Monday, June 22, 2020

Seattle: Pretext For Martial Law!

Well.. The so called 'race riot" in Seattle Washington is continuing I see.... The facts are though that these "protestors" do not have a fucking clue as to what the heck they are doing... They have destroyed blocks of the city of Seattle and are still continuing their so called "autonomous zone" with the full support of the Communist sicko mayor of that city, and I for one am surprised that the US Government itself has not stepped in to put an end to that insanity.... But this insanity cannot go on much longer, for these idiotic Communist insurgents in that "autonomous zone" need supplies including food, clothing, etc, to continue to operate and those supplies are indeed about to run out shortly....

I have been trying to understand what in the hell has been happening in the United States and how the hell it got to this point that entire cities are being ripped apart by the most stupid people imaginable.... And to help solve some of the questions associated with this turmoil, I want to turn to a brand new article that once again comes courtesy of my American colleague, John Kaminski, through his website at This one is entitled: "Seattle: Pretext For Martial Law"  with the subheading of "An Object Lesson In Social Trickery" and is a must see by everyone for it does indeed answer some of the bigger questions about exactly what is happening to the United States right now... Here is that article right here in its entirety, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

An object lesson
in social trickery
One day soon we will sorely regret relinquishing our freedom so easily.
Seattle is a clever pretext to institute martial law in America’s cities. Nothing happens by accident, President Roosevelt once warned us.
Today we see scenes playing out that were they scripted in fiction would be regarded as preposterously fake scenarios. Yet now we see them springing up like toxic weeds all over America. Deliberately triggered chaos spawns senseless terror inflicted at random. Got to earn that paycheck from your Jewish billionaire sponsor.
This is the real epidemic — terror of meaninglessness, of having your life mean nothing, which fuels the animal rage imported from the darkest parts of savage Africa. This is the force — an indefinable and ungovernable rage, a hatred born of centuries of desperation — you are now watching destroy the American republic for good.
Do you see anyone on the horizon able to calm the hordes and direct the nation back toward peace and tranquility? No. Not a one. It’s all military expenditures and pork barrel productions with them. Congressmen all get incredibly rich despite relatively modest salaries during their time in Washington.
The only ones left standing are the Jews with all the money. They already have the U.S. locked up along with most of the rest of the world. Everyone depends on their trickery for maximum profits. Everyone believes that stealing from the poor is the way to get rich. And they’re the ones funding the riots, because the bankers, all of a certain ethnic insanity, have always wanted communism throughout the world.
Free speech impedes profits, I believe is their motto.
And the priests stand by silently, their mouths zipped tight by their non profit status.
The system is way broken. And nobody is really trying to fix it. They all want something else. And they all want different ways of fixing what is most assuredly a deliberately designed, finely executed manipulative masterpiece of getting the public to do what the manipulators want, to behave and give thanks for the crumbs they receive from their omnipotent masters.
It is simultaneously the pattern of all human history as well as the shape our future is rapidly resembling, with unlimited profits for the few and endless misery for the hungry majority. It guarantees perpetual conflict, which creates the optimum conditions for profit, and especially illegal profits.
Putting people on welfare, or giving them paychecks for not working, guarantees minimal criticism of government affairs. The world’s media have been bought off — or operated by covert forces — since the John Adams presidency. The government wants a sleeping populace. All governments don’t really care if you ever wake up.
In fact, they (and I do include Bill Gates) are planning to have many of you not wake up at all, ever again, the way they did those nursing home patients in New York City, finding a good way to get rid of them with ventilators. Who would have thought it was possible, especially with all the hospitals empty and laying off personnel?
And still, the penchant for masks and lockdowns remains. I swear some people are proud of wearing their masks, they think it’s patriotic; they don’t realize it’s bad for their health to do that and their government won’t tell them that.
They also don’t realize that masks are the physical symbol of separation of a formerly united people, furthering our alienation from each other, just what the Jews want.
A government that no longer makes any sense orders people to stay apart yet permits rapes and murders in downtown Seattle with no response.
How many times do you need to get hammered over the head with something to realize you have been listening to the wrong people, yes, those people who only repeat what they are told to say by people who can buy things you never even imagined were for sale?
How much of your country do they have to steal before you realize they’re not acting in your best interests?
They have found a new way to control us, by insisting they have discovered (they never say they made it themselves) a new disease so dangerous that everybody must stay in their houses and six feet away from everybody else. To this point, all the statistics have revealed their fraud.
Today, some months after the original lockdown began and with government-mandated precautions fading into history, the mythmakers are predicting a resurgence in the autumn of this disease they have deliberately created themselves and inflicted on the world. And punished everyone else in the process.
Would you say this is a government that can be trusted? How can they create a vaccine when they’re not really sure they have ID’d the problem? Same with the tests? What do they show? It’s ambivalent and meaningless. Yet the public meekly rolls up their sleeves.
Now they have chosen to conduct an experiment in the middle of Seattle, a 6-block square of downtown that police have agreed not to enter. And now reports of rapes and murder waft out of what the future of American cities looks like (along with all the diseased West Coast cities).
Trump will look really good bringing in the troops and rescuing all those beleaguered people.
Maybe we should ask some people from overseas, yes, maybe some from countries that have experienced how U.S. troops take over a whole city, maybe a few folks from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. Oh right, I forgot, that’s what the Democrats are already doing.
I said this would happen. All that violence we have inflicted overseas has now come home to our own homes. We brought it here ourselves by not demanding a higher level of truthfulness from our leaders, and also from ourselves.
It may be that most Americans don’t really realize what they have done to the world. But it’s certain that at this moment in time, the rest of the world is here to tell us.
The worst thing the U.S. could do right now is to start shooting someone somewhere. Because that is the philosophy that has taken us to where we are today.
And when a country starts making war on its own people, wants to give a poison drug to everyone in the world, and refuses to let people talk freely among themselves, you know for sure the end is near.

