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While Everyone Has Been Distracted By COVID-19 Bullshit: Latest Letter From Alfred Schaefer, Prisoner Of Thought Police, And Still Incarcerated In Germany!

I want to stay away from the "COVID-19" reports for at least one more article.... I do find that writing about that bullshit pandemic almost nonstop can be so draining, and other than going out for my daily walk (which I just completed..) I do need to focus on other subjects just for a change of pace and to maintain my sanity....

Well, I was sent via email a link to the latest letter that was sent by none other than Alfred Schaefer, who is a prisoner of thought in Jew occupied Germany, to several of his friends that was actually sent almost two months ago but has only been posted recently by his sister Monika Schaefer through her website at

I read the entire letter, and I figured I would post it here at this site for all of those who have supported both Alfred and Monika through their horrendous trials in Germany and subsequently Alfred's continuing incarceration in that formerly free nation due to his violation of Germany's draconian "Holocaust denial" so called "laws"!  Here is that  letter for all to see here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Letter: Alfred to Friends March 2020
Dear Paul & Susanna Jean,
thank you very much for your letter which arrived in my cell on the 4th of March. I was very delighted to receive your letter. Your letter is packed with good stuff, I love it.
PSALM 23: I will fear no evil – That’s Assurance!
The absolute evil is trying to control us with fear. Fear builds the chains of our enslavement. Overcoming fear is really the first step on our path of healing. They have indoctrinated and conditioned us to hate and to fear the truth.
OIPBefore continuing with your letter, let me say a few words about the background picture on this page. It is the Frauen-Kirche in Dresden. On the 13-14 of February 1945 the All-lies were incited and driven to commit the biggest mass-murder genocide ever in human history. The military objective was to baste 900,000 “Nazis” by creating a firestorm out of the cultural masterpiece jam packed with real refugees fleeing the Red Terror (jew communism) from the east. The All-lies had to content themselves with only half a million basted Germans who were reduced to 25,000 dead “Nazis” in subsequent years and finally to zero in that it has been declared illegal to commemorate these basted Germans, and the slogans of “Do it again Bomber Harris” are promoted.
The disease parasite cancer plague jew✓ is now determined to get rid of what’s left of the White Race after having so successfully divided and decimated us so thoroughly over the last centuries. Maybe we had to fall this low to learn to appreciate our true value. We Europeans are one and we will overcome this condition and after we are healthy again, the other races will love and respect us once again. In fact, they expect nothing less from us than to get the job done, because they know, if we fail, then it is their turn to deal with the devil—.
“Go into the people/host and take possession of them. Take everything into your hands, and when nothing is left, destroy them utterly, and then destroy even the memory of them.”
Let me tell you something: To poke a sleeping lion with a stick is quite stupid, but to continue to poke the lion as it wakes up is suicide. That is what the jew is now doing.
Now, back to your wonderful letter.
…as we move toward the Light at the end of this dark tunnel…~P&SJ
Very well articulated. That is precisely what we are doing. The Light = Truth = God. There is only one truth, not “different truths”. The truth can not be changed. It can be hidden or misinterpreted or ignored, but it cannot be changed. The devil fears truth more than anything else in this world. Donald Trump to ignore the 9-11 dagger in his back, is working and being directed by the devil. He can remove the dagger and face the devil or the devil will consume him. It’s up to him. Sitting on the fence is no longer an option. Truth or Lies – which side? As we move to the light/truth at the end of the tunnel he will be judged by his deeds, as we all will be judged by our deeds. Again: God or Satan, Truth or lies, Light or darkness.
We pray for you each night along with Ursula and Sylvia and Heidi — Ursula and Sylvia you surely know about, but Heidi you may not be award of. She was the first one we heard speak of the influx of Muslims into Germany years ago on a Youtube. She dared to stand up in the middle of the Cathedral of Wittenburg where Martin Luther first nailed his 95 theses on the door there in 1517… ~ P & SJ
Thank you for mentioning Heidi and her warning about the Muslim infiltration into our lands. She is new to me, now I know, thank you. BTW – our youngest sister who died in a mountaineering accident years ago was also Heidi, as is Monika’s daughter […]
I just read a book about the enemy takeover of our civilization by the muslim invaders, written by a jew gatekeeper. The information was very valuable and helps me to understand this much better, but the jew author who wrote the book in 2018, writes about all the false flag events done by jews as if they were done by muslims (9-11, 2016 Berlin Christmas market, Charley Hebdo, etc etc). This reveals how the jews are using the muslims as a sledge hammer to destroy us. In fact, the muslim “code of conduct” is almost a carbon copy of the Talmud and the Protocols. For the gatekeeper Thilo Sarrazin who wrote that book “Feindliche √úbernahme…” he reveals very nicely, inadvertently, the jewish control over the muslim populations. My first video was about Noam Chomsky and his gatekeeping on 9-11.
[Please note: The video 9/11 Gatekeepers and Controlled Opposition was originally produced in 2012 or 2013, and like Alfred says, everything has a time-stamp on it. He himself was only just beginning to understand the scope of the lies, and so he did not yet understand, at the time of making this video, that WW2 history had also been massively lied about. That becomes apparent when he makes a comparison with “the Nazis”. His youtube channel has been removed, but I found this archived copy, with German subtitles. See link above.]
