been following the reports over the last while concerning that criminal Prime Minister of this formerly free nation called Canada, Justin Trudeau, and his grovelling to other nations in a vain attempt to secure Canada's seat on the United Nations Security Council....

I put up several articles already at this blog over the last while covering the sheer audacity of that scumbag, Justin, as he was working so hard in trying to secure votes by other nations for Canada to get that seat at the UN Security Council... In fact it became a running joke here in Canada that Justin was stupidly focusing so much of his attention on getting that seat, rather than focusing on the plight of Canadians back at home who were being shattered by his government's ignorance and stupidity in pushing the COVID-19 bullshit!

I had hoped that good ol' Justin would be crushed and have egg all over his face by the nations of this planet rejecting Canada's UN Security Council bid... And I do want to announce that YES, Justin's vain attempt to get that seat has failed miserably!!

I want to present the following article from the Edmonton Sun online news service, at, that gives the great details on how Justin Trudeau has been CRUSHED by his vain attempt to get that seat on the UN Security Council, right here for everyone to see for themselves... And I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Canada loses bid for seat on UN Security Council, finishing third to Norway and Ireland in vote

Canada had 108 votes, while Norway was first with 130 and Ireland garnered 128 votes. Ireland had just enough votes to prevent a second ballot run-off

OTTAWA – The Liberal government lost a four–year bid for a UN Security Council seat Wednesday, a humbling experience after a high-profile campaign led by the prime minister.
Canada finished third, behind Norway and Ireland in the race for two seats on the Security Council.
After the vote Justin Trudeau, who had embarked on securing the seat with a “Canada is back” rallying cry, said it had been a worthwhile exercise.
“We listened and learned from other countries, which opened new doors for cooperation to address global challenges, and we created new partnerships that increased Canada’s place in the world,” he said.
Conservative leader Andrew Scheer called the loss a foreign policy failure.
“He sold out Canada’s principles for a personal vanity project and we still lost,” he said. “What a waste.”
The final tally had Canada losing with 108 votes. Norway was first with 130 and Ireland garnered 128 votes. Countries needed two thirds majority support — 128 votes of the 192 ballots cast — which meant Ireland reached just the necessary number of votes to prevent a second ballot run-off on Thursday.
Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne, who drove to New York to help with the vote, said the campaign raised Canada’s stature in the world.
“We are proud of the campaign we conducted over the last four years,” he said. “This campaign allowed us to renew and strengthen many of our bilateral relations.”
Champagne declined to point to specific factors for the defeat and applauded the diplomatic staff who worked on it. He said Canada’s foreign policy goals including a focus on climate change and gender equality were well received at the UN.
Canada’s UN ambassador Marc-André Blanchard said the group Canada competed in was always competitive and Ireland and Norway were specifically strong.
“It is always very competitive, the races are right and this year was no different,” he said. “We were working against two countries that had a strength and had something to offer.”
We listened and learned from other countries
NDP foreign affairs critic Jack Harris said the defeat was further proof that the Trudeau government was not living up to international expectations.
“Prime Minister Trudeau announced in 2015 that “Canada is back!” but there is little to show for it,” he said.
Harris said the Trudeau government had failed to commit to international aid or peacekeeping efforts and had routinely failed to condemn human rights abuses.
“We need to show Canadians and the world that we can have the kind of impact that Canadians expect and the world needs.”
Conservative foreign affairs critic Leonna Alleslev called the vote a repudiation of the government’s entire foreign affairs policy.
“Clearly this Liberal government’s failure to pursue a principled foreign policy by abandoning our allies and cozying up to dictators has left Canada alone on the world stage.”
The bid for a Security Council seat was one of the top priorities of Trudeau’s foreign policy, and winning, not just campaigning for a seat, was listed among the top items on Champagne’s mandate letter.
Canadians expect for us to be involved in the world
The loss on Wednesday is the culmination of a four-year campaign that cost Canadians at least $2 million directly related to the bid.
Trudeau’s trip to Africa earlier this year was seen as part of the bid and the government has increased foreign aid commitments and sent Canadian troops to participate in a UN mission in Mali to garner support. Canada’s campaign started later than either Norway or Ireland’s efforts.
Before the vote was announced Wednesday, Trudeau said Canada would remain engaged in the world regardless of how it turned out.
“Canadians expect for us to be involved in the world. I’ve seen the impact Canada can have on the world stage, through the G7, the G20, our leadership in multilateral fora at a time where there are large countries withdrawing a bit from the global stage,” he said.
The defeat is more pronounced that Canada’s last failed attempt to garner a seat. In 2010, Canada lost to Germany and Portugal. During the first ballot of that race, Canada had 114 votes, behind Germany at 128 and Portugal at 121.
That vote went to a second ballot where Canada’s support diminished to just 78 votes to Portugal’s 113. Stephen Harper’s government withdrew Canada’s name allowing Portugal to claim the seat.
The last time Canada held a seat was 1999 – 2000.
In addition to Norway and Ireland, Mexico and India also garnered seats and two African nations, Kenya and Djibouti will go to a second ballot to determine a victor. The new members will start two-year terms in January.
NTS Notes:  I honestly feel so vindicated and so happy that this ass clown lost his attempt to get on the UN Security Council and do nothing more than be another poodle nation for criminal Jewish interests and especially for the heinous and most evil state of Israel...

Honestly, Canada absolutely did NOT even deserve to get that many votes and end up in third place, but thankfully even that did not give Canada its much 'cherished' seat at the UN.... The leaders of other nations are NOT that stupid and know full well that Justin Trudeau is nothing but an Israel controlled poodle and ass clown that would sell his country out in a heartbeat to that criminal state in an instant...  Therefore they all rightfully rejected Canada's bid and gave it to Norway instead..

The bottom line is this:  I am laughing so hard that this fool put all of this effort in sucking up to other nations that it became ludicrous... And now his stupidity shows as he has nothing but egg on his face for this failing...

Maybe it is time for this ass clown to actually get back to work here in Canada and concentrate on matters that Canadians care about, and actually tried for a change to be a Prime Minister!   I doubt if he can even do that, and I again do wonder what in the fuck the people of this country were thinking when they voted him back into the Prime Minister's office back in October of last year?

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greencrow said...


Watch for le Dauphin to shave off his beard and trim his hair now that this character role is over. There was a Toronto Star opinion poll released a couple of days ago that said that only 27% of Canadians wanted Canada to win the UNSC seat. All the rest believed, as you and I do, that Canada getting the seat would only lead to more years of humiliation on the world stage--as Canada toadied after USrael and tried to "regime change" the leaders of Venezuela and other countries.

The saddest part of the whole episode is that, while the Conservatives are crowing that Trudeau lost the seat due to abysmal foreign policies...if they were in power they would have exactly the same policies...perhaps worse. And the NDP is no better either.

Canada is functionally leaderless.