Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Next Stop, Nowhere: Accept The Trance, Or Leave The Dance!

I honestly have had it with so many people... I had to go out in just the last hour to get a few items from the local grocery store, and I was not very happy by the treatment I received... First, I had some ass clown upon entry try to spray me with disinfectant on my hands, and all I tried to do was to say "No Thank You", and the ass went off saying he was doing his job and that no one can enter until they have their hands 'sanitized".... I had no choice, and honestly the stuff stunk to high heaven...Next I am going down an aisle and some ass comes up the "wrong" way saying that I was not "social distancing"... I just looked at her and said "OK, Karen", and she gave me the dirtiest look you can imagine while storming away in anger..... And finally when I was done and wanting to go to self checkout rather than endure the long line up, I had another clown say that I had to stand in line... I looked at her and said "Why? There is no one in self check out?" and she replied that it was the 'rules', so off I went behind everyone else, with the last person turning to me and saying "respect my social distancing'.....I had to wait 10 minutes just to get to the front and then proceed to the  self checkout area that was empty all during the time I was forced to line up like a dumb ass sheep, shaking my head in the process along the way.... Honestly, is this how society ends?  Not with a bang, but with a whimper???

Well... Thank goodness that as I am sitting down now and just starting to surf the Internet to give myself a reality check, I see that none other than my American colleague, John Kaminski, has just put out his latest essay through his website at www.johnkaminski.org... This one is entitled: "Next Stop Nowhere" with the subheading of "Accept The Trance, Or Leave The Dance" and it absolutely hits home on how our societies are definitely on the road to ruination and having us all turned into slaves to criminal Jewish interests permanently.... I do want to share this essay right here with my own readers, and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Accept the trance
or leave the dance
When Jews step forward as innocence itself, then the danger is great.
— Nietzsche
When they’ve got you by the short hairs and also by your wallet, how was it you were going to plan to resist? After they have taken your job, your house and your access to money, what will you do? What could you possibly have done? Where could you have possibly gone to retrench to escape the eyes of the spies of the banks?
We’re not dealing with real facts here; we’re dealing with what they say are real facts, but seldom if ever are. Even so, they can put you in jail for disputing their definition of the truth. Orwell’s truth. A boot stomping on your face forever.
But anything your duly elected authorities say is now regarded as irrefutable truth, just as the TV doctors insist the vaccines have been tested (which BTW they never have been). Cover up your face with a mask that will suffocate you, the perfect way to obliterate everyone’s personality. In certain West Coast cities, they are fining people $1000 for not wearing them. If they want you to be guilty, they will furnish the process that accomplishes that. In this way you will eventually accept the vaccine, or become a pauperized outcast banished from society and forever derided and abused by those who have taken the shot, those “good” citizens. Who decides who’s in and who’s out? Guess.
Most people are still not close to realizing the actual truth of this multi-level caper to instantly turn the USA into a Communist country. It wasn’t the epidemic, it wasn’t the lockdown, it was the $6.3 trillion declared to exist by President Trump that instantly made worthless all the savings and all the property of American citizens everywhere.
Why? Because so much money was disbursed to the banks that they can now afford to buy anyone’s house at any time for more money than homeowners can possibly turn down. Whatever amount that sale price is will inflate much faster than real estate ever will, so the sellers will get screwed long term.
Eventually the banks will own everything, assuming they don’t already (just look at the names of the sports stadia). When everyone is a renter and the government is the landlord, there will no longer be any such niceties as free speech. Perhaps not even welfare in the sense that we understand it today.
If the Chinese get their way (and they were taught by Skull & Bones), old people should be eliminated as soon as they become socially or physically dysfunctional. Good luck getting used to this “new normal.”
Trust in government busted
I know, it’s hard to talk about a murder plot. Especially when it’s someone you know. Especially when it’s you.
Those seniors who were evacuated from a nursing home in suburban New York City all seemed to die that same night. Have you ever been pinned to your hospital bed with TVs surrounded by doctors you don’t trust recommending treatments that sound colossally stupid to you,? If you’re reading this, then congratulations for surviving the medical gambits that have been tried on you, experimental Frankensteinian maneuvers that still bedevil the general population with often needless and always toxic concoctions that are always followed later by true stories of deliberately causing harm.
The level of control of the populace by mass media is so strong, so pervasive and complete, that everybody might as well be walking around in a mind-controlled trance because they already are. A doctor tells you something and you believe it. This last whopper shut down the whole world. And it served an evil purpose.
It greased the wheels and let loose the brake that kept the USA from becoming an outright Communist enterprise, totally controlled by the Jewish syndicate of bankers, brokers and industrialists that runs the world. There is no opposition anymore. It has been bribed, badgered and bumped off to an extreme degree at this point, so that all that remains is a polluted landscape of two sick pine trees in a forest of rotting underbrush, one claiming to be liberal, the other conservative, both carefully following the scripts given to them by the bankers who simply kill them if they don’t follow orders.
Though the phony epidemic got the headlines, it was the lockdown that killed what remained of noncorporate businesses, a withering blow to the mid section of humanity that left people stunned and senseless by the political and financial paralysis imposed upon them.
Tell me how it has come to pass where the cops kneel down and allow black thugs, including many illegal aliens, to plunder the countryside unimpeded, much in the same way that Britain has allowed Pakistani savages to rape the nation’s young white girls while the cops and politicians look the other way if they don’t participate.
I’m guessing that Jewish media have made white males suicidal.
So who has made these decisions? And what kind of rodents must we be for allowing them to be made?
An eerie but tense calm now follows the end of the faux epidemic, followed by predictable lightning strikes of black thugs paid for not only by billionaire Jewish provocateurs but also by the overpaid Democratic Hollywood glitterati who are openly funding the vandals tearing down America’s white infrastructure.
And what will be left when America’s Green Card Democrats finally get their way? We will have Africa in America just like we already have now in all U.S. big cities, and a sterling tradition of black mayors and other leaders going right to jail as soon as they leave office for crimes they couldn’t cover up. Too bad that didn’t happen to our last president, our first black president and hopefully our last, who committed a substantial number of capital crimes (as all presidents do) and along with his friend Hillary seems to be escaping punishment from our totally corrupt legal system.
But this is the Jewish-controlled legal system than can evict you from even life itself. If they can’t steal all your money, they still have all the convicts they released “to help fight the epidemic” who are still out there “looking for work”.
So it really is a case of choose the trance or leave the dance. The trouble is there will be no place to leave TO once all the 5G satellites are in place, watching in perpetuity every step you will ever take for the remainder of your totally controlled semi-conscious life.
Today’s choice seems to be: Give up your consciousness or your life. Accept the lies they tell you or become a permanent outcast, ridiculed by the masses for doubting the perfect benevolence of the state or the integrity of those well-dressed TV anchors, you know, the black ones with their Botox-lipped Barbie-doll sidekicks.
Nietzsche said the ancient tribe of criminals “had a life interest in making mankind sick” by inverting the concepts of good and evil.
Some say the new normal is exactly as the way it is when you die and go to hell. The only truth there is the fire, and you’re in it. Continue to put up with these savage abuses by our masters who are lighting all these matches and you will not be able to avoid soon feeling these flames yourself.
Allowing the powers that be now to continue with their plans means that one day soon, probably not in our generation but not more than a few more, people will routinely wake up and not remember who they are or where they have been, all those thousands of years before.
They’re not going to return what they’ve stolen. If we really want it back, we’ll have to take it back. Too few people believe we can. What a sorry sight.
There’s a graveyard coming up fast, and too many people whistling to see it coming.

