Saturday, June 6, 2020

An Important Rant: Looking At The Morons Who Gathered Together Yesterday To Protest In Support Of The Criminal Black Lives Matter Antifa Group!

I honestly need to get some steam blown off here... So I figure before I file my daily COVID-19 fraud pandemic report for Manitoba, I need to discuss what I saw happen yesterday here in Manitoba that I found so revolting and shows that people are truly THAT STUPID!

Everyone, unless you have been living under a rock for the last two weeks, is fully aware by now of the bullshit "George Floyd murder video" that absolutely went VIRAL and shows what supposedly was the "murder" of this "George Floyd" character in Minneapolis Minnesota by some supposed "Minneapolis Police officers"......And yes, even I thought the evidence was pretty damning, but for the first 10 minutes and then I woke up and realized it was a complete fraud..

I have already shown so much evidence at this blog over the last 10 days at least that absolutely shows that the "murder video" was a complete hoax.. Heck, the first and most obvious giveaway that it was a fraud was the license plate of that supposed "police cruiser" that this "George Floyd" was "pinned against".... That "cruiser" had the license plate "POLICE" which can NOT be a valid operational police license plate at all... EVERY police cruiser has license plates with a combination of letters  and numbers, and every picture that I have looked at for the last two weeks of police cruisers in Minneapolis had that combination... The usage of "POLICE" on any police car is just for shows, exhibitions, and parades.... There can NOT be an active on duty police cruiser with "POLICE" on it, meaning that the police car in that 'murder video' was a PROP!  And thus right away the entire video is shown to be a massive hoax....

And over the last 10 days, we have discovered many "unusual" aspects of this "George Floyd", including the strong possibility that HE DOES NOT EXIST and is just a phantom and a figment of everyone's imagination...That and supposedly this 'George Floyd' besides now apparently a crisis actor, knew the supposed "David Chauvin" that was the 'cop' who had him pinned to that phoney police cruiser.. The two of them apparently worked together as security guards at a local bar !

And when anyone examines the history of this 'George Floyd', you find out that he was a former convict and was also so heavily into drugs that the "autopsy" conducted on that character apparently showed massive and near overdose levels of drugs in his blood stream....  That and apparently his "ex wife" and/or ex girlfriends all have been talking about this man having very violent tendencies and was truly a sick SOB who beat up women!  But you will not find these facts anywhere in the Jewish controlled media that has been picturing this evil SOB as now a "saint"..

And my personal beliefs that this man is indeed a crisis actor and is most probably alive is due to the 'funeral' the other day that had him in a 'closed casket'!  Honestly, what the fuck for??? Apparently this was due to the 'family's wishes' to somehow honour him???  But the reality is of course there has to be a closed casket for the fact that this SOB is most probably alive and well and far away from the Minneapolis scam planned incident as he is indeed a crisis actor!

I know, I could go on and on with the revelations about this entire fraud in Minneapolis, but instead I want to go onto what the fuck just happened last night in downtown Winnipeg that absolutely turned my stomach....

Apparently there was indeed a "rally" at the Manitoba Legislature that was in support of that sickness known as "Black Lives Matter", which to me is total corruption at its best... Most people are not even aware that the Antifa group that has been spearheading this bullshit "Black Lives Matter" crap is run by none other than one of the most evil creatures on planet Earth, George Schwartz aka "George Soros" himself... George Soros is the epiphany of pure evil as he has always had the twisted and sick goal of Jewish world domination and has been the criminal who has been financing and running the 'riots' that we have been witnessing across America over the last decade alone... And the facts have come out over the last while that this "George Floyd murder" and the subsequent riots across America have indeed been well planned and set up by this 'Antifa' group that George Soros does indeed run and heavily finance....  And the moniker that this 'Antifa" group has been using to push for race wars across America under the guise of the bullshit George Floyd murder is, and no shock here, "Black Lives Matter".....

Now, I became aware earlier this week that this same criminal group was going to have some 'rallies' across Canada in support of the  bullshit "George Floyd murder" and one of the cities targeted for a bullshit rally was Winnipeg...  I could only shake my head in digust and had hoped that most people here in Manitoba would NOT go to that "rally" and support the bullshit Antifa "black lives matter" cause, simply because I had hoped that they would have seen the evidence that the murder of "George Floyd" was indeed a massive swindle and hoax!  But man, was I ever wrong...

I read the news this morning that there were nearly 20000 people that went to that 'rally' at the Manitoba Legislature last night, and my heart has absolutely sunk.....Honestly, ARE THE PEOPLE HERE IN MANITOBA TRULY THIS RETARDED??.......Sadly, I have to say "Yes" for rather than actually use common sense, do some of their own research, and see that the Minneapolis incident was a complete sham, here they were just as brain dead as ever and going out and protesting the fraud of "black lives matter"..... Honestly, the Jewish criminals and especially George Soros must be ecstatic!