NTS Notes: John does answer so many key points about this madness.. .And of course I want to add my own two cents worth...

I have long said that this problem of blacks versus whites is exactly what the Jewish criminal elite have always wanted to see happen... So many people have NOT read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion that is absolutely the Jewish blueprint for world domination... (A "forgery my ass.. These criminals are following those protocols to the letter in terms of their actions for ruling the world!)....  In those heinous writings you will see where these monsters have indeed called for racial unrest as their main means for control and the destruction of the one race on planet Earth that can still stop them in their tracks, meaning hte Caucasian race....

It is a fact that the Jews have a very long and ancient history of manipulating Blacks as their weapons to destroy nations... Few are even aware of what happened in ancient Egypt where the Jewish pricks used  and manipulated the black Nubians in Africa to destroy that great empire!   What we are watching now seems to be a repeat of that ancient crime..

The real sad part to me is how the Blacks do not even realize how they are being manipulated on purpose to destroy the American nation by these Jewish elitists... They only need to see that the entire Antifa and Black Lives Matter bullshit are absolutely controlled and totally run by Jewish criminals such as George Schwartz aka "George Soros" as the proof.... .But again, many do not take the time even to actually stop and think as they only see what is put out there by propaganda through the Jewish controlled media that does nothing but purposely drive the hatred towards whites....

Overall, John does a superb job in showing how this violence that we are seeing may be part of a sick and diabolical plan to remove the last vestiges of true freedom and liberty from the people in America...And once those freedoms are gone, they will never come back...

I still have hopes that there are enough people left in America to say enough is enough and turn things around before it is too late.... Wake up, America!

More to come



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Here's is Henry Makow and his true face:

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[Disclaimer- I disagree with Monika about the holocaust but can understand that its exploitation by Zionists, who were responsible for it, would cause people to deny it ever happened. She is 100% CORRECT ABOUT THE COVID HOAX.]


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