Thursday, May 7, 2020

While Everyone Has Been Distracted By COVID-19 Bullshit: Few People Are Even Aware That The US Just Attempted A Coup In Venezuela!

Yes, we are still inundated nearly 24/7 on a daily basis with nonstop "COVID-19" bullshit... It has become so pathetic to hear the same stupid and idiotic message being put out by EVERY Jew spew media network about the fraud of "social distancing" (getting ready for the incoming surveillance system and to dehumanize people..) as well as "weaing a face mask" (I hope you suckers and morons out there love inhaling your own germs as well as cutting off your Oxygen supply!) when you are out and about and especially when shopping or meeting other people.... Basically, the brainwashing is nearly nonstop and honestly it has become nauseating...

BUT there is a LOT happening elsewhere across the planet, and just a few days ago came reports that there was indeed a group of "mercenaries" that landed on the north shore of the South American nation of Venezuela... These mercenaries were fully armed and apparently were sent by the US (no shock at all here..) for the overthrow of the Maduro government in Caracas!   LUCKILY the entire gaggle of mercenaries were quickly ambushed by the Venezuelan military and most are now sitting in Venezuelan jails AFTER they were all paraded in downtown Caracas by the Maduro government to show the world how truly sinister the US really is (again no shock to me here..)..

The sickening part of that attempted coup by the US in Venezuela has been the reaction by the Drumpf regime in Washington DC... For what the Jew spew media has been reporting over these last few days is that President Drumpf and his cohorts are stating that the US "had nothing to do" with this attempted "coup" and that Maduro's government is LYING about US involvement....

However, the truth does eventually come out, for according to the following report from the Global Research website, at, at least ONE of the captured mercenaries has now spilled the beans and has confessed to the entire world that the criminal US government ABSOLUTELY planned and carried out this attempted coup to overthrow Venezuelan President Maduro!  Here in fact is the link to that Global Research article right here for everyone to see the truth for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS  Notes: Honestly, WHY am I not in the least bit shocked by this?

What has just happened in Venezuela is to me a modern "Bay of Pigs" assault, and just like that failed attempt to overthrow the Fidel Castro Cuban government in 1961, this one too was a fiasco from the very beginning of this US backed operation!

It should be obvious to anyone that has been paying attention for the last few years in regards to the situation in Venezuela that the US is absolutely hell bent on having that country turned into an American run puppet...

And honestly, I do not feel the least bit sorry for these ass clowns and the fact that they all got caught.. They were all in this for the money and were definitely being trained in US run Columbia for this operation in nearby Venezuela.... And I honestly do hope that the Venezuelan government does the right thing in regards to these mercenaries and keeps them all in jail for a very long time!

The bottom line is this... The US got caught here "red handed" in trying this attempted coup and would have the entire world looking at them in disgust for this action... But of course with all of this bullshit "COVID-19" pandemic fraud filling the Jew spew media worldwide and clouding peoples' minds with fluff, I figured the pricks in charge would attempt such an action as this.... The timing is just too perfect indeed...

I do feel that I need to apologize to a lot of readers for focusing so much on the COVID-19 fraud and not giving my two cents worth on what has been happening elsewhere across the planet, especially with this incident in Venezuela....  Even though my focus has been to try to awaken the masses to the dangers we face thanks to that fraud pandemic, I will try to get more non-related "COVID-19 bullshit" reports out from now on....

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Tribe of Dab said...

Denman? Goudreau? Drumpfs personal bodyguard ? Jew Cartel anyone?
Looky here , you wanna stop the Bullshit ? Start a Cartel of your own .Seriously.
I mean a big bad wolf of a cartel.
Our words have served their purpose.
Without follow thru to the next level we may as well bend over and like it.
Canada is not a nation or a country , the US is not a nation or a country , they are private cartels literally always have been since they were founded , and you and me aren't members. Quit referring to these cartels like you have some say so in their affairs , you never did , you have no state ,you have no country and that has been the fact for hundreds if not thousands of years.
Unless we can start a cartel(s) of our own with hardcore members , we can keep farting in the wind.

RickB said...

Tribe of Dab,


Mr Boompi said...

This "kidnap Maduro" story sounds like something a grade schooler would come up with, and would make more sense if it was some kind of plot to damage the Trump administration.