On top of that, and what I mentioned in my last article, HOW IN THE FUCK were 20000 people able to gather at the Manitoba Legislature at all for this  bullshit rally???  The criminals in the Manitoba government STILL have their bullshit laws in place that prevent ANY gatherings of more than 50 people and have used the bullshit "COVID 19 pandemic" as their excuse to enforce that law with penalties given out to those who would break this law!  And yet we have 20000 people at the legislative building last night, and NOBODY was arrested?????  Honestly, what the fuck???

And on top of all that, I have looked at the pictures and the videos from that rally and NOBODY was practicing the fucking bullshit of "social distancing" at all!  That also is in clear violation of the "law" that the Pallister regime has fucking put in place and violators are also penalized heavily for breaking this 'law'!  And yet, here we have 20000 people absolutely ALL violating this 'social distancing' bullshit and thus all being in close contact with each other!!!  What?  Did the BULLSHIT "COVID 19 virus" suddenly take a break last night?  Or are protestors for bullshit Antifa suddenly "immune" to that bullshit virus????   What this is in reality is the PROOF POSITIVE that the entire COVID-19 pandemic is a complete hoax and that "social distancing" is absolutely pure unadulterated bull crap!

But getting back to the blatant atrocity that I witnessed here in Manitoba with these 20000 morons who got together last night.... Honestly, are they truly this brain dead to not realize that they are NOT protesting for a worthy cause at all?   This "black lives matter" bullshit is that, complete and utter bullshit, and is being done purposely for one goal and one goal only;  the vilification of whites!   These fucking morons who gathered last night do not even have the common sense to realize that they are basically too stupid to live and not even see that they were all being used for the sick goal of destroying whites and killing our societies....

I honestly have to do a 500mph face slap now and ponder about how stupid the people of this province truly are... Rather than rally for a REAL CAUSE such as wanting to end this pandemic fraud and end the bullshit lock downs, here they are being brainwashed and stupidly going to a rally for a pure evil cause that could unravel our entire society!   And all I can do is laugh at all of them for being nothing but pawns for the evils of criminals such as George Soros......

The  bottom line is this:  If you actually went to that rally or any rallies for this bullshit of "black lives matter", then you truly are a brain dead idiot...  If you really want to believe in social justice and equality, then understand that ALL LIVES MATTER, period, end of story.... These rallies for a certain race and/or a certain group are all wrong to begin with and when you dig deep enough you discover that they are being pushed heavily now for the destruction of our societies by those who are out there wanting that destruction... Stop being pawns for George Soros and other evil psychopaths and fight for REAL causes such as ending this pandemic fraud!

Well, I have ranted enough.... I had to get that all off my chest and I do hope that there are those out there that truly understand what evil people are now doing to wreck our nations... And yes, that 'tribe' of pure evil are indeed the "nation wreckers" and have always been.....

More to come


Update: Someone asked me just a few minutes ago if there was a video for that rally in Winnipeg for everyone to see the evidence for themselves that they were NOT 'social distancing' and that the gathering was well OVER the limit of "50" people.... I found actually several videos via Youtube, and what the heck, even though the video makes me ill, I figured I would put one up here:

Yes, so much for "Social Distancing" and thus the entire "COVID-19 pandemic" is exposed as pure and utter bullshit!   And again, this video shows the entire farce for everyone to see....


greencrow said...

Hi North:

All I can suggest re the large crowd that gathered in downtown Winnipeg is that "everybody likes 'Live Theatre'". As I described in my most recent blog post, it's all a stage play. Brutal local police trained by Israelis vs. the Soros Rent-a-Mobs. No doubt many Manitobans, particularly the naïve young, just showed up to watch the theatrics!


phyllis66 said...

What is the percent of blacks in Manitoba? What was the makeup of that 20K crowd of black vs white? The Soros money can buy a lot of buses and plane tickets to get to wherever they need to be for their destruction of America. America will be turned into a third world piece of land. Once their full communism takes hold, the blacks will be unleashed on the Whites of America just like in S. A. Slaughters will occur with the leaders of their well paid agenda team directing the killings. The rest of the world will fall after the USA. The Jewish bastards at the top of this planned game for their NWO Jewish Utopia will have won with the entire earth as their prize.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Last estimate to number of blacks in Manitoba was 30.500... thus some 2.4% of the entire population of the province..

Yes, the other 97.5% are now having to cowtow to the 2.5% that I find so disgusting!