Every organic healing process begins with the victim, or host, recognising that it has a problem. We are well past the critical first phase of this stage of our healing. It astounds me how much people everywhere now seem to understand about our affliction. This level was unthinkable only 12 months ago.
Ursula & Sylvia & Horst Mahler, yes I know these people personally, and all 3 are locked up like me. Horst Mahler emphasized in 2017 that it is the 500 anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 thesis event and that we are on the offensive.
Do you have a good Bible where you are?” ~ P & SJ
Some time ago I had a neighbour here (in Stadelheim) and I talked to him about our problem. He was so delighted to hear what I was telling him, and I told him I wish I had a Saint James Bible because it is a version that has not been so “sanitized” by the Jew. He told me he is from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and he wanted to leave me his Bible when he left, which was only a few days later. He said the LDS Bible was very close to the St. James Bible. I have been reading that LDS bible since then. A recurring theme is how the people always meet a dark fate when they allow their hearts to be turned to stone. This is what the lies and the control over us has done. It turns us into “Jews”. Worshipping Mamon (Money) and our base animal instincts and pleasures. We can be so much more than instant gratification addicted animals. We (our ancestors) built our civilization with hard work, with love for beauty, with love for each other, and an understanding of truth. And remember, truth = light = God.
When I was in Stadelheim I got a poster of Jesus Christ where He has his hand on His heart and there are white rays and red rays radiating from His heart representing the light of Truth and the Blood it takes to ensure that the Truth comes out on top. This is very inspiring for me and I gain energy by absorbing this. I would not trade [away] one minute of truth for a lifetime of lies and/or the life of a zombie who parrots the lies. I would rather be dead than a zombie.
He is moving these days, but we know not what He plans for the country of Germany…” ~P & SJ
Some time ago an elderly German woman sent me an excerpt from an older Bible (maybe a St. James Bible?) where it stated something like: “and over there, those Germanic people, they will deal with you devils…” something like that, I don’t have it in front of me now.
I can only tell you this, and I am NOT alone, that understanding the Truth generates a Power in us that we did not even know existed. Let me put it this way – little children can be content to have a life of toys and fun. ✷(The entire world is wondering why the European people behave like small children.) No other purpose other than instant gratification and fun. Adults know that life has a higher purpose than that, and that “fun” is something very trivial and can only be “fun” if our house is not burning to the ground as we have our heads stuck deep in the sandbox having our “fun”. This growing energy amongst OUR people is what is moving these days, and like the growth of an oak tree, at first it is slow and delicate and can easily be destroyed by a single bug, but given time and light it grows big and strong until as an adult it will destroy even a huge truck that tries to run it down. That is the power of truth in OUR people. Our White Race. We European People.
We will restore our health and God have mercy on anyone who tries to run us down .
I would like to ask you to please send a copy of your letter and this reply to my sister Monika at […]. She will also love your letter, I know she will.
but your home country of Canada has severe problems…” ~ P & SJ
Oh yes. this has been deep in my mind all the time and forced me to figure out why. It is the factor “Comfort Zone” that acts like a shield to stay clear of the Truth. The Jew prepares each host population according to factors best suited to destroy that particular group. Tailor made subversion and demoralization with fear and seductive vices.
Once we understand that we are each only one unit of something much much bigger and there is a reason for our existence infinitely greater than our instant gratification, then we attain happiness in the true sense. We will be victorious, the sun is rising and will shine on everything. There is no place to hide.
1488 Gott mit uns,
Alfred Schaefer

NTS Notes: Honestly, it is good to see that Alfred is trying to keep his spirits up, even though he still is a long way from having the criminals in Germany allow his freedom... I would bet anything that when the time does come that Alfred is supposed to be 'released', the damn Jewish pricks that have destroyed Germany will come up with some "excuse" to extend his jail time!

And yes, I did realize that it has been quite some time since we last heard the status of Alfred Schaefer, and in spite of this letter dating from March, I would assume that his status is much the same right now....

People do need to realize that Alfred's only crime was to challenge the German government and their refusal to research and look into their own history and reveal the truth about that history to the world to see....Much of Germany's past, and especially the so called 'genocide" of the second World War of the tribe, has been made off limits to proper investigation and even today a lot of people should be asking the real question of 'WHY???'..... Truth never needs laws to support itself, only lies do.....

The refusal by Germany to actually reveal the truths about its history is one of the reasons why the nation today is a mess and not allowing its own people to see their real heritage!  Germany does need to end the madness and change its laws to allow their own people to truly understand its own past...

Well, there you have it.. Alfred Schaefer, prisoner of thought wrongfully locked up in a prison in Germany for only wanting the truth.   It truly is one mixed up world we live in today.

More to come


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