Monday, May 11, 2020

The COVID-19 Bullshit: Videos Show Worldwide Outrage Against This Fraud Pandemic - The People Are Marching In The Streets!

I have been sent a massive amount of videos via both Youtube and Bitchute over this last while... And honestly I cannot post them all and instead want to concentrate on those that really "hit home" in terms of this fight against this fraud pandemic.... I do want to thank so many out there, though, for their efforts and for making videos that show definite proof that this entire "lock down" is a massive con on everyone!

OK, I do want to present a couple of videos here that show how so many people around the world have indeed had the courage and the fortitude to get out there and protest against the criminals responsible for destroying our nations via this pandemic scam.... And two videos in particular are a "compilation" of some of the best protests out there across the planet, and I definitely want to share those two right here for my own readers to view for themselves...

These two videos are entitled: "Lockdown Protests: The Great Awakening Worldwide" and I have the first two here for all to see for themselves... I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Part I:

Part II:

NTS Notes:  It is amazing indeed to see so many out there and standing up for freedom and their rights right across the planet!

I do want to let people know that the first video showed a "protest" in Winnipeg Manitoba that had cars all lined up in a protest rally from over a week and a half ago.. .Yes, it was a protest rally indeed but NOT directed at this COVID-19 bullshit, but against the Pallister government here doing "cutbacks" and layoffs of public employees....   The REAL protests here in Manitoba against this pandemic fraud only began this last weekend on Saturday and will continue every weekend here until the fucking "lockdown" bullshit ends...

Honestly, I am very proud of those who have gone to those protests... However, I am still thoroughly disgusted by those who continue to wear those stupid masks that are only good for actually contracting a disease and cutting off their Oxygen supplies.  But that is another issue.....

I again ask that everyone, if you can, get out there and attend protest rallies in your own communities to fight this crime..... We cannot allow criminals to get away with this any longer, and we want to give a message out to those who are still cowering in stupid fear that they have nothing to be afraid of and should also join us in these marches!

More to come


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Cloud said...

I had tears seeing Germany rising up...thank you so much for the video(s). Once Germany gets liberty it's downhill from there. LIBERTY FROM US OCCUPATION!!! LIBERTY FROM ISRAEL OCCUPATION!!! FREE DEUTSCHLAND NOW!!! FREE PALESTINE NOW!!!

Their police are brutal. Berlin is absolute Jew Occupation and brutality.