Tribe of Dab said...

Don't legitimize governments.
Start a big Restaurant and call it the Covid number 19 , not open to the public, provaxfags, Joggers, kneetakers, maskdorks, Jews etc.
Require Open Carry at all times .
Run big screens all over the place with Pro White,Antivax propaganda.
Make the greatest food ever and let the aroma loft thru town.
Make sure to massacre all tresspassers then launch them via trebuchet all the way to the local treason hangout known as the police station.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow... It was a lot more than just 'theatre".... I talked just a short while ago to someone that went, and he actually believed it was a 'Just cause'.... I had to spend over an hour trying to "unbrainwash him" and re-educate him to the real truths.....

Theatre is one thing, but the brainwashing effects that drove people to believe the crap they were seeing is phenomenal!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Tribe... I would not go that far... yet..... For deep down I am still a peaceful person....

But what has been done to our world thanks to the "tribe" would make anyone want to take up arms!

Catti said...

Toronto is predictably full of cucks, engaging in not one but I think FOUR marches today.

When you look at the crowds, they are 90% white cucks. It's important to note that whites are only about 20% or less of the population in Toronto. Blacks are between 8 and 10%.

An amusing anecdote: they caught a white man in the middle of the crowd right in front of City Hall, wearing blackface. The cucks only taunted and yelled slurs at him. You'd think they'd have beaten the snot out of him - but - he looks too much like their hero in Ottawa! He was hustled away as soon as the cuck-cops hoisted themselves off of their knees.

On that note the local jews media covered the story but NO pic of the blackface guy was published. I finally found video on RT news. I guess the Canadian media is too busy cashing Trudeau paycheques to risk it all by allowing their readers to make the connection. A big tip of the hat to Mr Blackface today!

RickB said...

Called my bank yesterday to check hours of operation. Found out that it was closed in the afternoon because a Black Lives Matter protest was planned for 2:00 p.m. That was the time for my bike ride so I figured I'd deviate my route a bit at the beginning to check it out.

Before I got out of the apt. parking lot I see a young caucasion guy painting Black Lives Matter on his car windows. I shouted out, "You're a retard!" We exchange shouted insults while we were in view of each other.

This protest was in a tiny little village on the outskirts of Milwaukee. The day before I got a phone alert the the Milwaukee county bus system would be shut down for the weekend. Now I knew why.

Sure enough there was a large gathering of people in the parking lot of the High School. I circle around to get on my bike ride. However, the crowd began crossing the street at that moment to mark down the main street.

I shouted a few insults. A young woman about half my age... with a face mask on... threatened to knock me off my bike. I said to her: "Why would you want to do that? Isn't this a peaceful protest? And don't I have a right to my opinion? After all, I was born and raised here."

A black couple behind her, magnanimously signaled to her to let me go.

The Muslim community is planning another BLM protest in this same area for Monday.

Don't ya just love it?

I whole heartedly endorse Tribe's idea for his theme based restaurant.

Tribe of Dab said...

OK NTS , scratch the massacre, but keep the Trebuchet.

Tribe of Dab said...

OK Rick ,massacre for south of Great Lakes , we'll call the RCMP for north of there then send the Crown the bill for services rendered.

Chris said...

I'm from India. I made a video few days back guaranteeing a closed casket funeral for George or else I will Quit the internet itself. The fake Zoo mayor crying in front of the closed casket was hilarious.

They want to undermine White Culture which is the greatest culture on earth which is why the zoos suppress it the most and entire world wants to go to Western Countries but they carry the Culture Baggage with them destroying the country they immigrate too.

99.9% of Indians, Asians have no clue what is happening. They never heard the word Crisis Actor in their entire life. Indians are looting fellow Indians in the name of fake virus by diagnosing everyone with Covid and then charging over 300 USD per day for hospital beds. Now, people without Symptoms are been called Asymptomatic and labelled Covid and then killing them softly till insurance limit runs out.

It is really dangerous to visit a doctor in India now...chances are you will be labelled a Covid and milked to death literally.

RickB said...


The United States is being flooded with Indian & Pakistani IT workers, along with their families, displacing American IT workers, along with their families.

Little do they know that this country is being turned upside down. Blacks are being pushed to the top of the pecking order. This won't be such a nice country to live in.

I know that the Indian & Pakistani workers coming here know that whitey can't say or do anything because it would break political correctness rules.

Afro-Americans don't play by those rules. Try calling an Afro-American a racist bigot. The response will be a laugh... with: "Who you calling a nigger, nigger?"

Adrian Chetwynd said...

Husia Cat YouTube Channel: 06/06 That's It. I give up.. My People are Finished. There is Nothing left to Say Now.