NTS Notes: John is so right on everything he discusses here in this fine article...

I must agree that these pricks have indeed won... They only waited until they finally had all of their pieces in place for their take over before they pulled the plug on our economy and had the gall to use this fraud pandemic as their cover for that greatest wealth transfer (into their greedy hands..) in human history....

And I am indeed so very angry as  to what I see happening to seniors... My own mother has not been able to see ANY of her family now for nearly 3 fucking months and she is in a horrific state of despair and sadness right now... As she approaches the ripe old age of 90, I am in fear that she will simply give up on life with all of this bullshit pandemic still happening!   That to me is such a travesty...

And John is right about how the power of the Jewish controlled media is so strong that everyone that lacks common sense and critical thinking skills has been fully roped into this fraud pandemic nonsense and are to me so hopeless....

And I saw the WORSE of the mutton headed sheep just last weekend where 20000 fucking idiot braindead worthless pieces of trash in this province alone go and fucking support an evil George Soros run group that has the goal of turning this nation and that of the US into a Communist dictatorship!   I honestly did feel like crying this last weekend for the fact that these idiot mother fuckers are simply too stupid to live...

I do agree with John in that the future does indeed look dark.... There are so many out there that have indeed woken up and are now aware of the evils that are turning our world into hell.... But is it too late now?   The only way that I see to change the future is to fight with all of our might to take it back and actually have a future......

More to come


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